The Nexus Compendium

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Universe <Nexus>


A chaotic realm, built by countless smaller ones, the Nexus itself binds everything together. The very roots of Blizzard is within.

This universe contains:

Heroes <Nexus>

This universe includes the following Heroes.


The Lost Vikings
The Lost Vikings

Subuniverses <Nexus>

These are the underlying subuniverses which Heroes, Skins, Mounts and Battlegrounds spawn from.

Entities <Nexus>

These are the underlying entities in this universe - and all the subuniverses - dragged into the Nexus, just like our Heroes.

  • Aleen (from Raven Court)
    • The mother of Orphea, she left her at an early age, because of her husband, Oberon, the Raven Lord, had delved into the dark magics of the Dark Nexus. Current whereabouts unknown.
  • Blackheart (from Mistharbour) - Usable as Announcer!
    • Ghost Pirate before it was cool. Likes loot and rum, but dislikes old gaming platforms.
  • Carbot (from HeroStorm)
  • Cloaken (from BlizzCon) - Usable as Announcer!
    • Known as Kevin M. Johnson outside the Nexus, Cloaken is the Creative Content Lead for Heroes of the Storm, and the voice that heeds the call whenever a new Hero joins. You can bet that he WILL see you... in the Nexus!
  • Delia (from King's Crest)
    • Daughter of Raena, the Lady of Thorns, and keeper of the Moon sigil that guards the prison of her father, the Dragon Knight.
  • El Guapo (from Nexomania) - Usable as Announcer!
    • Mexican fan of all things Wrestling! Master of Nexomania.
  • Ford Commodore (from Mistharbour)
    • Even though he defeated and killed Blackheart, his ghost will haunt him forever.
  • Grave Keeper (from Raven Court) - Usable as Announcer!
    • Seemingly Immortal, Defender of the Haunted Mines. Sworn enemy of the Raven Lord.
  • Harrison Jones (from Luxoria)
    • Always looking for treasure and dangerous adventures, he has - somehow - found his way to Luxoria.
  • Headless Horseman (from Raven Court)
    • The Horseman rides again! It's no chore, to bring destruction upon the enemy core! HAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAAAaaaa!!
  • Ka (from Luxoria) - Usable as Announcer!
    • Known as the Snake God. Slithers like an Egyptian. Lends out temples.
  • Lady of Thorns (from King's Crest) - Usable as Announcer!
    • Also known as Raena. Noble and fair ruler of King's Crest. Hopes that her people will one day remember the linage of dragons once again - and to free her long lost husband, the Dragon Knight, from his stone curse.
  • Neeve (from Raven Court)
    • Advisor to the Raven Lord, always there to make sure he doesn’t misstep. An otherwise mysterious old woman.
  • Neithis (from Luxoria) - Usable as Announcer!
    • Known as the Spider Queen. Recently awoken from her long slumber, to cause havoc in Luxoria. She has a high fondness of gems and an endless supply of minions.
  • Queen Nightshade (from King's Crest) - Usable as Announcer!
    • Twisted by the primal and uncontrolled nature of the Gardens of King's Crest, she turns into the Spore Queen at night to bring terror.
  • Raven Lord (from Raven Court) - Usable as Announcer!
    • Also known as Oberon, he's the ruler of the Raven Court, and on a crusade to dominate or control all realms of the Nexus, in order to, seemingly, protect it from an unknown threat. Highly dissatisfied with the path his daughter, Orphea, has taken.
  • The Dragon Knight (from King's Crest)
    • Once cursed to stone by Queen Nightshade, he occasionally walks freely through the Fire and Flames of Dragon Shire, when the curse is temporarily lifted. Formerly King of King's Court and husband to Raena, the Lady of Thorns.
  • The Kid (from Toys, Toys, Toys!) - Usable as Announcer!
    • Playime is never over when you're a 4-year old kid. Especially not if you got the greatest toys in the world, and The Nexus is your playground! He's ready to guide your through the greatest game - be it digital or analog - ever.
  • Verick (from King's Crest)
    • Son of Raena, the Lady of Thorns, and keeper of the Sun sigil that guards the prison of his father, the Dragon Knight.

Skins <Nexus>

These are the Skins that are based upon the Subuniverses of this Universe, reflecting alternate versions of our Heroes.

