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Classic Universe Merged with Nexus - Posted on 2018-11-08 by Gnub
As a follow-up to the findings after BlizzCon and the PTR that brought Orphea, some additional data has shown that our dear Vikings are now part of "the Nexus"-segment - and the old "Classic" is gone. As such:
  • The Universe is simply called Nexus.
  • The contents of the Classic-universe is merged into Nexus.
  • Descriptions for Nexus is updated.
  • The name of Burning Courts High renamed once again to Burning Courts RCHS, to signify the connection to "Raven Court High School".
I might also rename Subuniverses to Realms, as that name makes more sense. Stay tuned for that, and more.

Mounts Images Plus Nexus Additions - Posted on 2018-11-02 by Gnub
Time flies, it's already BlizzCon! That also means that a new hero, Orphea - Heir to Raven Court - is added, but I also got time to heavily update the Mount-views, so:
  • The designated Mounts-page now have images for most of the Mounts.
  • The same applies to Subuniverse- and Universe-pages.
  • Orphea's release also meant that the Nexus-icon is updated to be less generic.
  • The Burning Court-Subuniverse have changed to "Burning Court High", to fit the new cosmetics.
  • These remaining cosmetics will be added, once the PTR hits during next week.
And, of course, as I mentioned before, pages for Skins, Entities and Announcers will come soon.

Mounts and About Pages Added - Posted on 2018-10-31 by Gnub
To celebrate that the magnificent Wonder William is now in the Nexus, I decided it was a good time to add a designated page for Mounts.
  • The Page lists all 140 Mounts!
  • Mounts are ordered by Type.
  • Data about Gem-Only mount time-periods are added for those!
  • An About-page has been added, that currently has all the sources to Rotations and Sales.
  • The Frontpage has, as a result, gotten the intro-text moved there.
I'll add a page for Skins, Entities and Announcers shortly!

Hero Descriptions Updated - Posted on 2018-10-27 by Gnub
Given the recent addition of Base Skins, the Hero Descriptions were identical to that description.
  • The In-Game description has been added to the individual Hero Pages.
  • This description gives a good idea of the strengths and special feats about a hero.
  • The old Base Skin Description remains, as it always gives a good lore-description.
Stay tuned for more updates!

Base Skins Added - Posted on 2018-10-25 by Gnub
As part of the work with getting Skins added to Sales, I have added all the Base Skins to the poll, given as some newer Tints of those are sometimes on sale.
  • These skins added 82 Skins, making the total number 393!
  • The Skin Description of these are, currently, identical to the Hero Description - which is intended.
  • The skins can be seen on individual Hero Pages, as well as Universe Pages.
  • Hero Descriptions will later be updated to match the (shorter) in-game description, that elaborates the Hero's role, rather than lore.
More to come soon.

Rotation and Sales Updates - Posted on 2018-10-16 by Gnub
The overall lists of Rotations and Sales have been improved, to show a brief glimpse of insight for the given week, rather than simply the links.
  • Rotations-page shows amount of Heroes.
  • Sales-page shows amount of Heroes, Skins and Mounts.
  • The Frontpage now shows the complete Sale - Skins and Mounts included!
That also means that it's painfully obvious how little live-data for Skins and Mounts is in the system, currently. It's getting there though, behind the scenes.

More Cho'gall Fixes and Weekly Improvements - Posted on 2018-10-12 by Gnub
Yesterday's fixes with Cho'gall had a minor unforseen consequence, that caused everyone to have Cho'gall's data. Whoopsie! Now, besides that:
  • Cho'gall's Hero pages now also link to each other
  • The text for "Gem Only"-skins moved to a better spot after the Rarity, for all pages with Skins
  • Texts for "X weeks earlier" on Hero Sale and Rotation lists changed to be "X weeks since last time", and listed on the previous line
  • This opened for the last line to have the useful "X weeks since release" added
  • Minor polishes to the Sales / Rotation navigation
Let's hope this doesn't cause any additional unforseen issues. Cho'gall was plenty for now!

