The Nexus Compendium

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Subuniverse <Nexus Challenge>


The Heroes of Overwatch are celebrated in the Nexus, by inviting players from both Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch to join forces. Playing with friends gives rewards in both universes!

This subuniverse is a part of Overwatch, and contains:

Skins <Nexus Challenge>

These are the Skins that are based upon this Subuniverse, reflecting alternate versions of our Heroes.

  • Oni Genji - Rare
    • It is said that an oni with an iron club is invincible. But that's nothing compared to an oni with a katana.

Mounts <Nexus Challenge>

These are the Mounts that are based upon this Subuniverse.

Busan Police Hovercycle - Rare

Reassigned from MEKA to the KNPA after the first colossal omnic attack, these police bikes are the fastest law enforcement vehicles in Korea. This one was purportedly used by D.Va herself!

  • This mount is obtained through a Promotion or Event Quest.

Orochi Hovercycle - Rare

The fuel cell injected endorphin inducing performance of the Izumi Hovercycle is without competition. The highly customized Orochi variant once saw use among the Shimada clan elite.

  • This mount is obtained through a Promotion or Event Quest.
  • Awarded by playing games with friends during either of the Nexus Challenge events.