  • Admiral Krakenov Stukov (from Mistharbour) - Epic
    • Decades ago, a mutiny forced the Admiral of the Three Anchors to walk the plank. On moonless nights, his form haunts Blackheart's Bay, calling itself "Krakenov" and demanding a lot of fish.
  • Azmodunk Azmodan (from Burning Courts RCHS) - Rare
    • In the deepest recesses of the Inferno lies the Burning Court, a realm with a single edict set by the first Hoop-Lord: "Though shalt slam with the best, or thou jammest with the rest.
  • Bikini Stitches (from Summer Party) - Epic
    • Splish-splash! Hot and ready for the summer sun, Bikini Stitches is off to meet the ghoul of his dreams... that and make a sandcastle!
  • Black Metal E.T.C. (from Warchrome Wastes) - Rare
    • Some bands paint their faces and play death metal. E.T.C. however, IS death metal.
  • Bronze Tiger Kharazim (from Luxoria) - Rare
    • For centuries, the Order of the Bronze Tiger has trained its disciples for the return of the Scorpid Swarm. Now, at long last, the time has come to put their skills to the test.
  • Buccaneer Falstad (from Mistharbour) - Rare
    • To this day, Captain Falstad and the crew of the Wildhammer honor the pirate’s code set by Mistharbour's Council of Three Anchors. Of course, some say those rules are merely guidelines...
  • Celestial Empress Whitemane (from Eternal Empire) - Epic
    • From the depths of space, the Celestial Empress has bitterly observed the Star Queen squander her magical power. Once the stars are aligned in her favor, Whitemane will overthrow Li-Ming and bathe the galaxy in cosmic fire.
  • Centurion Johanna (from Mystic Kingdom) - Epic
    • At Emperor Severus's command, an entire legion marched against the portal of the gods. All but one returned home, a single centurion taken as punishment for man's hubris.
  • Cheerleader Kerrigan (from Burning Courts RCHS) - Epic
    • Unsurprisingly, cheerleading for the Burning Courts can be extraordinarily demanding. As team captain, Kerrigan has little patience for squad members who can't take the heat.
  • Cosmic Force Valeera (from Toys, Toys, Toys!) - Epic
    • Featuring the actual voice from the hit show, the advanced action figure has brand new space-age joints that allow for fully articulated kung-fu action. Plus, all Valeera's signature jagged metal weapons are included in the box!
  • Countess Kerrigan (from Raven Court) - Rare
    • Countess Sarah von Kerrigan's bloodthirst knew no bounds. It was only a matter of time before the Vampire Slayers of Raven Court rose up against her reign of terror.
    • Special Mount: Bat Transformation
  • Crimson Count Arthas (from Raven Court) - Rare
    • Few of Sarah von Kerrigan's suitors are as bold or brash as Marquis Arthas du Menethíl. The Crimson Count hopes their unholy union will spell doom for Raven Court's vampire slayers.
    • Special Mount: Bat Form
  • Crypt King Tassadar (from Luxoria) - Rare
    • Pharaoh Ta-sadar knew the power of the darkworld would consume his realm, but Luxoria would still survive... Better the Nexus devour his kingdom than the Scorpid Swarm.
  • Cuddle Bear Stitches (from Toys, Toys, Toys!) - Legendary
    • There's a monster on the loose, kids...a CUDDLE MONSTER! This fuzzy friend is desperate to prove he's the sweetest snugglæ pumpkin in the Funland Pals. Shucks, he'd do just about anything to be the #1 in your heart...
  • Cursed Witch Whitemane (from Raven Court) - Legendary
    • The Witch of the Hollows' beliefs are unconventional, even by Raven Court's standards. Her methods of torturing the living deemed too extreme. It was the Raven Lord alone who saw the potential within her...
    • Special Mount: Hallowed Broom
  • Cyb'arak Anub'arak (from Mecha War) - Legendary
    • The Defense mecha Cyb'arak designed by Frozen Throne technologies has proven instrumental in the defense of the African continent against the Kaijo monsters.
  • Cyber Ghost Kerrigan (from Mecha War) - Legendary
    • Fully upgraded with the latest cybernetic enhancements, Kerrigan joined forces with the Azure Dragons and Onyx Turtles. Armed with the latest firmware, they prepare to bring the Cyber Oni to justice once and for all.
  • Cyber Oni Anub'arak (from Mecha War) - Legendary
    • The defense mecha Cyb'arak, originally designed by Frozen Throne Technologies, was acquired as part of a merger with Jigoku Cybernetics and now patrols the streets, searching for enemies of the corporation.
  • Cyber Oni The Butcher (from Mecha War) - Legendary
    • The Jigoku Corporation's V1.09b Butcher Cyber Oni are the pinnacle of cost-cutting: they eliminate high-profile targets and simultaneously generate feedstock for the Innovation Lab.
  • Cyberdemon Zarya (from Mecha War) - Rare
    • Reverse engineered from Overwatch's cyberization techniques, the Jigoku battle armor offers most of the benefits of cybernetic augmentation without requiring invasive surgery.
  • Cyberhawk Kael'thas (from Eternal Empire) - Rare
    • Sunstrider Industries CEO Mikael Thoss uses his company's vast wealth and cutting edge technology to protect the innocent as Cyberhawk, the avian avenger!
  • Dark Nexus Alarak (from Dark Nexus) - Rare
    • In the forgotten darkness beyond reality, a new avatar of primordial power has been forged. The dark mirror of Alarak's malice and sadism seethes with contempt towards all of existence... including its own.
  • Dark Nexus Gul'dan (from Dark Nexus) - Rare
    • The avatars of the Dark Nexus are twisted reflections of heroes and villains. While they may wear familiar guises, they are, in truth, chaos and hatred incarnate... an ancient evil that can only be bargained with: never controlled.
  • Dark Queen Alexstrasza (from Eternal Empire) - Epic
    • Sealed away by the Star Princesses millennia ago, the Dark Queen of the Dragons has finally broken free of her imprisonment. At long last, she will have her revenge on the people of Earth.
  • Deathfang Genji (from Viper Ascendant) - Legendary
    • No one knows who Deathfang used to be. Some say he was a high-ranking Viper general; others that he was a common soldier. Whoever he was, his old identity has been permanently wiped from Viper's records. All that remains of him now is his kill count.
  • Dehakasaurus Rex Dehaka (from Toys, Toys, Toys!) - Legendary
    • From this summer's blockbuster, Dehakasaurus Rex is on the hunt! With spring-loaded chomping action and patented dino-grasper technology, this beast will tear through playtime like razor-sharp teeth through its prey.
  • Delta Hanzo (from Viper Ascendant) - Legendary
    • Cpt. Shimada had his mission: to eliminate the Viper leader known as Deathfang, his brother. The government expected him to fail, but they made a mistake... they didn't realize they were dealing with Hanzo.
  • Desert Queen Zagara (from Luxoria) - Rare
    • The sands of Luxoria are ever shifting. In ancient times, they were ruled by the Scorpid Swarm, and if the ancient Queen Zagara has her way, they shall be once again.
  • Diesel Speaker Nazeebo (from Warchrome Wastes) - Legendary
    • In the Warchrome Wastes only Nazeebo's diesel priests can access the secrets held within the high-octane. With a mighty roar, they funnel its fury and combustion into a material world.
  • Doctor Wolf & Stein Greymane (from Raven Court) - Legendary
    • Doctor Wolf has turned to twisted science in hopes of combating the supernatural abilities of Raven Court's vampires. The serum he has developed is indeed powerful... but it comes with a price.
  • Dominus Vile Azmodan (from Warchrome Wastes) - Legendary
    • For years, Dominus Vile has served the mad warlord Garrosh as the general of his warband. His mutants scour the wastes, raiding outposts and bringing their master whatever their simple minds can conceive of having value.
    • Special Mount: Treads of Oblivion
  • Dreadmachine Mal’Ganis (from Eternal Empire) - Legendary
    • The Dreadmachine armor provides industrialist Malcom Ganis with incredible strength and a staggering ordinance. Sure, it may draw power from an alien's heart, but only minor hallucinations have occurred... so far.
  • Dream Genie Chromie (from Luxoria) - Epic
    • Despite their immense magical power, Luxorian genies usually guide and influence mortals by appearing in their dreams. Chromie, however, favors a more direct approach.
  • Dropkick Kharazim (from Nexomania) - Rare
    • Originally hailing from the mixed martial art leagues of the distant Republic of Ivgorod, Aengus "Dropkick" Kharazim has finally found some moderate fame fighting against the Luchadors in the Nexomania event.