Minor Fixes - Posted on 2018-10-11 by Gnub
A few fixes were made, as part of the work with Skins in the Sales.
  • Cho'gall's Skins are now visible - on Hero, Universe and Subuniverse pages.
  • Navigation on Rotation / Sales pages is better.
Otherwise, enjoy the new addition of Mal'Ganis!

Sales and Skin Updates - Posted on 2018-09-21 by Gnub
A minor addition - and a free preview for the future.
  • Skins and Mounts are now shown at the Sales pages - data will be added slowly.
  • This information will soon be shown (and used) on Hero pages.
  • Data about skins being "Gem Only" is now shown at the respectful places on the site (Hero, Sales, Universe and Subuniverse pages).
  • Sales and Rotation pages refer to each other on identical weeks.
The data for Skins/Mounts in the Weekly Sales is flowing, and will slowly become visible!

Frontpage Updates - Posted on 2018-09-20 by Gnub
Small update for now, but that doesn't mean that lots of stuff haven't been happening behind the scenes.
  • Portrait-view added for Rotations and Sales!
  • Lots of data-corrections in Skins, Mounts and Subuniverses.
  • Rotation- and Sales- data continuously updated.
  • A grand total of everything is added at the top.
Furthermore, I've been doing a lot of behind-the-scenes work in order to add Events, as well as Skins/Mounts to the Weekly Sales - stay tuned!

Design Tweaks - Posted on 2018-08-11 by Gnub
At the end of June, I made some significant changes to the design of the site - and with the newest addition of Skins and Mounts, the color scheme got tested. The various rarity colors didn't look that great with the theme. So, it needed a few changes:
  • Link hover-color got toned down.
  • Fonts of Headers and Body got switched.
  • The primary background color is changed to a gray-scale, rather than the blue/purple Nexus-colors.
  • Rarity colors are closer to their counterparts, rather than estimations.
There might be other tweaks coming later, but these should do for now.

Subuniverses, Skins and Mounts Added - Posted on 2018-08-05 by Gnub
Finally! This is probably the biggest content-wise update of the site I have done since I started. I am delighted to finally being able to show Subuniverses, Skins and Mounts. That means:
  • All Subuniverses are now shown on the site - a total of 42 - under their respective Universe-pages.
  • Based on my existing lists, I have merged and renamed a few of them to fit better.
  • Subuniverses have their own pages, listing Entities, Battlegrounds, Skins and Mounts.
  • Universe pages also show the Skins and Mounts within all their Subuniverses.
  • Hero pages show Skins.
  • Skins and Mounts always show their Rarity and Type.
  • Linking from page to page has been further improved.
Check it out - there might be some data that needs changing, altering or otherwise. Let me know!

Skins/Mount Sneak-peek and Better Linking - Posted on 2018-08-04 by Gnub
In order to get the showing of Skins and Mounts shown on the site, a few improvements have been made:
  • All Skins are added to the Database - a grand total of 305 (and that's excluding Base skins)!
  • All Mounts are added to the Database - a grand total of 124!
  • Number of Skins can be seen on Hero and Universe pages.
  • Number of Mounts can be seen on Universe pages.
  • Heroes have links to Rotations and Sales at the top - with numbers.
  • Universes have links to Heroes, Subuniverses, Entities and Battlegrounds at the top - also with numbers.
  • Rotation lists links to the Rotation-section on Hero-pages.
  • The same applies to Sales.
Next up is actually showing the Skin- and Mount-descriptions in a logical way, as well as creating the designated Subuniverse-pages.

Subuniverse and Entity Tweaks - Posted on 2018-07-29 by Gnub
As part of the work of adding Skins and Mounts to the databases, a few tweaks was made:
  • The newly announced hero Whitemane, has been added!
  • The list of Subuniverses had a few additions.
  • Entities had some corrections, in regards to their corresponding Subuniverse.
  • Subuniverse and Entity displays on Universe-pages are a bit less cluttered.
  • Heroes with a Unique Mount had that information added to their page.
The next real part will be to do and early presentation of the Skin and Mount data, as well as beginning the work for the designated Subuniverse-pages.

