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Subuniverse <Mecha War>


A chaotic high-tech society run my mega-corporations, where gigantic mecha once defended the world from attackers from beyond. Now, the struggles rages on between the Jigoku Corporation and those brave enough to rise against it. These survivors enhance themselves in any way they can, as they have to be ready for anything - known or unknown.

This subuniverse is a part of Nexus, and contains:

Event Connections <Mecha War>

Throughout the year, Events happen every now and then. Most of them are a one-time thing, some are annual - but all of these are connected to this Subuniverse.

  • MechaStorm - After the battle of Mecha Tassadar and Kaijo Diablo, the Xenotech arrived
  • The Caldeum Complex - The dystopian future after the Mecha Wars is explored
  • MechaStorm II - The Xenotech are back, and new defenders have arisen

Skins <Mecha War>

These are the Skins that are based upon this Subuniverse, reflecting alternate versions of our Heroes.

  • Azure Sakura Auriel - Epic - provided from The Caldeum Complex (Seasonal)
    • For centuries, viewing cherry blossoms at the start of spring has been a time-honored tradition. Auriel was the first omnic to join in the festivities, and has done so every year since she started.
  • Cyb'arak Anub'arak - Legendary
    • The Defense mecha Cyb'arak designed by Frozen Throne technologies has proven instrumental in the defense of the African continent against the Kaijo monsters.
  • Cyber Ghost Kerrigan - Legendary - provided from The Caldeum Complex (Seasonal)
    • Fully upgraded with the latest cybernetic enhancements, Kerrigan joined forces with the Azure Dragons and Onyx Turtles. Armed with the latest firmware, they prepare to bring the Cyber Oni to justice once and for all.
  • Cyber Oni Anub'arak - Legendary - provided from The Caldeum Complex (Seasonal)
    • The defense mecha Cyb'arak, originally designed by Frozen Throne Technologies, was acquired as part of a merger with Jigoku Cybernetics and now patrols the streets, searching for enemies of the corporation.
  • Cyber Oni The Butcher - Legendary - provided from The Caldeum Complex (Seasonal)
    • The Jigoku Corporation's V1.09b Butcher Cyber Oni are the pinnacle of cost-cutting: they eliminate high-profile targets and simultaneously generate feedstock for the Innovation Lab.
  • Cyber Oni Zarya - Rare - provided from The Caldeum Complex (Seasonal)
    • Reverse engineered from Overwatch's cyberization techniques, the Jigoku battle armor offers most of the benefits of cybernetic augmentation without requiring invasive surgery.
  • Cyberdemon Zarya - Rare - provided from Nexus Challenge 2.0
    • Reverse engineered from Overwatch's cyberization techniques, the Jigoku battle armor offers most of the benefits of cybernetic augmentation without requiring invasive surgery.
  • Kaijo Diablo - Rare
    • The scientists of Tristram Labs had grown overconfident. They believed the power of the atom was finally under their control. They were wrong.
  • Mecha Dehaka - Legendary
    • Zerus-class mech D3-H4K4 was developed to gather Kaijo DNA mid-combat. Troublingly, the onboard AI has begun rejecting orders, extracting "essence" from its own targets.
  • Mecha Rehgar - Epic - provided from MechaStorm
    • The Rehgar mecha serves as the command unit for the Principality of Orgrimmar's Ghostwolf Brigade. Its ability to support Mechastorm's forces proved invaluable when the xenotech menace invaded.
  • Mecha Tassadar - Legendary
    • The Kaijo Diablo could not be contained; cities world-wide had been reduced to cinders. Now humanity's survival hangs upon the untested mecha, Tassadar.
    • Special Mount: Mecha Morph
  • Mecha Tyrael - Legendary - provided from MechaStorm
    • Neo Stormwind's latest Angiris-class mecha utilizes a cerebro-mesh modeled after the legendary Mecha Tassadar. Once deployed, the Tyrael unit will dispense justice for the atrocities committed during the great Mecha War.
    • Special Mount: Mecha Thrusters
    • Usable as Announcer!
  • Mecha Valla - Legendary - provided from MechaStorm II (Seasonal)
    • Mecha Valla was designed to complement Mecha Yrel’s frontline prowess with unmatched firepower and agility. The twin prototypes were put to the test when the Xenotech arrived.
  • Mecha Yrel - Legendary - provided from MechaStorm II (Seasonal)
    • Neo-Stormwind scientists used technology recovered from Mecha Tyrael to build a new Exarch-class Mecha called Yrel, with unprecedented durability and a devastating photon hammer.
  • Neo-President Anduin - Epic
    • As threats mounted against his nation, Neo-President Wrynn authorized the production of an all new line of mecha. Should evil descend from the starts once more, MechaStorm will have the full strength of Neo-Stormwind behind them.
  • Overclocked Prime Probius - Rare - provided from The Caldeum Complex (Seasonal)
    • Though the probe's basic design has remained unchanged for many cycles, inventive phase-smiths are always experimenting with ways to improve its operational efficiency.
  • Speed Demon Lúcio - Rare - provided from The Caldeum Complex (Seasonal)
    • The Bladers were one of Caldeum Acropolis' more amicable gangs, until Jigoku Cybernetics started using them to beta test new cybernetic enhancements. Unfortunately, only one of them survived...
  • Street Cyborg Kharazim - Epic - provided from The Caldeum Complex (Seasonal)
    • The infamous cyborg brawler known as Kharazim commands the Onyx Turtles, a hardy alliance of street fighters and gladiators who reluctantly partnered with the Azure Dragons to defy the oppression of Jigoku Cybernetics.
  • Techno Vandal Chromie - Legendary - provided from The Caldeum Complex (Seasonal)
    • Chromie, the leader of the Azure Dragons is an elusive hacker and anti-corporate street artist. Lately, her work has taken a turn for the dark, as if she sees something sinister rising from beneath the city.
  • Xenotech Abathur - Legendary - provided from MechaStorm
    • Humanity had never considered that sentient machines could exist in the darkness beyond the earth. From distant stars, Abathur's xenotech invaders came to plunder the earth's resources and further their evolution.
  • Xenotech Malthael - Epic - provided from MechaStorm II (Seasonal)
    • With Mecha Tyrael destroyed, Neo-President Anduin Wrynn knew the return of the Xenotech was inevitable and had prepared accordingly. But could two untested mecha pilots possibly defeat the enemy known as the “Reaper of Worlds”?

Mounts <Mecha War>

These are the Mounts that are based upon this Subuniverse.

Cyber Oni Warboar

Cyber Oni Warboar - Epic

It is rumored that high-ranking Jigoku Cybernetics agents prowl the Caldeum Acropolis atop ravenous Cyber Warboars, but those who have seen them have coincidentally vanished.

Seraph Wing

Seraph Wing - Epic

The Seraph Wing model hoverboard features a sleek aerodynamic design, state-of-the-art gravity repulsor fields, and only very rarely does it develop sentience since a recent hotfix.