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Hi there! Welcome to the Nexus Compendium!

Ready for Adventure!

I have been super active with organizing lots of awesome information from the Nexus that isn't available anywhere else - or from old very dusty books, ugh!

I'm having lots of fun exploring the Nexus, and I have been itchin to share - are you in?! With the Compendium on your side, you can't lose! Anyway, I've found these awesome things:

- Li Li Stormstout, Nexus Compendium Adventurer

Currently in the Nexus <2022-01-23>

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Filter Updates, Image Paths and SEO - Posted on 2022-01-11 by Gnub
Time for a few updates again, now that the Holidays are over!
  • The Filtered Skins/Mounts/Banners Pages now have Total counts added.
  • Section for "Remaining Heroes" on the Filtered Skins Page is separated by a horizontal line.
  • Images have had their paths updated to better mirror the respect the style of the main pages, with all phrases in plural.
  • Sales listing on "Currently in the Nexus" now instead shows a date or "this reset", rather than "this week", when an item was added the same week the Sale began.
  • Additional SEO-information given for Filtered Overview pages.
  • A few extra meta-tags added.
  • 404 Page includes all possible filters for Skins, Banners and Mounts.
  • A few additional formatting tweaks here and there.
Next up will be the merging Limited-Time and Gold Mounts, but also a look at separating Ranked and Events properly - and more behind the scenes work!


Seasonal Event Improvements - Posted on 2021-12-10 by Gnub
With all Seasons being unlocked for the newest Event - and it already being connected to 3 different Universes, the top-right icons got slightly (read: very) bloated.
  • A new "All Seasons" top-right icon is introduced for Events.
  • The Related Seasonal types listed after Event Type are now listed in "Year Order".
  • If a related Event is only Seasonal, it is condensed into a "All Seasonal ... Events". Events that are related both from a Series and Season will still be shown as such.
  • "Currently in the Nexus" now also prioritizes Seasonal Events, and also lists the Seasons in "Year Order".
  • Multiple Seasons/Universe top-right icons are kept closer together for all Realm, Banner, Skin and Mount pages.
  • Anniversary Events are now connected to the Nexus Core Realm.
Future focus will, as written last, be with merging Limited-Time and Gold Mounts is well underway, as well as the last fixes for Filters.


Patch 2.55 Live - Changes and Additions - Posted on 2021-12-08 by Gnub
Now that the Patch is live, I got around to do a few verifications, updates and various other things!
  • A new Item-type - Gold/Gem Only - has been added, and applied to the Exploding Sheep.
  • The 6.5/10 Forever Horse Mount is updated to also be Gold/Gem Only, even though it seemed to be part of a Promotion on the PTR.
  • Images for Tristram Butcher and the new Banners are fixed.
  • Durations for the new Event, Ranked Season and Sale has been updated.
  • The Chest-details of the Event has been updated to "Treasure Chest", just like last year.
  • Portrait picture added for 2021, Season 2.
  • Resources added for 2022, Season 1.
The change with merging Limited-Time and Gold Mounts is well underway, as well as additional fixes for Filters.

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