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Event <Malthael's Bargain>

Malthael's Bargain

In celebration of Malthael’s entrance to the Nexus, an accord was struck with the Aspect of Death himself. Agree to his bargain, complete his task, and reap… rewards!

This Event:

Event Items <2017-06-13 - 2017-06-27>

A complete list of all Skins and Mounts from this Event.

Supplied Skins

  • Blood Raven Sylvanas (from Nexus-altered Sanctuary) - Rare
    • Those who fight against evil are often the most affected by it. The Rogues of Khanduras learned this well when their former sister Sylvanas fell in league with the maiden of Anguish, Andariel.
  • Grave Warden Malthael (from Raven Court) - Rare
    • With every corpse interred in his mausoleum, the Grave Warden gains power and influence. His unholy alliance with the Grave Keeper ensures that his collection of souls will continue to grow.
  • Sir Murkalot Murky (from Nexus-altered Sanctuary) - Rare
    • Johanna's apprentice might be small, but he doesn't take any carp.
  • Unraveler Zeratul (from Nexus-altered Sanctuary) - Rare
    • The deserts of Aranoch are inhospitable in the best of times. After Mephisto bound the demonic spirit to the corpse of the Assassin-Prince Zeratul, things have grown considerably worse.

Supplied Mount

Leoric's Phantom - Rare

Do you dare ride the phantom steed of the reaper himself?

  • Subuniverse: Nexus-altered Sanctuary
  • Type: Event or Quest
  • Awarded by completing 15 games with a Friend during the Malthael's Bargain event.