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Event <Hallow's End 2016>

Fall Event
Hallow's End 2016

Originally a tradition from Azeroth, Hallow's End has found its way to the Nexus - and is especially popular in Raven Court.

This Event:

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Ties Into Subuniverses

Skins <Hallow's End 2016>

These are the complete list of Skins tied to this Event.

  • Deputy Valla (from Riksville) - Epic
    • No one settled disputes on the lawless streets of Riksville faster than Valla de Hunter. When Marshal Raynor began to deputize a posse, she was the first gunslinger on his list.
  • Scarecrow Xul (from Hallow's End Celebrations) - Rare - Seasonal
    • Farmer Saldean looked at the empty pole with confusion. Hadn't he hitched up that new Scarecrow? In his bewilderment he missed the words scratched into the dirt, "It's time to harvest."

Mounts <Hallow's End 2016>

These are the complete list of Mounts tied to this Event.

Eye Pad - Epic - Seasonal

Watch yourself. All-Seeing Eyes tend to see everything.