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Free-to-Play Hero Rotation - Week of 2019-03-19

Li Li



The Butcher








(Level: 5)


(Level: 10)


(Level: 15)


(Level: 20)

Hero Sales and Limited-Time Items - Week of 2019-03-19


(Gems: 312)

The Lost Vikings

(Gems: 375)


(Gems: 375)

Recent Compendium News:

Prediction Fixes - Posted on 2019-03-22 by Gnub
With the Predictions going live, I noticed an error during the week, which caused Hero Sales to not be shown for the "remaining" row under certain circumstances.
  • While I did a temporary fix during the week (live editing via FTP on a smartphone, woo), the error is now fixed for good, by reorganized the logic.
  • The "Remaining"-row now also shows the number of weeks till that date, as it's hard to judge purely from a date.
  • Some references across the site has been fixed, as a result of Rotations and Sales being listed at the same place. Links with "#sales" and "#rotations" should now be "#weekly".
  • Skin-listings are now ordered by "Skin, Hero", rather than "Hero, Skin" - that order can be seen on the Hero-pages.
Behind the scenes, I'm now looking closer at Events, which will also result in an overhaul of the Subuniverses, given that many of them are based directly on events. More on that later.

Full Predictions - Posted on 2019-03-16 by Gnub
This news post is something I have looked forward to posting for a long time now, since I started working on it with more focus at the beginning of the year.
  • The top menu has been updated with a new "Prediction"-point. This page shows the full predictions for Hero Rotations and Sales for the next 3 full weeks, and then lists the rest. Take a look!
  • Compared to the old retired Prediciton-list, the order of candidates on a given list should now more correctly reflect their probability - for instance, "weeks delayed" is now ranked much higher than before.
  • Hero Pages have been cleaned up, so that Rotations/Sales data are now listed next to each other, making it look cleaner and more compact.
  • Tons of work behind the scenes, so that all predictions and such works off the same logic.
There will likely be some additional tweeks to the Prediction-methods, as I have yet to include the use of Medians yet.

Tweaks with Current-Indicator - Posted on 2019-03-12 by Gnub
Whenever I add something new, I usually discover an obscure bug a few days later - and this is no different.
  • The Current-indicator now correctly takes into consideration that Rotations and Sales change at different times.
  • As such, it shouldn't be able to conclude that data is missing, until the reset has happened.
  • This is especially annoying, given that the Sales data is often delayed these days - and the goal is to reflect how everything is, well, currently.
  • Slightly unrelated, but the "View all News"-text at the bottom now shows the total number of newsposts.
Predictions 2.0 is otherwise progressing great, and I have gathered lots of data on the side for Events and Battlegrounds. Next goal is to add those.

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