  • Eagle Eye Tyrande (from Eternal Empire) - Rare
    • When the Eternal Empire destroyed her home planet, Tyrande Solarwind swore to avenge her fallen people. Her quest has led her to the city of New York in order to eliminate her mortal enemy.
  • El Chamuco Diablo (from Nexomania) - Legendary
    • The terrifying El Chamuco is well-known as the muscle of the "Hell's Screamers" tag-team alongside El Jefe. Rumors circle that he actually is a demon, born in the pits of the burning hells, but that can't be possible. Can it?
  • El Jefe Garrosh (from Nexomania) - Legendary
    • Hailing from Orgrimmar Beach, Azeroth, El Fuego was the first to unite the belts, both figuratively and literally. Now, as the champion of the Nexus he has thrown aside his old mask and taken up a new identity... El Jefe!
  • El Mariachi E.T.C. (from Nexomania) - Rare
    • This mysterious wandering mariachi holds no allegiance other than to his music. Rudos and técnicos alike have learned to fear the beautiful sound of guitar wafting in the air... if only because of the pain that follows in its wake.
  • Enforcer Johanna (from Enforcers of STORM) - Rare
    • To join the Specialized Tactical Operations and Rescue Missions (STORM) Unit, prospective agents must meet drill sergeant Johanna's daunting requirements. Her family's long legacy as STORM officers makes it hard to impress her.
  • Firestorm Blaze (from Viper Ascendant) - Legendary
    • Viper hunter him down. Slaughtered his brothers-in-arms. Now they've taken the one thing he truly loves in the world - his only daughter. The Firestorm is coming, and no snake will be spared the flame.
  • Flying Monkey Brightwing (from Luxoria) - Rare
    • The magical flying creatures of Sky Temple often cause trouble for the locals. It can be hard to run a successful bazaar when your merchandise disappears into thin air.
  • Grave Warden Malthael (from Raven Court) - Rare
    • With every corpse interred in his mausoleum, the Grave Warden gains power and influence. His unholy alliance with the Grave Keeper ensures that his collection of souls will continue to grow.
  • Harlequin Nazeebo (from Raven Court) - Epic
    • The Countess Kerrigan's demands for entertainment mirror the darkness within her. Her harlequins are masters at manipulating life and death, solely for her amusement.
  • Imperator Stukov (from Viper Ascendant) - Legendary
    • Thanks to sound military tactics and the fierce loyalty of Viper's soldiers, the Imperator has crushed his enemies and established a new world order. It is only a matter of time before his robotic fist snuffs out the dying embers of rebellion.
  • Jade Dragon Kharazim (from Mystic Kingdom) - Rare
    • Wielding Shi'ron's Sacred Flames is an honor given only to the Grandmaster of the Jade Dragon order. In martial combat, Kharazim has no equal--even among the Onyx Empire's Terrorguard.
  • Janitor Leoric (from Burning Courts RCHS) - Legendary
    • Once Raven Court's star alumnus, the Skeleton King's baseball career was cut short when he dramatically shattered his shin trying to steal home in the '96 Nexus Multi-World Series. Now, he cleans up after your lousy kids.
  • Kaijo Diablo (from Mecha War) - Rare
    • The scientists of Tristram Labs had grown overconfident. They believed the power of the atom was finally under their control. They were wrong.
  • Kandy King Muradin (from Kandy Mountain) - Epic
    • Everyone wants to be King of Kandy Mountain... but once a Gummy Dragon shows up, they flee to Sugar Plum Valley like the rest. Heavy is the head that wears the cupcake crown.
  • Knight Owl Medivh (from Eternal Empire) - Rare
    • The Prophets of Kharazania foresaw the Eternal Empire's invasion, but their warning came too late. Medivh, the last Knight Owl, has sworn to prevent the Earth from suffering a similar fate.
  • La Pantera Sonya (from Nexomania) - Epic
    • After losing the heavyweight belt last year, La Pantera has come back to Nexomania seeking revenge. Now only the undefeated La Parca stands in her way. Will she return to glory? Or does her rise end here?
  • La Parca Lunara (from Nexomania) - Rare
    • It is said that the currently-undefeated La Parca arrived from parts unknown with a look of death in her eyes. This Nexomania, she meets the former champion La Pantera in the ring. It is sure to be the match of the century!
  • Lumberjack Uther (from British Columbia) - Rare
    • Arthur Light of British Columbia had barely sipped his coffee when he was dragged into a Nexus portal. Now, he fights alongside the greatest of heroes, hoping to find his way home.
  • Mad Axe Garrosh (from Warchrome Wastes) - Legendary
    • Of all the biker gangs marauding the wastelands, none are as feared as the Warsong Outriders. Led by the mutant warlord Garrosh, the roar of their engines is the sound of death on wheels.
  • Mad Jester Yrel (from Eternal Empire) - Epic
    • Not all villains have super powers. Some, like the Jester gang, spread chaos and mayhem using whatever weaponry they can steal. While you don't have to be mad to join their ranks, but if you do... you probably are.
  • Mad Martian Gazlowe (from Eternal Empire) - Rare
    • From the martian landscape, Gazlowe gazed upon the Earth with jealous eyes. Soon that glittering sapphire would be his... but first, Super Sonya must be dealt with.
  • Mecha Dehaka (from Mecha War) - Legendary
    • Zerus-class mech D3-H4K4 was developed to gather Kaijo DNA mid-combat. Troublingly, the onboard AI has begun rejecting orders, extracting "essence" from its own targets.
  • Mecha Rehgar (from Mecha War) - Epic
    • The Rehgar mecha serves as the command unit for the Principality of Orgrimmar's Ghostwolf Brigade. Its ability to support Mechastorm's forces proved invaluable when the xenotech menace invaded.
  • Mecha Tassadar (from Mecha War) - Legendary
    • The Kaijo Diablo could not be contained; cities world-wide had been reduced to cinders. Now humanity's survival hangs upon the untested mecha, Tassadar.
    • Special Mount: Mecha Morph
  • Mecha Tyrael (from Mecha War) - Legendary - Usable as Announcer!
    • Neo Stormwind's latest Angiris-class mecha utilizes a cerebro-mesh modeled after the legendary Mecha Tassadar. Once deployed, the Tyrael unit will dispense justice for the atrocities committed during the great Mecha War.
    • Special Mount: Mecha Thrusters
  • Monkey King Samuro (from Mystic Kingdom) - Rare
    • The Legend of the Monkey King has spread wide, across both earthly and heavenly realms alike. It is no wonder his incredible fighting spirit was drawn to the conflicted lands of the Nexus.
  • Mystic Kingdoms Arthas (from Mystic Kingdom) - Rare
    • Revered for his bravery and martial skill, General Arthas has led his king's armies to countless victories. His loyalty knows no bounds, and nothing can make him break his oath of service.
  • Orphea (base skin) - Rare
    • Rejecting the dark power her father had begun to consort with, Orphea tried to run away from the Raven Lord's influence. But after witnessing King's Crest fall to his machinations, she was convinced she needed to stand and fight. She now vows to protect the innocent--as a Hero of the Nexus.
  • Pain Deckard (from Viper Ascendant) - Legendary
    • As the United States signed the Malta accords, their sovereighnty ended, and Viper's began. Yet, in secret, Maj. Pain had been given leadership over a team with a very particular set of skills and one final mission: resistance.
  • Pajama The Lost Vikings (from Party in Pajamaland) - Rare
    • While "Party in Pajamaland" is technically a part of the Expanded Universe, the storyline is still considered a seminal work in the Lost Vikings mythos.
  • Pajamathur Abathur (from Party in Pajamaland) - Legendary
    • Upon occasion reality appears unsuitable. Desire for absence occurs. Inhibit ocular reception. Internally visualize. Possible for current location to alter. Make dreams come true.
  • Paramedic Lt. Morales (from Enforcers of STORM) - Rare
    • Officer Morales, STORM Unit's newest recruit, is wholly committed to supporting the city's civilian populace as well as her fellow agents. Thanks to her medical training, she is perfect for the unit's emergency response team.
  • Phantom Knight Zarya (from Raven Court) - Epic
    • The Black Knights have served as the mercenary protectors of Raven Court since age immemorial. It is only natural that their commander, Zarya, the Phantom Knight, serves as one of the four generals of the Raven Lord's army.
