The Nexus Compendium

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Resources comes in various different ways - some are information, some brings us together and others are based purely on data. What they all have in common is that they're highly useful!

Official Resources

Blizzard's sites cover the fundamentals, and is a great place to get familiar with the basics, and stay up to date.

Heroes of the Storm Website

Heroes of the Storm Forums

@BlizzHeroes Twitter

BlizzHeroes YouTube Channel

BlizzHeroes Facebook Page

BlizzHeroes Twitch Stream

General Resources

Some resources are simply good for everyone, covering Builds, Patch Notes and more.

Heroes Patch Notes - Patch Notes by Hero and Battleground

Icy Veins - Builds, Guides and Tier Lists

Into the Nexus - Weekly Podcast with News and Guests

Heroes Wiki - Wikipedia for Heroes

Reddit Wiki - New Player Guide

Reddit Wiki - Returning Player Guide

Reddit Wiki - Advanced Player Guide

Community Resources

Multiplayer games are always more fun when playing when friends. Surround yourself with amazing and likeminded people, and you will end up enjoying the game more.

Reddit - /r/HeroesOfTheStorm Sub

Wind Striders - Discord Community Server

/r/HeroesOfTheStorm - Discord Community Server

Replay Analytics

When lots of Replay-data comes together, it can be used to get an overview how the different Heroes fare over time and on different level of play.

HotsAPI - Open Replay Database API

Heroes Profile - Player Statistics, Profiles and Leaderboards

Heroes Profile API - HotsAPI Powered by Heroes Profile Data

HOTS Logs - Analysis of Replays and Leaderboards