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Subuniverse <Love Is In The Air>


A celebration of love, friendship - with candy and gifts.

This subuniverse is a part of Warcraft, and contains:

Skins <Love Is In The Air>

These are the Skins that are based upon this Subuniverse, reflecting alternate versions of our Heroes.

  • Love Bug Anub'arak - Rare
    • Once you're bitten, you're smitten.
  • Love Doctor Lt. Morales - Rare
    • Whether your heart is broken, bleeding, or located somewhere outside of your body, the Love Doctor will patch you right up.
  • Love Goddess Tyrande - Epic
    • With her enchanted arrows and her keen insight into the hearts of mortals, the Love Goddess is responsible for more than one match made in heaven.

Mounts <Love Is In The Air>

These are the Mounts that are based upon this Subuniverse.

Heart Stone - Epic

Usually, you'd have to piece one of these together. So just be careful not to break it.

  • This mount is obtained through normal means.