  • Pirate Queen Cassia (from Mistharbour) - Rare
    • From their secret hideout in Kraken's Cave, Cassia's fleet of ships unfurl their black sails on a mission to loot and plunder. Mistharbour will soon bow to a new pirate queen.
  • Power Briefs Tychus (from Summer Party) - Legendary
    • Welcome to the gun show.
  • Power Drench Tychus (from Summer Party) - Epic
    • Hell, it's about summertime.
  • RCHS Cheerleader Kerrigan (from Burning Courts RCHS) - Epic
    • Back in her day, Sarah was pretty much the Queen B of Raven Crest High. Yet, despite her popularity, she always managed to find time to hang out with her closest friends... unless that geek, Jimmy, was hanging around.
  • RCHS Striker Li-Ming (from Burning Courts RCHS) - Epic
    • Li-Ming wasn't always the super-star of the Fireflies. Until her varsity year, she was seen as the troublemaker of the RCHS volleyball team. It was only with the help of some new friends that she changed her rebellious ways.
  • Roadraider Raynor (from Warchrome Wastes) - Epic
    • Legends say that Roadraider was once a Marshal who fought to establish law and order in the Warchrome Wastes. What remains of that man within this ghostly apparition may never be known.
  • Roller Derby Nova (from Burning Courts RCHS) - Rare
    • Kate "Supernova" Dennings doesn't take any crap from her rivals on the track. Why should the Nexus be any different?
  • Ruinwalker Fenix (from King's Crest) - Epic
    • Deep in the Nexus's primordial wilds, the land itself births beings of vine and stone. Imbued with the spark of life, the ruinwalkers wander the wreckage of civilizations long forgotten, guarding secrets that they have never known.
  • Sequel The Lost Vikings (from Classic Alternations) - Rare
    • Now sporting the finest equipment a Viking can illegally procure from an evil alien overlord's robot army.
  • Serpent King Xul (from Luxoria) - Legendary
    • While the Serpent King acted as Pharaoh Ta-sadar's vizier, his true loyalty had always belonged to the Spider Queen. Once he saw his chance, Xul's betrayal was as swift as a serpent's strike.
  • Shrike Ana (from Luxoria) - Rare
    • Recently, Ana has been operating in the Nexus under the alias of "Shrike" and is wanted for espionage, assault, and theft in Luxoria.
  • Sidewinder Ana (from Viper Ascendant) - Epic
    • As Viper's deadliest sniper, Sidewinder is personally responsible for killing the organization's most prominent enemies. Were it not for her, Viper may never have risen to power... a fact that she uses to her advantage whenever she is contested.
  • Slacker Orphea (from Burning Courts RCHS) - Epic
    • Raven Crest students still gossip about the time Orphea unleashed Kerrigan's Ultralisk in the boy's locker room--because why not? Plus, I heard someone tried revenge-pranking her locker and was never seen again.
  • Slip 'N Stream Tracer (from Summer Party) - Epic
    • Cheers, love! The party's here!
  • Space Lord Leoric (from Eternal Empire) - Rare
    • The Space Lord has brought countless worlds under the Eternal Empire's thrall. Soon, even Earth's troublesome Star Princess will fall to the power of the darkness.
  • Spectral Wyrm Alexstrasza (from Raven Court) - Legendary
    • After the Grave Keeper's domination by the Raven Lord, Spectral Wyrm Alexstrasza pledged her phantoms to his side. With the Aspect of Undeath serving as a general of his armies, what hope does King's Crest have?
  • Speed Demon Lúcio (from Mecha War) - Rare
    • The Bladers were one of Caldeum Acropolis' more amicable gangs, until Jigoku Cybernetics started using them to beta test new cybernetic enhancements. Unfortunately, only one of them survived...
  • Spider Warden Maiev (from Raven Court) - Epic
    • Deep in the underbelly of the Raven Tower lies a prison filled with traitors and miscreants brought to justice by the Spider Warden. Now, at the Raven Lord's behest, she hunts down the Heroes summoned to protect King's Crest
  • Star Lich Kel'Thuzad (from Eternal Empire) - Epic
    • "What the heroes of this pitiful blue marble fail to understand is the Earth's fate cannot be delayed forever. In the end, the stars will fade and die, and in the cold dark... our empire is eternal."
  • Star Princess Li-Ming (from Eternal Empire) - Epic
    • For eons, Earth has been protected by the magical Star Princesses. Together, they stand against the evil Eternal Empire and its Space Lords in the name of love and friendship.
  • Star Queen Li-Ming (from Eternal Empire) - Epic
    • All seemed lost as the star princesses fell one after the other. But Li-Ming's refusal to give up hope awakened a new power inside her, transforming her into the legendary Star Queen.
  • Star Wraith Mephisto (from Eternal Empire) - Epic
    • The Eternal Empire is built upon conquest and servitude, but not all planets submit easily. Upon the Star Lord's command, the legion of Star Wraiths descend upon rebellious worlds leaving only scarred husks in their wake.
  • Stormbot Kael'thas (from Raven Court) - Rare
    • Originally constructed to be a magician's assistant, Kael'thas's preprogrammed aptitude for sorcery soon catapulted him past the expertise of his own creators.
  • StormPunk Kael'thas (from Raven Court) - Rare
    • On some worlds, technology and magic are not so different. Those who master both, like Lord Kael'thas, can create both wonders and terrors beyond your imagination.
  • Street Cyborg Kharazim (from Mecha War) - Epic
    • The infamous cyborg brawler known as Kharazim commands the Onyx Turtles, a hardy alliance of street fighters and gladiators who reluctantly partnered with the Azure Dragons to defy the oppression of Jigoku Cybernetics.
  • Striker Li-Ming (from Burning Courts RCHS) - Epic
    • Li-Ming is an avid student of magic, but it was her skills on the court that scored her a scholarship at the Yshari Sanctum. As team captain, she intends to lead the Vizjerei Fireflies to victory.
  • Super Sonya (from Eternal Empire) - Rare
    • While traveling through time, the gladiatrix Sonya was exposed to a radioactive robo-virus. Without a way home, she fights tirelessly to keep the streets of New York safe.
  • Techno Vandal Chromie (from Mecha War) - Legendary
    • Chromie, the leader of the Azure Dragons is an elusive hacker and anti-corporate street artist. Lately, her work has taken a turn for the dark, as if she sees something sinister rising from beneath the city.
  • The Lost Vikings (base skin) - Rare
    • The Lost Vikings are back! While they briefly considered retirement after defeating the emperor Tomator, there were only so many polar bears they could wrestle before falling into a Nexus portal seemed like a solid life decision.
  • Thunder Guard Zarya (from Midgard vs. Jotunheim Republic) - Epic
    • Armed with their Mjolnir Cannons, Zarya Aleksdottir and the Thunder Guard serve as the Midgard megalopolis' last defense against the Jotunheim Republic and their frost golem army.
  • Vampire Slayer Valla (from Raven Court) - Rare
    • The Countess's thirst for blood could not be quenched even by her death. As the vampire swarm spread across Raven Court, a group of survivors rose up to resist them.
  • Vampire Slayer V Valeera (from Raven Court) - Epic
    • Not all of Raven Court's vampires swear fealty to the Raven Lord. The one known only as "V" has launched a solitary crusade against her own kind, making her an unlikely ally of the Vampire Slayers.
  • War World Sgt. Hammer (from War World) - Epic
    • The battle has raged across War World III for years. No one remembers who fired the first shot, but Sgt. Bama the Hammer is fully confident she'll be the one firing the last.
  • Wastewalker Deckard (from Warchrome Wastes) - Rare
    • Few know what lies buried beneath the wastelands. But Deckard has wandered far and wide, gleaning knowledge from forgotten ruins. He may soon discover what came before, and why the world ended.
  • Watchdog Greymane (from Enforcers of STORM) - Rare
    • As a veteran STORM officer, Greymane has faced off against his fair share of city's criminal scum. He's proven time and again that he can get the job done, even though his tactics often bring him into contact with the top brass.
  • Xenotech Abathur (from Mecha War) - Rare
    • Humanity had never considered that sentient machines could exist in the darkness beyond the earth. From distant stars, Abathur's xenotech invaders came to plunder the earth's resources and further their evolution.