Subuniverses and Entities Added - Posted on 2018-07-24 by Gnub
After being underway behind the scenes for a while, I've finally finished adding the full list of Subuniverses and, as a bonus, the Entities within. That means that:
  • Universe pages show all Subuniverses within them.
  • They also show all Entities within.
  • Heroes-listings also look more neat.
All this is meant as the foundation for when Skins will be added, and separating Subuniverses to individual pages, to lessen the clutter on Universe pages.

Quality of Life Tweaks - Posted on 2018-07-23 by Gnub
I've made a few "Quality of Life" tweaks on the site, which should improve the overall navigation a bit. These include:
  • Every individual Rotation/Sale page has links to the previous and next Rotation/Sale
  • Rotation Prediction-page now shows the reasoning (average/consistency)
  • The front page now shows the Current Rotation/Sale, rather than the Newest
  • If newer data is available, a link to said Rotation/Sale is present
Hope that helps a bit. Keep checking back, as I continue to add more stuff.

Hero Sale Data Complete - Posted on 2018-07-17 by Gnub
After going through the vast reaches of the internet, I found the remaining Hero Sales from before Heroes 2.0. That is, before everything was Gems, Shards and such. That means:
  • Old first week: 2017-04-25
  • New first week: 2015-01-13
That means that there's currently a whooping 176 weeks of sales data active, from the previous 63. Enjoy!

Rotation Predictions - Posted on 2018-07-02 by Gnub
One of the bigger features of the site is the predictions for when a given hero would be on Rotation again. I've finally gotten around to combining it all, and sort it by weeks. That means:
  • All heroes that are estimated to be on rotation for a given week, is listed there.
  • Every hero is only listed once (even though a week they're likely to appear in is also listed).
  • The predicted week on Hero pages links to the predictions.
  • The main Rotation-page links to the predictions.
  • Rotations-page is now also given headers for every year.
The "Estimated certainty" is still a work a progress, and will be improved over time. For now, take a look: here.

Design Overhaul (continued) - Posted on 2018-06-30 by Gnub
After spending a few hours combing through the changes from the new design (again, a huge thanks to Logan Apple), I have now gotten the last few quirks sorted out - which also meant going through all the pages in a more organized matter. That means:
  • New fonts across the board.
  • A Nexagon favicon.
  • A lot of "under the hood"-stuff, that makes everything easier to code.
  • Should look much neater on smartphones, etc.
I got a few more design-related things on my to-do list still, which would include a better hero-listing on the frontpage and in rotations - as well as making the huge rotation and sales lists easier to comb through.

Design Overhaul - Posted on 2018-06-23 by Gnub
A few weeks ago, not long after I had gotten the first version out, I was contacted by Logan Apple about making a better design. Now, I've finally gotten to improve on it - but it's still a work in progress. Those improvements means:
  • An actual background!
  • Smoother colors and transitions.
  • Soft borders around images.
  • Hero-listings on the Heroes-page is now with images!
  • The same style is applied in Universe-pages.
Still some additional things to be done, which will be added over time.

Battlegrounds Polishing - Posted on 2018-06-22 by Gnub
A few minor things were made prettier with Battlegrounds:
  • Battegrounds page includes picture, and listed similar to the news here.
  • The same change is applied to the Battlegrounds listed at a Universe page.
  • Minor polishing in regards to Hero Sales on front page and individual Hero pages
Additional polishing and other content coming over the summer.

