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Subuniverse <Eternal Empire>


Heroes of New York City band together against the evil from the far reaches of the universe.

This subuniverse is a part of Nexus, and contains:

Skins <Eternal Empire>

These are the Skins that are based upon this Subuniverse, reflecting alternate versions of our Heroes.

  • Celestial Empress Whitemane - Epic
    • From the depths of space, the Celestial Empress has bitterly observed the Star Queen squander her magical power. Once the stars are aligned in her favor, Whitemane will overthrow Li-Ming and bathe the galaxy in cosmic fire.
  • Cyberhawk Kael'thas - Rare
    • Sunstrider Industries CEO Mikael Thoss uses his company's vast wealth and cutting edge technology to protect the innocent as Cyberhawk, the avian avenger!
  • Dark Queen Alexstrasza - Epic - provided from Dragons of the Nexus
    • Sealed away by the Star Princesses millennia ago, the Dark Queen of the Dragons has finally broken free of her imprisonment. At long last, she will have her revenge on the people of Earth.
  • Dreadmachine Mal’Ganis - Legendary
    • The Dreadmachine armor provides industrialist Malcom Ganis with incredible strength and a staggering ordinance. Sure, it may draw power from an alien's heart, but only minor hallucinations have occurred... so far.
  • Eagle Eye Tyrande - Rare
    • When the Eternal Empire destroyed her home planet, Tyrande Solarwind swore to avenge her fallen people. Her quest has led her to the city of New York in order to eliminate her mortal enemy.
  • Knight Owl Medivh - Rare
    • The Prophets of Kharazania foresaw the Eternal Empire's invasion, but their warning came too late. Medivh, the last Knight Owl, has sworn to prevent the Earth from suffering a similar fate.
  • Mad Jester Yrel - Epic
    • Not all villains have super powers. Some, like the Jester gang, spread chaos and mayhem using whatever weaponry they can steal. While you don't have to be mad to join their ranks, but if you do... you probably are.
  • Mad Martian Gazlowe - Rare
    • From the martian landscape, Gazlowe gazed upon the Earth with jealous eyes. Soon that glittering sapphire would be his... but first, Super Sonya must be dealt with.
  • Space Lord Leoric - Rare
    • The Space Lord has brought countless worlds under the Eternal Empire's thrall. Soon, even Earth's troublesome Star Princess will fall to the power of the darkness.
  • Star Lich Kel'Thuzad - Epic
    • "What the heroes of this pitiful blue marble fail to understand is the Earth's fate cannot be delayed forever. In the end, the stars will fade and die, and in the cold dark... our empire is eternal."
  • Star Princess Li-Ming - Epic
    • For eons, Earth has been protected by the magical Star Princesses. Together, they stand against the evil Eternal Empire and its Space Lords in the name of love and friendship.
  • Star Queen Li-Ming - Epic - provided from Heroes 2.0
    • All seemed lost as the star princesses fell one after the other. But Li-Ming's refusal to give up hope awakened a new power inside her, transforming her into the legendary Star Queen.
  • Star Wraith Mephisto - Epic
    • The Eternal Empire is built upon conquest and servitude, but not all planets submit easily. Upon the Star Lord's command, the legion of Star Wraiths descend upon rebellious worlds leaving only scarred husks in their wake.
  • Super Sonya - Rare
    • While traveling through time, the gladiatrix Sonya was exposed to a radioactive robo-virus. Without a way home, she fights tirelessly to keep the streets of New York safe.

Mounts <Eternal Empire>

These are the Mounts that are based upon this Subuniverse.

Space Lord's Starbreaker

Space Lord's Starbreaker - Legendary

Who can stand against an Empire with the power to break a star?

  • Type: Normal
Star Chariot

Star Chariot - Epic

Conjured by the magic of love and justice, the Star Chariots carry the Star Princesses into battle against the forces of evil. Each one is a reflection of its Princess's own spirit and personality.

  • Type: Normal