Mounts <Nexus>

These are the Mounts that are based in the Subuniverses of this Universe.

2015 Champion's Nexagon - Epic

It is said that at the moment of their victory, their name echoed across the many realms of the Nexus. Cloud9... the World Champions of BlizzCon 2015.

  • Subuniverse: BlizzCon
  • Type: Professional (Gold only)

2016 Championship Banner - Rare

Why hang your championship banner from the dusty ol' rafters? Ride on top of it, and lord your victory over your foes instead!

2016 Fall Champion's Nexagon - Epic

Conflict is the true essence of the Nexus, and this Nexagon represents the incredible triumph of Ballistix, the 2016 Fall Global Champions.

  • Subuniverse: BlizzCon
  • Type: Professional (Gems only)

2016 Spring Champion's Nexagon - Epic

This Nexagon was forged from the essence of great conflict, and is permanently emblazoned with the name of MVP Black, the 2016 Spring Global Champions.

  • Subuniverse: BlizzCon
  • Type: Professional (Gems only)

2016 Summer Champion's Nexagon - Epic

Each Nexagon is brought into being at a moment of significant triumph. This one forever carries the name of Tempest, the 2016 Summer Global Champions.

  • Subuniverse: BlizzCon
  • Type: Professional (Gems only)

2017 Championship Banner - Rare

It takes a lot more than just school spirit to take home championship banner in the Nexus. It takes dedication, skill, and just a teensy bit of unchecked violence.

2018 Championship Banner - Rare

It takes a lot more than just school spirit to take home championship banner in the Nexus. It takes dedication, skill, and just a teensy bit of unchecked violence.

