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Currently in the Nexus <2020-03-29>

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More Icons and Spring Cleaning - Posted on 2020-03-28 by Gnub
As promised, this update has affected a ton of different things across the site.
  • If an Event is active, "Currently in the Nexus" will show that, as well as an additional upcoming Event.
  • Rotation and Gem Icons have been added on the Heroes Overview, to show which Heroes are currently on Rotation and on Sale.
  • Rotation and "Forbidden" Icons have been added on the Battlegrounds Overview, to show which are in the Ranked and not in the Unranked Rotation.
  • Mounts on the Mounts Overview, Subuniverse, Universe and Event Pages have gotten Gold and Gem Icons, to show their "Gold Only" or "Gem Only" properties.
  • Events can now handle not having a date, and also show Heroes related to the Event.
  • Hero Sales on individual Sale Pages and "Currently in the Nexus" now show with a Gem icon, as well as showing both the original and reduced prices.
  • The "Current!"-text on Rotations, Sales and Events Overviews now links to "Currently in the Nexus" - but have also gotten the various listings removed, to make the pages more clean.
  • The Frontpage version of "Currently in the Nexus" have been condensed further, but now have the 5 most recent newsposts, rather than 3.
  • The page-footer and text before News have received a Twitter Icon, linking to the official profile!
Next up will likely be to make sure the Spring Event information is added, as well as finishing up on Skin Images - and probably a bit more spring cleaning, too!


Cosmetic Changes and Update - Posted on 2020-03-23 by Gnub
Mostly just in order to update that everything is fine here, amidst the COVID-19 crisis going on all over the world, which has limited my time greatly. Family over all, basically. Still, a few fixes has been made:
  • Mentions of the "Special All Heroes Free-to-Play Periods" are now called that, rather than Events - given that it is not an Event.
  • The "All Heroes" portrait and text now links to the Heroes Overview, rather than nothing.
  • A minor error on Gold Mount pages, showing them as being Gem Mounts is fixed.
  • Links for Limited-Time Skins fixed.
Lots of other small fixes coming soon, which is mostly to do a bit of Spring cleaning, and preparing to show future content, where some elements are unknown - specifically Event dates.


Skin Pages and Limited-Time Icons - Posted on 2020-02-21 by Gnub
Skin Pages are finally here - and with it, a ton of changes across the site, which caused almost side-wide updates. It's worth to note that the work on Skin-Images is far from done, but I found that to be of less importance for now. They'll all be added, eventually.
  • All Skins have their own Individual Page, including information about Sales, Limited-Time periods, if the Skin had previously been a Master or Gem Only - and many other things!
  • A shiny Skins Overview Page.
  • Reference to Skins across the Site now shows Image, in a matter similar to Mounts.
  • Just like Seasonal Icons, Limited-Time Icons have been added.
  • The Headline-style has changed across the site to "Name <Type>", rather than the opposite, and simplified for sub-headlines.
  • Seasonal Event keys have updated to better match the name of the Event itself (something that should have been done ages ago), rather than which Season it belonged to.
  • The Event Overview now uses the newly added Seasonal Icons as well.
  • A few fixes were made to Event Pages, as it showed the incorrect numbers of Battlegrounds supplied - and didn't even show them in the first place.
  • Some updates to the different pages' meta keywords. Nothing to talk about.
I have plans made for Skin and Mount Tints, as this will make stuff much better for showing both Seasonal and Limited-Time content - and likely some other updates to clean up the site.


Skin Naming Updates - Posted on 2020-02-14 by Gnub
With the work on Skins being properly in motion, I figured it was time to get the naming conventions sorted out, given as Skins had been a combination of the Skins name and that of the Hero wearing it.
  • Skin Names updated across the site.
  • Names that previously altered the Hero's name (such as Cyb'arak, Doctor Wolf & Stein and the like) now shows correctly.
  • All of Cho'gall's skins now points to Cho, rather than having a special case referring to both - this will, naturally, be fixed when the individual pages hit.
  • The Seasonal icons have moved physical location.
  • Cho and Gall now have more fitting hero-keys ("cho" and "gall", respectfully).
Basically, a very back-end heavy update, but one that was sorely needed. The work continues.


Seasonal Icons Added - Posted on 2020-02-10 by Gnub
After finally getting a version of the Seasonal Icons, that could still be easily recognizable in a tiny version, I thought this was a good time to add them, as it really made everything much more clear.
  • Universe, Subuniverse and Hero Pages that lists Mounts or Skins, now shows a tiny Seasonal Icon.
  • The newly rebuilt Mounts Overview, as well as the Frontpage and Currently in the Nexus also has it visible.
  • The file format of the icons changed that of the bigger logos.
  • Updated duration and remaining time left displays for Events across the site to be more clear.
  • Some redundant information about Events being removed as well, given as it was already visible with the Seasonal logo.
  • Counts of Skins and Mounts on Event Pages got updated to more clearly show if the items they added were Seasonal or not - or both!
Along with the continued Skins work, I will get a Limited-Time Icon added soon as well, after I figure out a good way to show it, given that it's often only a given Tint of an item which is Limited, rather than the full Mount or Skin.

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