Battlegrounds Added - Posted on 2018-06-17 by Gnub
To expand a bit on the newer segment of Universes, I've added options to view Battlegrounds. This means:
  • There's a new heading: "Battlegrounds" - check the top menu!
  • This page lists all current battlegrounds, as well as the description, official link, release date and its universe.
  • The individual Universe-pages shows the battlegrounds within the universe.
  • News on the front page is limited to the 3 newest posts - with a link to the full list at the end.
  • Front-page also shows newest Hero Sales.
Next on the list is likely to also include Entities (Realm Lords, and so on), but also to take a closer look at showing a full prediction of the next Rotations - and maybe even sales.

Hero Sales (Second Step) - Posted on 2018-06-11 by Gnub
After a bit of work, the hero-part of the Heroic Deals is now finished. That means the page now contains
  • There's a new Sales page, containing all heroes that were part of Heroic Deals back until 2017-05-09.
  • All Heroic Deals have an individual page, showing the heroes, and price, for that week.
  • Hero pages now link to the sales, if they were present in it.
  • A few polishments Hero, Rotations and the front page.
Next step I'm going to look into is going deeper into the lore, by looking closer at Universes, Entities and Battlegrounds. Stay tuned!

Hero Sales (First Step) - Posted on 2018-06-08 by Gnub
So, to end of tonight, the following has now been added:
  • Hero Sales are added to the individual hero pages
  • Predictions of the next sale works if there's data for more than one week, as the date for the sale, unlike Rotations, isn't based on release date.
  • Minor polishments to the Rotation displays.
Individual pages (and links) of sales to follow shortly. The data is there, after all. Stay tuned.

Universes (and Other Additions) - Posted on 2018-06-05 by Gnub
Yep, yet another day with additions - some of them being made yesterday:
  • There's a list of the main Universes available - check the top menu!
  • Each Universe lists the known subuniverses (this list is a work in progress) - and Heroes!
  • Hero pages links to their corresponding universes!
  • They also have a link to the individual hero's changes on Heroes Patch Notes
  • The newly announced hero Yrel is added!
  • Images have gotten a thin white border.
  • Work with "Weekly Hero Sales" is in progress!
The site is also about to be a lot prettier! Stay tuned.

Minor Rotation Tweaks - Posted on 2018-06-02 by Gnub
Changed a few minor things, given the first line of feedback:
  • As you can see above, the newest rotation is now visible on this page
  • Hero pages looks a bit better
  • Fixed "amount" to "number". Curse you, English language!
  • Rotations-page shows the amount of rotations
I'll work a bit more on getting the predictions to seem more realistic. If you see a predicted date that's in the past - it should mean that the hero is expected to be in rotation soon.

Rotation Statistics Added - Posted on 2018-05-31 by Gnub
As I mentioned yesterday, I've added a few new features to the individual hero rotation pages. You should now be able to see the following new bits of information:
  • The number of weeks between each time a hero was on rotation
  • The highest, lowest and average number of weeks between a given hero has been on rotation
  • A prediction of when the hero will next be on rotation - based on either the average value, or the difference between the newest rotations, if it has been consistent for at least 5 rotations
The latter took a bit of work, but I'm hoping it'll prove useful in the future.

Rotation Data Complete - Posted on 2018-05-30 by Gnub
I've finally completed adding all the rotation data - all the way back till the very beginning, the week of 2015-02-10. That means that there is currently 173 weeks of data!

Next part is adding some useful hero-specific data, which will make it more possible to see how often a hero is on rotation, and attempting to predict the next time it will. I have some pretty good ideas for this, so it likely won't take long.

Naturally, this could probably be used to predict the next rotation fully - but I'll hang back with that for a while, as I'm guessing the most important (and useful) part is the individual hero's estimation.

First Version - Posted on 2018-05-28 by Gnub
What a day - I've finally gotten to start properly working on The Nexus Compendium, and getting the first iteration out there, which contains the following:
  • A full list of Heroes
  • Basic details about the Heroes
  • The current Free-to-Play Hero Rotations - Check the full list to see which weeks have been added so far (at this point, until 2016-11-08).
  • Information about when a given Heroes have been on rotation
... and still lots more to come!