2018 HGC Finals Steed - Epic

In celebration of their incredible victory, brawlers across the Nexus have adorned their steeds with the crest and colors of Gen.G, the 2018 HGC Champions.

  • Subuniverse: BlizzCon
  • Type: Professional
  • Granted to those who attended the pre-BlizzCon HGC Finals 2018 matches.

2018 Mid-Season Brawl Nexagon - Epic

Shaped in the crucible of combat, this nexagon memoralizes the victory of Gen.G, the 2018 Mid-Season Brawl champions.

  • Subuniverse: BlizzCon
  • Type: Professional

Arcane Chaos Lizard - Rare

Few creatures have adapted to life in the Nexus as well as these beasts. Rather than succumb to its power, the chaos lizards instead absorb it and evolve.

Barko Polo - Rare

Who's a good boy? Polo's a good boy! He just can't be trusted...

Battle Beast - Rare

The home realm of the Battle Beasts has been lost to time, but these monstrous creatures have been found roaming even the farthest, most terrifying lands of the Nexus.

Battle Raptor - Rare

Cunning and vicious, battle raptors are dangerous mounts. Those who ride them are equally as feared.

Billie the Kid - Rare

Not all Billies have to be wondrous. It's okay to be a normal Billie too... In fact, it's more than okay! It's great!

  • Subuniverse: The Unknown Corners of the Nexus
  • Type: Reward for Purchasing (Gems only)
  • Free with the purchase of real-money in the period 2015-06-02 - 2016-06-14.

Blackheart's Doubloon - Rare

According to "industry analyst" Blackheart the ghost pirate, the only stable investment is gold doubloons. Why not invest your gold in an even bigger piece of gold today?

Celestial Billie - Rare

I've heard of space goats, but this is ridiculous.

Celestial Raptor - Rare

Sometimes, when you stare up at the stars, the stars stare right back at you. And that's when the attack comes. So, you know, try to show a little respect.

Celestial Serpent - Rare

Did you know that the Serpens Constellation is split into two parts? Serpens Caput can be found to the west and Serpens Cauda to the east. That has really nothing to do with this mount. This mount is a snake... made of stars.

Celestial Steed - Rare

A beacon of hope; a guiding sparkle of light in the darkness.

Celestial Surfboard - Rare

Why surf the ocean when you could surf the cosmos?

Celestial Ursa - Rare

Some call it the Celestial Dipper, but they fail to see the bigger picture.

Chaos Lizard - Rare

Few creatures have adapted to life in the Nexus as well as these beasts. Rather than succumb to its power, the chaos lizards instead absorb it and evolve.

Cloud Serpent - Epic

At the height of his reign, Serpent King Xul's elite soldiers blotted out the sun on the backs of their Cloud Serpents. With his debt to the Spider Queen fulfilled, those times may soon come again

Corrupted Tombstone - Rare

Some corruptions can never truly be purged. Better to accept the new order of the cosmos, than to hold onto a dying truth.

  • Subuniverse: Raven Court
  • Type: Promotion
  • Awarded by completing the final quest in the Fall of King's Crest event in 2018.

Cosmic Lion - Epic

Every member of the Cosmic Force forms a permanent and powerful bond with their Force-Beast and never, ever, stray from their battle partner's side. (All figures sold separately. CHOKING HAZARD: contains small parts.)

Crimson Hare - Legendary

A steed as famous as the general it carries in to battle, the Crimson Hare leaps across rivers and bounds up mountainsides with ease. It is said that it can run a thousand miles in a single day.

Crystalline Saddled Battle Beast - Rare

Don't let the saddle fool you. No Battle Beast can truly be tamed.

Cyber Oni Warboar - Epic

It is rumored that high-ranking Jigoku Cybernetics agents prowl the Caldeum Acropolis atop ravenous Cyber Warboars, but those who have seen them have coincidentally vanished.

Dark Nexus Hound - Legendary

An amalgamation of bestial rage, the hounds of the Dark Nexus embody the most primal of predatory instincts. They are both savage and unrelenting.

Dark Nexus Manta - Epic

Some creatures of the Dark Nexus defy both the laws of physics and the laws of biology. Some are also unexpectedly docile.

Deadly Chaos Lizard - Rare

Few creatures have adapted to life in the Nexus as well as these beasts. Rather than succumb to its power, the chaos lizards instead absorb it and evolve.

Deadly Chaos Wolf - Rare

Wolves shaped from the volatile energies of the Nexus can never truly be tamed. Those who are worthy, however, have been known to win their respect and loyalty.

Deepcrawler - Rare

The crawlers of the Turbid Abyss rarely appear on land, but when they do their luminescence is a sight to behold.

  • Subuniverse: The Unknown Corners of the Nexus
  • Type: Ranked Seasons
  • Granted for reaching Platinum in Hero League or Bronze in Team League during 2018 Season Four.

D.E.R.P.A. - Epic

Thanks to the Defensive Extraneous Research Program Assembly's grant, our combat automaton is ready for testing! As of patch 51.2.4, it now climbs up stairs and doesn't trip over its legs... as much. Welcome to the future.

Direhorn - Rare

Originally hailing from the island of Azeroth, the direhorns are a more recent acquisition of the Nexus.

  • Subuniverse: The Unknown Corners of the Nexus
  • Type: Ranked Seasons
  • Granted for reaching Platinum in Hero League or Bronze in Team League during 2018 Season Two.

Earthbreaker Grizzly - Rare

The Aspect of Earth exerts total control over elemental stone and his creations bear familiar shapes.

Elemental Boar - Rare

Like the elemental forces within the Nexus, Elemental Boars are notorious for their volatile temperament.

  • Subuniverse: The Unknown Corners of the Nexus
  • Type: Ranked Seasons
  • Granted for reaching Platinum in Hero League or Bronze in Team League during 2018 Season One.

Elemental Lion - Rare

The regal Elemental Lions serve those with courage in the face of battle.

Elemental Lizard - Rare

Elemental Lizards are stalwart companions to those who earn their trust.

Elemental Stag - Rare

A rare sight, Elemental Stags are blazing symbols of valor and bravery.

Elemental Wolf - Rare

Elemental Wolves heed the call of only those they deem worthy.

Epic Battle Raptor - Epic

Favored by ruthless warlords and brave heroes alike, few sights are as intimidating as an armored raptor.

