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Hallow's End Celebrations <Subuniverse>


Celebrate the Forsaken breaking away from the Scourge with masks, candy and scares.

This Subuniverse is a part of Warcraft, and contains:

Event Connections

Throughout the year, Events happen every now and then. Most of them are a one-time thing, some are annual - but all of these are connected to this Subuniverse.

Skins <Hallow's End Celebrations>

These are the Skins that are based upon this Subuniverse, reflecting alternate versions of our Heroes.

Bewitching Brightwing
Bewitching Brightwing  Seasonal fall

Creepie Chromie
Creepie Chromie  Seasonal fall

Garden Shambler Murky
Garden Shambler Murky  Seasonal fall

Paper Bag Gazlowe
Paper Bag Gazlowe  Seasonal fall

Psycho Stitches
Psycho Stitches  Seasonal fall

Pump'kin Cho'gall
Pump'kin Cho'gall  Seasonal fall

Scarecrow Xul
Scarecrow Xul  Seasonal fall

Skelethur  Seasonal fall


These are the Mounts that are based upon this Subuniverse.

Eye Pad
Eye Pad  Seasonal Fall

Phantom Stallion
Phantom Stallion  Seasonal Fall

Secret Phantom Stallion
Secret Phantom Stallion  Seasonal Fall

Spectral Stallion
Spectral Stallion  Seasonal Fall