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Infernal Shrines

Demonic corruption threatens the Gardens of Hope. Called forth by the Shrines, Punishers prowl the battlefield, terrifying creatures that live to destroy heroes. Defeat the Shrines' Guardians before your enemies do, and the next Punisher will fight for you; fail, and face the demon's wrath.

This Battleground has:

Battleground Map <Infernal Shrines>

Click on the image to see an enlarged and more detailed version of the map.

Primary Objectives <Infernal Shrines>

These objectives are what makes the Battleground unique, and are essential to know in order to win.

Punisher Shrines Defeat 40 Minions at the Shrine first to unleash a Punisher upon the emeny.
Spawns at: 00:03:00 Respawns 00:01:55 after the Punisher has been defeated.

Mercenary Camps <Infernal Shrines>

When captured at the right time, Mercenaries can make a huge different on any Battleground.
Note that these are enabled during the PrimaryObjectives.

Khazra Camp Khazra Impalers (Siege) spawns.
Spawns at: 00:01:00 Respawns 00:03:00 after the Camp has been captured.

Fallen Camp Fallen Shaman (Bruiser) spawns.
Spawns at: 00:01:00 Respawns 00:04:00 after the Camp has been captured.

Entities <Infernal Shrines>

These entities are found in this Battleground, one way or the other.

Beleth (Announcer) - purchasable as an Announcer

Ruthless Demon, that fights the Eternal Conflict against Ilarian.

Ilarian (Announcer) - purchasable as an Announcer

Noble Angel, that fights the Eternal Conflict against Beleth.