Epic Crimson Chaos Wolf - Rare

Left unchecked, the primal animosity that comes with conflict can run rampart, corrupting creatures with the destructive energy of the Dark Nexus.

Epic Deepcrawler - Epic

Many Deepcrawlers incorporate the dense and brilliant crystals of their high pressure environment into their shells for added protection.

Epic Direhorn - Epic

Direhorn hides are naturally harder than plate armor. So we crafted plate armor on top of that to make it roughly indestructible.

Epic Earthbreaker Grizzly - Epic

Not all idioms are true. Some things, once broken, become significantly stronger.

Epic Elemental Boar - Epic

Elemental boars cannot be tamed. The most anyone can hope for is to catch a ride as they charge into battle.

Epic Elemental Lion - Epic

Adorned in its battle armor, this Epic Elemental Lion is ready at a moment's notice to ride for war.

Epic Elemental Lizard - Epic

Only the most resilient of heroes can withstand the Epic Elemental Lizard’s flames.

Epic Elemental Stag - Epic

Imbued with great power, this Epic Elemental Stag possesses a primal grace that inspires awe in all who see it.

Epic Elemental Wolf - Epic

The Epic Elemental Wolf's loyalty is commanded only by the elite.

Epic Technolope - Epic

Some of the oldest and strongest of the technolopes forgo their carbon plating, unshackling the power source within them.

Epic Titanium Cybersteed - Epic

Upgraded and optimized for maximum performance, the most advanced cybersteeds boast a level of speed and strength that few organic creatures can match.

Furious Chaos Wolf - Rare

Wolves shaped from the volatile energies of the Nexus can never truly be tamed. Those who are worthy, however, have been known to win their respect and loyalty.

Glitch-steed - Rare

The knight's the one who gets all the credit, but it's the horse who jumps over everyone else.

Golden Nexus Charger - Epic

The Golden Charger is one of the rarest forms of digital steeds of the Nexus. Few will ever witness one in the realms, and even fewer will attain one.

Golden Tiger - Rare

It's said that gold is lucky, come to think of it, they say tigers are lucky too. So that thing's gotta be double lucky, right?

Great Razorgrin - Rare

In the Nexus, Razorgrin is NEVER out of his element.

Headless Horseman's Charger - Epic

Be it into the flood, or into the fire, this one will go where you require. HAHA-HAHAHAHA!

Hell Billie - Rare

Just when you thought Billie's couldn't get more baaaa-d...

  • Subuniverse: The Unknown Corners of the Nexus
  • Type: Reward for Purchasing (Gems only)
  • Free with the purchase of real-money in the period 2016-06-14 - 2017-04-25.

Helldorado - Legendary

The very sight of the unearthly flames emitting from the Helldorado has been known to strike fear into the hearts raiders on the wrong side of the law.

Luchihuahua - Legendary

A luchihuahua is more of a mascot than a fighter, honestly. But rest assured, despite the little guy's size, he's the best friend you can have in your corner.

Magic Carpet - Epic

Hop on, and I'll show you a whole new world. Hey! Don't you DARE close your eyes!

Nexus Battle Beast - Rare

The battle beasts have become so much a part of their new home within the Nexus that some of its energies have coalesced into their familiar shape. Released in commemoration of BlizzCon 2015.

  • Subuniverse: BlizzCon
  • Type: Promotion
  • Awarded by buying a 2015 BlizzCon Ticket or Virtual Ticket.

Nexus Charger - Rare

It is said that on rare occasion, the turbulent energies of the Nexus will take form, appearing as a glorious digital steed. Released in commemoration of BlizzCon 2014.

  • Subuniverse: BlizzCon
  • Type: Promotion
  • Awarded by buying a 2014 BlizzCon Ticket or Virtual Ticket.

Nexus Razorback - Rare

Mysterious new creatures continue to emerge from the Nexus's chaotic energies, growing even more powerful with the passage of time. Released in commemoration of BlizzCon 2017.

  • Subuniverse: BlizzCon
  • Type: Promotion
  • Awarded by buying a 2017 BlizzCon Ticket or Virtual Ticket.

Nexus Razorgrin - Rare

Somehow the creatures manifested by the Nexus keep getting more deadly every year... Hold on, is that a shark? Way to set the bar high for next year, guys. Released in commemoration of BlizzCon 2018.

  • Subuniverse: BlizzCon
  • Type: Promotion
  • Awarded by buying a 2018 BlizzCon Ticket or Virtual Ticket.

Nexus Tiger - Rare

As time passed, the energies of the Nexus began manifesting as increasingly more deadly creatures. Yet, none know why. Released in commemoration of BlizzCon 2016.

  • Subuniverse: BlizzCon
  • Type: Promotion
  • Awarded by buying a 2016 BlizzCon Ticket or Virtual Ticket.

Nimbus Cloud - Legendary

The Monkey King is said to be able to somersault through the air and leap across great distances with ease. Now, with this magical cloud, you can too!

Piggy Bank - Rare

This little piggy went, "Whee whee whee!" all the way to the bank!

  • Subuniverse: The Unknown Corners of the Nexus
  • Type: Normal (Gold only)
  • The Copper tint was previously known as "Copper Money Pig", and is now the most expensive of the tints.

Pigñata - Legendary

The best part of riding a pigñata into battle? Free candy whatever it dies! But please, try not to hog them all...

Plush Unicorn - Legendary

Hooves the Unicorn is the most steadfast friend in the Funtime Pals. Nothing makes her happier than helping out her buddies: Mephisto, Lil' Butcher, Porkchop, Snugglor, Wackie the Wumple, and even sometimes Stitches!

Raven Runner - Epic

The Runners of Raven Court have long been the preferred conveyances of the Ravensguard. Serving as both tracker and mount, these birds of prey allow their masters to tirelessly stalk their targets across the realms.

Redeemed Tombstone - Rare

All things can be redeemed, but only through dedication and sacrifice. Things may never be what they once were, but life will flourish again.

  • Subuniverse: Raven Court
  • Type: Event or Quest
  • Awarded by completing the final quest in the Fall of King's Crest event in 2018.

Ripper - Rare

Only the Diesel Speaker knows how Garrosh's Rippers function, and let's be honest... even if he told you, it still wouldn't make much sense.

