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Ready for Adventure!

Hi there! Welcome to the Nexus Compendium!

Ready for Adventure!

I have done my best to find and organize lots of awesome information from the Nexus that isn't available anywhere else - or from old very dusty books, ugh!

I'm having lots of fun exploring the current situation of the Nexus. So, are you ready to have an adventure together - and show uncle Chen that we can handle ourselves?

The Compendium holds lots of cool and pretty things, like these:

- Li Li Stormstout, Nexus Compendium Adventurer

Currently in the Nexus <2021-01-25>

Visit the Currently in the Nexus page, to stay updated on the Current Event, Rotations and Heroic Deals.

Recent Compendium News:

Updates - and other assorted news and findings - are also often posted on Twitter:  Twitter @NexusCompendium.


Resources Added - Posted on 2021-01-23 by Gnub
After most of the work with getting the data organized was done, it's finally done, and Resources are here!
  • A new Resources page is added, from the top menu. Take a look, to see all the neat bits of information added!
  • Links from the top-right icons on Hero, Hero Role, Battleground and ARAM pages have migrated into Resource links, added in a new section of the respectful pages.
  • The About link has been moved from the top menu, to the bottom of the page.
  • A bit of code restructuring.
Let's see what's in store next!


InternalID API Added and More Fixes - Posted on 2021-01-21 by Gnub
I finally got around to adding the Internal ID API that I've been working on for a while - and it's all described in the API page at the top.
  • Full API details listed at the new API page, linked top the menu.
  • Hogger's Base Skin has gotten details added about Free Tints.
  • All of the pages from NotBelial's Hogger Reveal has been fixed.
  • The Announcers page should also now work again.
  • Additional (major) reordering of files behind the scenes.
Resources are still the primary focus, as well as a ton of behind-the-scenes work. Oh, and I've started to look at Patches!


Stylish Fixes - Posted on 2021-01-20 by Gnub
A lot of different side-wide changes that just felt good to get done.
  • Battleground Images are now slightly less wide.
  • Text in the top menu lines are now slightly smaller.
  • Some formatting for objects in grids are now styled differently.
  • A bit of behind the scenes reordering of files.
Lots of progress on the Resources, and the API for Internal IDs is almost ready, as well. Stay tuned!

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