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Battleground <Alterac Pass>

The horns of war echo once again across the snowy slopes of Alterac. Capture Prison Camps and unleash Cavalry to destroy the enemy General.

This Battleground:

Battleground Map <Alterac Pass>

Click on the image to see an enlarged and more detailed version of the map.

Primary Objectives <Alterac Pass>

These objectives are what makes the Battleground unique, and are essential to know in order to win.

Generals The Alliance and Horde Generals - Vanndar and Drek'Thar, respectfully - replaces their respectful team's Core, and are as such considered as Structures. They each have Charge and Whirlwind attacks, as well as 20 Armor per Keep still up.
Amount: 2 Located at the middle of each base.

Save the Prisoners Assault the Prisoner Camps to free the Cavalry. Channel the Prison for 3 seconds to begin the channeling, or from stopping the opposing team from rescuing their Prisoners. Every now and then, Guards will spawn and attempt to recapture the Prison, which will take them 6 seconds. Every 50% of the loading progress, a Health Globe will spawn.
Spawns: 00:03:00 Respawns 00:01:45 after the Cavalry has been defeated.
Amount: 2 Located between top and middle or middle and bottom lanes.

The Cavalry Rides Once freed, the Cavalry charges down all Lanes, granting Allies a buff that increases Damage, Healing and Movement Speed by 10%.
Amount: 3 Located every lane, once released.

Mud Pits While a Hero is inside a Mud Pit, they have their Movement Speed reduced by 20%, up to a 60% after 3 seconds. The effect resets after being outside the Mud Pits for 1 second.
Amount: 6 Located at the borders to the middle area, close to top and bottom lanes.

Mercenary Camps <Alterac Pass>

When captured at the right time, Mercenaries can make a huge different on any Battleground.
Note that these are disabled during the Primary Objectives.

Gnoll Camp Armored Gnoll (Siege) spawns. Each attack gives a -4 Armor debuff, staking to -20 Armor total and lasts for 3 seconds (refresh on hit). Moves down the middle lane.
Spawns: 00:01:00 Respawns 00:01:30 after the Camp has been captured.
Amount: 2 Located at the east and west near middle lane.

Ice Giant Ice Giant (Boss) spawns. Moves down their closest lane.
Spawns: 00:05:00 Respawns 00:05:00 after the Camp has been captured.
Amount: 2 Located close by lanes, north and south.

Entities <Alterac Pass>

These entities are found in this Battleground, one way or the other.

Drek'Thar (Horde Announcer & Core-boss) - purchasable as Announcer

Defender of the Horde forces in Alterac Pass. Rallied by the Raven Lord.

Vanndar (Alliance Announcer & Core-boss) - purchasable as Announcer

Defender of the Alliance forces in Alterac Pass. Rallied by the Lady of Thorns.

Battleground Rotations <Alterac Pass>

In Ranked and Unranked game modes, not all Battlegrounds are playable at all times. This changes every once in a while with a Battleground Rotation.