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Subuniverse <Hallow's End Celebrations>


Celebrate the Forsaken breaking away from the Scourge with masks, candy and scares.

This subuniverse is a part of Warcraft, and contains:

Skins <Hallow's End Celebrations>

These are the Skins that are based upon this Subuniverse, reflecting alternate versions of our Heroes.

  • Bewitching Brightwing - Rare
    • Taking her Hallow's End costume seriously, Brightwing has amassed an impressive variety of "ingredients" for her cauldron. Just don't ask where they came from.
  • Creepie Chromie - Rare
    • This is definitely the darkest timeline.
  • Garden Shambler Murky - Epic
    • For his first Hallow's End costume, Murky wanted to dress up as the scariest thing he could think of. So, he chose to be a garden shambler. Wouldn't you?
  • Paper Bag Gazlowe - Epic
    • Goblin Law of Transaction #65: Never pay more for a Hallow's End costume than you need to.
  • Psycho Stitches - Rare
    • The Crystal Lake of Elwynn Forest hides a horrifying secret beneath the depths of its murky waters...
  • Pump'kinCho'gall - Rare
    • Every Hallow's End, Cho'gall makes sure to mock the Headless Horseman. After all, two heads are better than none.
  • Scarecrow Xul - Rare
    • Farmer Saldean looked at the empty pole with confusion. Hadn't he hitched up that new Scarecrow? In his bewilderment he missed the words scratched into the dirt, "It's time to harvest."
  • Skelethur Abathur - Legendary
    • Exoendoskeleton... logical next advancement. Secondary benefit, elicits fear in adolescent terrans. Useful.

Mounts <Hallow's End Celebrations>

These are the Mounts that are based upon this Subuniverse.

Eye Pad - Epic

Watch yourself. All-Seeing Eyes tend to see everything.

  • Type: Normal

Phantom Stallion - Epic

Honestly, it doesn't need a costume to be terrifying. But it does need one to go trick-or-treating.

  • Type: Normal

Secret Phantom Stallion - Epic


  • Type: Normal

Spectral Stallion - Legendary

If you hear him braying in the dead of night, pray that you find him without his rider. Otherwise, you will never escape.

  • Type: Normal