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About the Site

*sip* Ahh, Healing Brew! *sip*

The idea with The Nexus Compendium is to have one place to find all the information - and connections between them - that currently isn't directly available. To make it possible to see the ley lines of The Nexus, if you will. This has become increasingly interesting (for me, at least), since the lore of The Nexus itself has begun to manifest and solidify - and because I'm a huge Blizzard fan and lorenerd myself.

The Nexus Compendium was started in May 2018, and has evolved from simply being simple Hero information and their Rotations to much, much more. There's constantly new additions and plans to expand everything further. It's my love letter to the Nexus, and all the lovely Heroes - and Villains - within.

The site is created and maintained by me, Emil S. E. Hansen aka. Gnub (Twitter / Website / Reddit) with some initial design-assistance from Logan A. Apple (Twitter / Website), as well as some amazingly wonderful logo-art by Alarak of the Storm (Twitter / Discord).