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The site currently contains data for:

Current Free-to-Play Hero Rotation and Sales

Link to current Rotation: 2019-01-15

Li Li



The Butcher








(Level: 5)


(Level: 10)


(Level: 15)


(Level: 20)
Link to current Sales: 2019-01-15 - Future Sales available


(Gems: 375)


(Gems: 375)

Recent News

Improved Hero Sale Estimation - Posted on 2019-01-18 by Gnub
As the work with getting complete predictions for Sales, I have combed through the data in order to be able to give some better estimations. The challenge lies in that the first sale isn't a fixed date, unlike Rotations.
  • First estimated Hero Sale is 26 weeks after release.
  • This bit of data means that all heroes will always have an estimated Sale date, just like Rotations.
  • The data is currently visible on the individual Hero pages.
  • Hero Pages got a bit of bonus polish, with larger images.
  • Behind the scenes, I have also gathered Release-dates for all Skins and Mounts, which will be required to give any sort of estimations for those, later on.
As a bit of bonus information, I have also done the same estimations for Skins and Mounts, which have estimations of 26 weeks (just like Heroes) and 21 weeks, respectfully. All building up to being able to present full Sale-estimations - no matter how off they may be.

Sales Bugs Fixed - Posted on 2019-01-04 by Gnub
Starting the year off with a few bug fixes and such. A slow start is better than no start.
  • Links to future Rotations and Sales on the front page points to the listings, rather than to the newest data available.
  • Sales-page no longer states that old data could be missing, given that old data was completed some time ago.
  • Texts for incomplete Sales-data fixed.
  • The "Professional"-category of Mounts is no longer called "Frofessional", on all Mount-listings. F.
  • A minor bit of polish for the front page.
No worries, there will be more exiting updates coming in the near future, now that these past ones were not exactly groundbreaking.

View of Current Improved - Posted on 2018-12-30 by Gnub
A few minor things improved for the last update of this first year.
  • The first Rotation-weeks with 7, 10 and 14 heroes shown.
  • Rotations-page shows "Current".
  • Sales-page shows "Current".
  • Few backend-changes to improve my development.
Minor, true, but there's a lot of nice stuff in store for 2019. Priorities and such keep shifting, but it will all eventually show. But, for now: Happy Holidays and New Year!

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