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Hi there! Welcome to the Nexus Compendium!

Ready for Adventure!

I have done my best to find and organize lots of awesome information from the Nexus that isn't available anywhere else - or from old very dusty books, ugh!

I'm having lots of fun exploring the current situation of the Nexus. So, are you ready to have an adventure together - and show uncle Chen that we can handle ourselves?

The Compendium holds lots of cool and pretty things, like these:

- Li Li Stormstout, Nexus Compendium Adventurer

Currently in the Nexus <2020-08-10>

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Recent Compendium News:

Updates - and other assorted news and findings - are also often posted on Twitter:  Twitter @NexusCompendium.


Various Fixes - Posted on 2020-08-05 by Gnub
While the work on Tints is progressing nicely, it was time to add a few fixes on the side.
  • The fixed rule of new Heroes' first Rotation being 5 weeks after their release was causing issues with the predictions, given that Mei is currently 2 weeks delayed. It now allows for delays.
  • The image reference for Skins and Mounts in the Meta Image Reference were still using the old structure, and has been updated.
  • The Meta Description for Subuniverses has been changed a bit.
  • It is now much more visible when Limited-Time Items and Gold Mounts expire on Sale Pages, thanks to image opacity and some strikethrough text.
  • Rarities and Release Dates has been corrected for lots and lots of Skins - with a few more likely to come.
An unexpected benefit of the Tint work also means that the Ranked Mounts will be getting new and shiny images soon!


Alternate Fates and Summer - Posted on 2020-07-21 by Gnub
With the Summer vacation hitting, less time has been available to update the site, strangely enough.
  • Images for the Alternate Fates Skins and Mounts has been added to the site, including an image for the Event.
  • Likewise, images has been added to the Skins of Alternate Betrayal, plus adding Sentinel Lunara to it.
  • The name and description of "Shadowsong's Nightsaber" is updated to "Whisperwind's Nightsaber" and fitting to that of the Alternate Betrayal Warden.
  • Release Dates changed to July 15, rather than the expected July 14.
  • Lots of Skin and Mount Rarity values fixed behind the scenes - more to come, too.
Tint work is, as always, progressing nicely, but I'll continue to sneak in other updates from time to time as well.


Minor Fixes and Polishing - Posted on 2020-06-30 by Gnub
A minor updated with a few collected changes, that had been piling up.
  • Events that have not yet started, should no longer show as "ONGOING".
  • The order of the Base Skin description and Short Role description has swapped places on the Hero Pages.
  • Description on Mount Pages is now italic, and special details are in the bullet points.
  • Description on Skin Pages are likewise italic.
  • Rotation and Sales pages that are currently active now also links to the "Currently in the Nexus" page.
Summer is coming up, which will likely mean fewer updates - but I'll still do my best to keep the new Rotations and Sales posted. Enjoy the sun!

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