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Free-to-Play Hero Rotation - Week of 2019-02-19












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Hero Sales and Limited-Time Items - Week of 2019-02-19


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(Gems: 312)


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Recent Compendium News:

Limited-Time Items Shown - Posted on 2019-02-15 by Gnub
As mentioned in the post a few days ago, the in-game Collection introduced the new Limited-Time Items, which is now visible on the site.
  • The Frontpage got tweaked to include current Limited-Time Items.
  • The individual Sales-pages now shows Limited-Time Items - both current and their status.
  • Both had their texts updated for more clarity.
The Sales-overview page doesn't yet show it, but it's something I might look into later on.

Sales- and Gem-related Fixes - Posted on 2019-02-13 by Gnub
With the changes to the Collection that happened yesterday, it means that certain aspects of the Compendium is now in need of changes, and may - as such - seem incomplete and incorrect as it currently stands.
  • The Weekly Sales will only contain Heroes, given that Mounts and Skins on those lists merely meant they were able to be bought with Gems. Luckily, this doesn't require much changing.
  • The addition of Limited-Time Items do, however. I've begun looking at a way to get this shown properly, so that the Sales-pages (and Front) will properly show the current Limited-Time Items.
  • The upcoming individual pages for Skins and Mount will feature this new information, and show if they are Limited-Time Items, or previously have been.
  • The "Gem Only"-attribute for Skins has been removed, as the new Collection changes means that this no longer applies.
  • Mounts will, so far, keep the value.
As for Skins/Mount-sales predictions, these no longer make sense. This will no doubt make the upcoming "Predictions 2.0"-page a lot more neat, as everything on it will be purely based on the Heroes.

Subuniverse List and Hero Sale Fixes - Posted on 2019-02-08 by Gnub
When testing out the updated Hero Sale prediction, I found that there was a rather annoying case happening, when a given Hero was released much earlier than the Sales started.
  • If difference between Hero Release and the first sale is more than 30 weeks, it's treated as such.
  • This only applies the Hero is released before the first Sale (2015-01-13).
  • This rule will also apply to Skins and Mounts, once ready.
  • Completely unrelated, the Universe-page how has a list of all Subuniverses.
Work with the full prediction is continuing, and also lets me recode a lot of other stuff, which is why it's taking so long.

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