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Current Free-to-Play Hero Rotation and Sales

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Link to current Sales: 2018-12-04


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(Gems: 375)

Recent News

Mounts Sections Improved - Posted on 2018-12-09 by Gnub
Now that the Mounts-page have been visible for a while, it became apparent that it need a bit of restructuring and the mounts themselves a recategorization.
  • Mounts page lists all Mounts alphabetically.
  • Gold and Gem Only are no longer main categories, but instead a minor detail.
  • A new category added for purchasing gems.
  • Promo-category split into Promotions and Events.
  • Mounts celebrating Professional teams have also gotten their own category.
  • Links to Sub- and main Universes from Mounts now points to the Mounts-section of said Universe.
  • Images to most of the missing mounts have been added.
Minor changes, but some that should help getting the overview, at the very least.

Sales Data Complete and Announcers Shown - Posted on 2018-12-07 by Gnub
It took a while, but it's finally complete, for all 196 Sales! Besides that, the Announcer-information is also shown.
  • Every single Skin-sale is added - 814 in total!
  • Every single Mount-sale is added - 194 in total!
  • Hero Pages show if the Hero can be used an Announcer!
  • Listed Skins show if they can be used an Announcer (currently only Mecha Tyrael, though).
  • The same applies for listed Entities.
So, yes, as I previously stated, this should mean that I should be able to give predictions for Skins and Mount sales - just like Hero Sales! In the same way, a dedicated Announcer-page will be added eventually.

References and Sales Data - Posted on 2018-11-16 by Gnub
Bit of a mixed news-post today, as I have added some minor visible things, primarily to honor a few cool Heroes from outside the Nexus.
  • Alarak has a reference to Alarak of the Storm.
  • Brightwing has a reference to Brightwing Royalite.
  • The dreaded "50% off on EVERYTHING" sale of Black Friday 2015 is changed to simply display "All", rather than attemping to show the actual full list of Heroes, Skins and Mounts.
  • In the same way, this is also visible on the total Sales-list.
  • Behind the scenes, all sales data is gathered, and "just" has to be converted to the site-data.
The last bullet is actually more significant than it sounds, as it means that I'll eventually be able to do predictions on Hero, Skin and Mount sales. It's pretty cool - stay tuned.

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