Road Boar - Legendary

If you see the Mad Axe Outriders approaching on their Road Boars, don't just walk away… RUN!

Road Chariot - Legendary

Biker gangs may roam the wastelands on their motorcycles, but it's the roar of a road chariot's engine that heralds the arrival of a powerful warlord.

Saddled Battle Beast - Rare

Don't let the saddle fool you. No Battle Beast can truly be tamed.

Sharkbite Surfboard - Legendary

This is what we get for jumping the shark.

Soap Bar - Epic

The ultimate defense against students who dare to track the filth of life into your bathroom.

  • Subuniverse: Burning Courts RCHS
  • Type: Normal
  • RCHS Tint only available from the "Raven Crest High" Bundle.

Space Lord's Starbreaker - Legendary

Who can stand against an Empire with the power to break a star?

Star Chariot - Epic

Conjured by the magic of love and justice, the Star Chariots carry the Star Princesses into battle against the forces of evil. Each one is a reflection of its Princess's own spirit and personality.

STORM Strider - Legendary

Both agile and durable, STORM Striders have been specifically designed for tactical operations in urban environments. No matter how fast a perp runs, they'll never shake one.

Surfboard - Legendary

Let's go surfing! Now!

Technolope - Rare

Even more than the Cybersteeds, Technolopes have a grace and swiftness organic creatures simply cannot match.

  • Subuniverse: The Unknown Corners of the Nexus
  • Type: Ranked Seasons
  • Granted for reaching Platinum in Hero League or Bronze in Team League during 2018 Season Three.

Titanium Cybersteed - Rare

Forged from esoteric metals and fueled by a mysterious source of power, no one knows for sure if the cybersteeds were born... or if they were built.

  • Subuniverse: The Unknown Corners of the Nexus
  • Type: Ranked Seasons
  • Granted for reaching Platinum rank in Hero League or Bronze rank in Team League during Season 6.

Viper Dominator - Epic

Built for speed and maneuverability, Dominators enable the rapid deployment of strike forces in all manner of terrain. The howl of their engines heralds the wrath of Viper.

Wonder Billie - Rare

Refugees of a fallen kingdom of sparkles and whimsy, these Billie Goats are often drawn to the earliest supporters of the Nexus. Looks like you've made a friend for life!

  • Subuniverse: The Unknown Corners of the Nexus
  • Type: Reward for Purchasing (Gems only)
  • Free with the purchase of real-money in the period 2014-10-07 - 2015-06-02 (Alpha/Beta).

Wonder William - Rare

Billie? Please, I'm Wonder William now. Pay me the respect I'm deserved.

Zebra - Rare

While zebras are in the equid family, they're technically not horses. I'm just sayin...

Battlegrounds <Nexus>

These Battlegrounds have roots in the main universe, or might be a result of the Nexus-based subuniverses.

A chaotic realm, built by countless smaller ones, the Nexus itself binds everything together. The very roots of Blizzard is within.

Blackheart's Bay

The ghost pirate Blackheart has staked his claim upon the realm of Mistharbor. His undead pirate crew has poured onto the streets, claiming the once thriving marketplace as their new den of villainy.

A chaotic realm, built by countless smaller ones, the Nexus itself binds everything together. The very roots of Blizzard is within.

Cursed Hollow

As one of the first and most ancient realms pulled into the Nexus, the realm of Raven Court has grown large and prosperous over the millennia. The province of Cursed Hollow, a gothic landscape of twisting villages and farmlands, serves as an ideal trial grounds for the Heroes of the Storm.

A chaotic realm, built by countless smaller ones, the Nexus itself binds everything together. The very roots of Blizzard is within.

Dragon Shire

These lush and deceptively peaceful gardens have grown over time, covering the once molten realm known as Dragon Spire. Beneath this verdant paradise, the ancient power of the dragons was sealed away... and their descendants have neither forgotten nor forgiven the trespasses of those who wronged them.

A chaotic realm, built by countless smaller ones, the Nexus itself binds everything together. The very roots of Blizzard is within.

Garden of Terror

Once the royal gardens were a splendor to behold. But lately a shadow has fallen over them... Writhing tendrils creep across the grounds at night, and a number of servants have disappeared while walking its twisting paths. Queen Nightshade claims to be unaware of these incidents, but some are beginning to suspect she has gone mad.

A chaotic realm, built by countless smaller ones, the Nexus itself binds everything together. The very roots of Blizzard is within.

Haunted Mines

Far from the Cursed Hollow, on the very borders of Raven Court, lie the Haunted Mines. Sealed beneath a shadowy graveyard, the undead clamor to be released from their earthen prison.

A chaotic realm, built by countless smaller ones, the Nexus itself binds everything together. The very roots of Blizzard is within.

Lost Cavern

Lost Cavern eliminates Map Objectives and creates a slimmed-down play area in order to remain laser-focused on one constant, single-lane teamfight. The Hearthstones and Starting Area heals have been removed so that Heroes have no reason to fall back from the fight. Regeneration Orb spawns and brush, meanwhile, have been strategically placed around the lane to keep the fights active and interesting.

A chaotic realm, built by countless smaller ones, the Nexus itself binds everything together. The very roots of Blizzard is within.

Sky Temple

Floating above the vast desert sands of Luxoria, the Sky Temple serves as a center of worship for the snake god, Ka. He stores his great power within the temples, each of them secured by guardians. With such defenses, no warriors would think to seize the god's power for themselves... or would they?

A chaotic realm, built by countless smaller ones, the Nexus itself binds everything together. The very roots of Blizzard is within.

Tomb of the Spider Queen

The long forgotten tombs of Luxoria have found a new master. Deep within their timeworn chambers, the Spider Queen Neithis stirs from her ancient slumber. Present her with the gems of power she seeks, and you may just escape with your lives.

A chaotic realm, built by countless smaller ones, the Nexus itself binds everything together. The very roots of Blizzard is within.

Towers of Doom

The Grave Keeper and the Raven Lord are engaged in a classic battle of evil versus… different evil? Protective magic shields your Core from enemy Heroes, but nothing will save you from these two masters of the dark arts. Hold the Bell Towers, capture the Altars, and unleash your wicked benefactor’s power on your enemies.