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Hi there! Welcome to the Nexus Compendium!

Ready for Adventure!

I have been super active with organizing lots of awesome information from the Nexus that isn't available anywhere else - or from old very dusty books, ugh!

I'm having lots of fun exploring the Nexus, and I have been itchin to share - are you in?! With the Compendium on your side, you can't lose! Anyway, I've found these awesome things:

- Li Li Stormstout, Nexus Compendium Adventurer

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Even More 2.55.3 Updates - Posted on 2022-07-14 by Gnub
Hopefully, this should be last of these spontaneous mini-updates, so that I can finally continue with more fun additions!
  • Added Redirects, so that Rotations and Sale links works for any date within their time-period.
  • Rotations are now listed as Periods, rather than Weeks. Texts has been updated around the site.
  • Currently in the Nexus now shows prices for Limited-Time Gold-Gem Skins.
  • The API now has added GoldPrice and GemPrice fields for Limited-Time Skins, just like for Mounts.
  • Reference to Hero Predictions on Sales has been moved to the Hero Sale listing at the top.
  • Fixed a bug with Limited-Time Skin names always having the strikethrough formatting added.
  • The Currently API is now less strict in regards to delimiters (fx both "sale" and "sales" work).
Here's to hoping that the next update is more fun and productive!


More 2.55.3 Updates - Posted on 2022-07-13 by Gnub
Yesterday’s updates didn’t cover everything, so I got time to change a few more things today.
  • Currently in the Nexus now lists Limited-Time Items with the same updated logic as in Sales.
  • The API version got the same treatment.
  • The Ranked Season (and the previous one) have had the Portrait reward removed, as it turned out it wasn’t granted - and won’t be for future Ranked Seasons.
  • The Rotation from July 5 has been extended to July 15, and the one from July 12 is slated as the one starting that day.
I’ll still need a few text updates and other tweaks, but we’re getting there!


Patch 2.55.3 Updates - Posted on 2022-07-12 by Gnub
Even though the patch was extremely small, it still led to quite a few updates and additions across the site.
  • Spectral Butcher is now the only Skin with the Gold/Gem type, has a release date added and properly shows up with the Limited filter on the Skins Overview.
  • The incredibly rare Epic Arcane Chaos Lizard had its type changed to Promotional and release date updated.
  • The new Ranked Season - Storm 2022, Season 2 - has been added to the site, with Rewards and Resources listed.
  • The ongoing Sale has been extended to October 1 (end of the Ranked Season), as only Spectral Butcher was added.
  • Sales listing of Limited-Time Items has been tweaked to properly show items throughout the Sale.
There's still updates to be done in regards to the new yet-unknown Rotation details, and I might also add an Event to signify the change of the game’s state. After that, it's back to the fun stuff again!

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