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Hi there! Welcome to the Nexus Compendium!

Ready for Adventure!

I have been super active with organizing lots of awesome information from the Nexus that isn't available anywhere else - or from old very dusty books, ugh!

I'm having lots of fun exploring the Nexus, and I have been itchin to share - are you in?! With the Compendium on your side, you can't lose! Anyway, I've found these awesome things:

- Li Li Stormstout, Nexus Compendium Adventurer

Currently in the Nexus <2021-09-28>

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Recent Compendium News:

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All-Free Rotation Fixes - Posted on 2021-09-05 by Gnub
Getting myself back into working on the site had me discovering an odd bug, in which All-Free Rotations weren't listed on Heroes that had no Normal Rotation instances - that is, Mei and Hogger. That led to the following changes:
  • Counter at the top of the Hero Page also include times in All-Free Rotations.
  • "In Rotation" icon marker on Hero Pages also shows if the Hero is an active All-Free Rotation.
  • Rotation lists are now shown for Heroes who have only been in All-Free Rotations.
  • Summarization text now also includes a separate line with times being in All-Free Rotations.
I'm also working on getting the various Filters worked into Skins, Mounts and Banner overviews, but as all development works, I'm slowly iterating on the idea as the work progresses. It'll most likely start out as limited (pun intended) functionality, and later expanded to be able to filter on many more things. Stay tuned for more!


Summer Holidays - Posted on 2021-08-20 by Gnub
Time certainly flies, and it's now almost been 3 months since the last - code based - update to the site. That does, however, not mean that I have abandoned the site at all, time has just been prioritized differently - and the site is generally in pretty good shape these days. Regardless, a few quick changes made it in over the past weeks time:
  • Dates for the Season End (and thus the estimated ones for the Event and Sale) has been extended to fit the new Season end - November 9.
  • Mephisto's Hero-Specific Mount is now correctly tagged as being from Diablo, rather than the StarCraft tag it had earlier.
I have a few neat plans for more neat options for showing the data on the site, and other neat features. I can also recommend following the @NexusCompendium Twitter Account, where I actively report on the new Rotations, and other stuff like Zagara's recent ban.


New Resources and Type Tweaks - Posted on 2021-05-30 by Gnub
Once things get a bit attention out in the open, it's also a good way to change a few things based on feedback - and add a bit of new, too!
  • For some reason, Iron Destroyer Brightwing had slipped past me, and is now properly added to the site - as the only Skin solely available through a Bundle.
  • As a result, I decided to create a new Item Type - "Bundles Only" - and also applied it to a bunch of Mounts that already fell into that category.
  • A neat new Resource has been added, with "Twinkle's HotS Collection", housing a literal ton of Heroes artwork.
  • Twinkle is the superior Orphea, so that had to be updated, too!
Stay tuned for other changes!

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