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Garden of Terror

Once the royal gardens were a splendor to behold. But lately a shadow has fallen over them... Writhing tendrils creep across the grounds at night, and a number of servants have disappeared while walking its twisting paths. Queen Nightshade claims to be unaware of these incidents, but some are beginning to suspect she has gone mad.

This Battleground has:

Battleground Map <Garden of Terror>

Click on the image to see an enlarged and more detailed version of the map.

Primary Objectives <Garden of Terror>

These objectives are what makes the Battleground unique, and are essential to know in order to win.

Garden Terror First Seed-camp spawns.
Spawns at: 00:02:30 Respawns 00:01:45 after the Garden Terrors have been destroyed.

Seeds of Terror Second and Third Seed-camp.
Spawns at: 00:01:15 Respawns 00:01:15 after the Seed has been gathered.

Mercenary Camps <Garden of Terror>

When captured at the right time, Mercenaries can make a huge different on any Battleground.
Note that these are disabled during the PrimaryObjectives.

Giants Camp Giants (Siege) spawn.
Spawns at: 00:01:00 Respawns 00:03:00 after the Camp has been captured.

Wizard Knights Camp Wizard Knight (Bruiser) spawns.
Spawns at: 00:01:00 Respawns 00:04:00 after the Camp has been captured.

Entities <Garden of Terror>

These entities are found in this Battleground, one way or the other.

Queen Nightshade (Announcer) - purchasable as an Announcer

Twisted by the primal and uncontrolled nature of the Gardens of King's Crest, she turns into the Spore Queen at night to bring terror.