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Event <Toys 2: The Toys are Back in Town!>

Winter Event
Toys 2: The Toys are Back in Town!

It’s not always sunshine, stuffing, and rainbows between the Funtime Pals. It seems Tickle Mephisto has a posable plastic bone to pick with Cuddle Bear Stitches ever since the adorable abomination played a bit too rough during last year’s celebration. Now, the precocious host of last year’s event has settled into slumber and Mephisto has invited you over for another round of games... though he may have a more sinister goal in mind.

This Event:

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Ties Into Subuniverses

  • Toys! - Winter - luckily - continues to be the time for toys and presents

Skins <Toys 2: The Toys are Back in Town!>

These are the complete list of Skins tied to this Event.

  • Cosmonaut Qhira (from Toys!) - Legendary - Seasonal
    • While The Cosmonauts franchise is often criticized for not even having a popular TV show based around it, these complaints generally fall on deaf ears to the fans who are too busy actually playing with the toys to care.
  • Green Army Raynor (from Toys!) - Epic - Seasonal
    • Ex-Confederate Marshal James Raynor has stood against whatever the universe can throw at him and survived. He stands as a beacon of hope among enigmatic aliens and monsters, fighting for justice in a cold uncaring universe.
  • Green Army Commandant Varian (from Toys!) - Epic - Seasonal
    • As chief security officer for Volskaya's Nexus operations, Varian Volkov is no stranger to harsh winters and cold steel. Rather than pilot a Svyatogor mech, he prefers to meet his foes face-to-face.
  • Green Army Pain Deckard (from Toys!) - Legendary - Seasonal
    • As the United States signed the Malta accords, their sovereighnty ended, and Viper's began. Yet, in secret, Maj. Pain had been given leadership over a team with a very particular set of skills and one final mission: resistance.
  • Tickle Mephisto (from Toys!) - Legendary - Seasonal
    • Hey everybody, it's your favorite buddy Tickle Mephisto! This funtime friend comes with a voice box that plays 5 pre-recorded messages from the hit cartoon! Awesome! WARNING: May develop an insatiable thirst for revenge if exposed to electricity.

Mounts <Toys 2: The Toys are Back in Town!>

These are the complete list of Mounts tied to this Event.

Green Army Horse - Rare - Seasonal

This noble steed will be by your side in battle no matter what, unless the base snaps off or it melts in the sun, or something.

  • Subuniverse: Toys!
  • Type: Event or Quest
  • Awarded by completing a round of The Board Game in the Toys 2: The Toys Are Back in Town event in 2019.

Mellow Snowflake - Rare - Seasonal

All snowflakes are unique, but not all of them are special. If they were, then none of them would be.

Toy Train - Epic - Seasonal

Choo-choo! This toy train, featured in a popular board game, always has a can-do attitude! Except when it doesn’t. Click on your teammate’s train mount in a game for a fun surprise!

  • Subuniverse: Toys!
  • Type: Normal
  • Allows allies to attach as carriages.