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Abathur <Evolution Master>

Abathur Patch Notes
Abathur Talent Win Rates

Abathur, the Evolution Master of Kerrigan's Swarm, works ceaselessly to improve the zerg from the genetic level up. His hate for chaos and imperfection almost rivals his hatred of pronouns.

A unique Hero that can manipulate the battle from anywhere on the map.

This Hero has:

Free-to-Play Rotations


Price Changes

Rotation Statistics
  • Number of times in rotation: 21
  • Highest number of weeks: 40
  • Lowest number of weeks: 4
  • Average number of weeks: 17
  • Next predicted rotation: 2021-01-19
    (an average of 17 weeks)
Sale Statistics
  • Number of times in sale: 10
  • Highest number of weeks: 82
  • Lowest number of weeks: 3
  • Average number of weeks: 32
  • Next predicted sale: 2021-04-13
    (an average of 32 weeks)