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Subuniverse <Feast of Winter Veil>


As the snow begins to fall, Greatfather Winter brings presents to all. The Feast of Winter Veil begins.

This subuniverse is a part of Warcraft, and contains:

Skins <Feast of Winter Veil>

These are the Skins that are based upon this Subuniverse, reflecting alternate versions of our Heroes.

  • Gingerbread Nazeebo - Legendary
    • Run, run, run... as fast as you can! No one escapes from the Gingerdread Man.
  • Great-father Winter Rehgar - Epic
    • Some people believe that Great-father Winter is just a symbol of commercialization created by Smokywood Pastures. Those people get coal shoved up their stockings.
  • Greatfather Winter Malfurion - Epic
    • With little else to do once the creatures of the wild begin their long hibernation, Malfurion has taken to celebrating the Feast of Winter Veil as the jolliest shan'do of all.
  • Greatfather Winter Stitches - Epic
    • The feast of Great-Winter is a magical time of year. It seems like everyone is getting into that Winter Veil spirit! Even if we kinda wish they wouldn't...
  • Season's Reapings Malthael - Rare
    • Also known as the Ghost of Winter Veil Yet-to-Come, Malthael offers those he visits in the cold dark night a glimpse of their future. Unsurprisingly, their "future" is always death.
  • Sugar Plum Sylvanas - Legendary
    • Sugar and spice? Maybe. Everything nice? Not by a long shot.
  • Winter Veil Jaina - Legendary
    • The weather outside is frightful. Although, to be fair, Jaina has been casting Blizzard a LOT out there.
  • Winter Veil Kharazim - Epic
    • The God of Winter is one of the Veradani's most important deities. He is sometimes associated with the God of Gifts, to the delight of all.
  • Winter Veil Lunara - Legendary
    • Lunara, the festive Dryad, has a very pointy spear. And if you ever see it, you should prob'ly run in fear.
  • Winter's Helper Valla - Legendary
    • There's so much to do during Winter Veil that even Greatfather Winter himself needs a little help. Someone always has to cross people off the naughty list, you know.

Mounts <Feast of Winter Veil>

These are the Mounts that are based upon this Subuniverse.

Festive Goblin - Epic

Greatfather Winter's newest helper just arrived with a sack full of toys! Hey, wait... isn't he supposed to be giving out toys, not taking them? Someone stop that goblin!

  • Type: Normal

Gingerboard - Epic

Seriously, who takes a single bite out of a gingerbread cookie and leaves the rest? Someone's getting coal this year!

  • Type: Normal

Iceforged Reign-deer - Legendary

This reindeer doesn't play games.

  • Type: Normal

Reign-deer - Epic

This reindeer doesn't play games.

  • Type: Normal
  • Arctic Tint unlocked by completing Part 4 of the Winter Veil 2017 Quests.

Special Snowflake - Epic

All snowflakes are unique, but not all of them are special. If they were, then none of them would be.

  • Type: Normal