The Nexus Compendium

Ready for Adventure!


This is a list of all Entities in the Nexus, either dragged in, just like our Heroes, or already present there.

Total Number of Entities: 39

Adjutant Adjutant <Koprulu Sector> Available as Announcer

A Terran AI gone somewhat rogue.

Aleen Aleen <Raven Court>

The mother of Orphea, she left her at an early age, because of her husband, Oberon, the Raven Lord, had delved into the dark magics of the Dark Nexus. Current whereabouts unknown.

Athena Athena <Earth> Available as Announcer

Overwatch sentient announcer.

AZ Jackson AZ Jackson <Blizzard>

Known as Adam Jackson outside the Nexus, he was previously Senior Game Designer for Heroes of the Storm, ensuring that the game is perfectly balanced - as all games should be. That being said, the Longsword will always be superior, no matter the game or which monster to defeat.

Beleth Beleth <Sanctuary> Available as Announcer

Ruthless Demon, that fights the Eternal Conflict against Ilarian.

Blackheart Blackheart <Mistharbour> Available as Announcer

Ghost Pirate before it was cool. Likes loot and rum, but dislikes old gaming platforms.

Brew Brew <Blizzard>

Known as Andrew Kinabrew outside the Nexus, Brew is currently the Senior II Dark Artist for Heroes of the Storm, mostly in 3D. He excels at being awesome in everything, both personally and visually. On top of that, he's likely to be behind the top secret blend for Li Li's Healing Brew, ensuring that it's always absolutely, well, awesome.

CarBot CarBot <HeroStorm>


Cecil Cecil <Nexus Staging Grounds>

Looks can be deceiving, and Cecil is no exception. Championing the HeroesHearth CCL, Cecil does look cute - but will not hesitate to burn anyone that finds him suspicious to cinders.

Cloaken Cloaken <Blizzard> Available as Announcer

Known as Kevin M. Johnson outside the Nexus, Cloaken was previously the Creative Content Lead for Heroes of the Storm, and the voice that heeded the call whenever a new Hero joined. Now, his eternally joyful remarks can be heard whenever needed. You can bet that he WILL see you... in the Nexus!

Commodore Saxton Ford Commodore Saxton Ford <Mistharbour>

Even though he previously defeated and killed Blackheart, his ghost will haunt him forever.

Dark Nexus Dehaka Dark Nexus Dehaka <Dark Nexus>

One of the three horrors spawned by the Raven Lord, the twisted avatar of Dehaka had a very limited lifespan outside the Dark Nexus.

Delia Delia <King's Crest>

Daughter of Raena, the Lady of Thorns, and keeper of the Moon sigil that guards the prison of her father, the Dragon Knight.

Dr. Cook Dr. Cook <Koprulu Sector>

Brilliant scientist, but not too fond of the Zerg.

Drek'Thar Drek'Thar <Alterac Pass> Available as Announcer

Defender of the Horde forces in Alterac Pass. Rallied by the Raven Lord.

El Guapo El Guapo <Nexomania> Available as Announcer

Mexican fan of all things wrestling! Master, and primary announcer, of Nexomania.

Grave Keeper Grave Keeper <Raven Court> Available as Announcer

Seemingly Immortal, Defender of the Haunted Mines. Sworn enemy of the Raven Lord.

Harrison Jones Harrison Jones <Luxoria>

Always looking for treasure and dangerous adventures, he has - somehow - found his way to Luxoria.

Headless Horseman Headless Horseman <Raven Court>

The Horseman rides again! It's no chore, to bring destruction upon the enemy core! HAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAAAaaaa!!

Ilarian Ilarian <Sanctuary> Available as Announcer

Noble Angel, that fights the Eternal Conflict against Beleth.

Ivory Tiger Johanna Ivory Tiger Johanna <Mecha War>

Guardian of the Ivory Tigers of the Caldeum Complex, she protects her fellow clan members from the merciless Jigoku Corporation.

JeffB JeffB <Blizzard>

Known as Jeff Beaudoin outside the Nexus, JeffB was previously the Lead Gameplay Engineer for Heroes of the Storm, and an insightful voice in the community. He's the distant and highly trustworthy cousin to Misha, and keeps his pet Beastmaster - who's an AI - at a short leash.

Ka Ka <Luxoria> Available as Announcer

Known as the Snake God. Slithers like an Egyptian. Lends out temples.

Katya Volskaya Katya Volskaya <Volskaya Foundry>

Founder and Leader of Volskaya Industries.

Lady of Thorns Lady of Thorns <King's Crest> Available as Announcer

Also known as Raena. Noble and fair ruler of King's Crest. Hopes that her people will one day remember the linage of dragons once again - and to free her long lost husband, the Dragon Knight, from his stone curse.

Latienie Latienie <Blizzard>

Known as Lana Bachynski outside the Nexus, Latienie was previously a Senior Animator for Heroes of the Storm, and has brought countless Heroes to life. Rumored to hold the fabled Singularity from the long lost realm of Teay-Oyo.

Matt Parker Matt Parker <Blizzard>

Formerly an Animator for Heroes of the Storm, Matt Parker taught Fenix that he could dance if he wanted to - and he did, for a quite a while, until stopping for "safety reasons". It is unknown if those were the same that caused Matt to leave his team behind for other ventures in Azeroth

MC Tombstone MC Tombstone <Nexomania> Available as Announcer

An absolute legend in the Nexomania scene, which love for motorcycles is only beaten by his burning wrestling passion.

Mira Han Mira Han <Koprulu Sector> Available as Announcer

Not to be trifled with.

Neeve Neeve <Raven Court>

Advisor to the Raven Lord, always there to make sure he doesn’t misstep. An otherwise mysterious old woman.

Neithis Neithis <Luxoria> Available as Announcer

Known as the Spider Queen. Recently awoken from her long slumber, to cause havoc in Luxoria. She has a high fondness of gems and an endless supply of minions.

Oscar Vega Oscar Vega <Blizzard>

Previously Concept Artist for Heroes of the Storm, Oscar Vega draws alot. He draws good. In fact, he was basically the glue that held people together, by a colorful mix of compassion, style and happiness. One of the major reasons the Nexus looks as amazing as it does - and why Cuddle Bear Stitches is everywhere!

Patches Patches <HeroStorm>

It's a mystery how this marine has survived this long without any fatal injuries, but studies suggest that a certain condition named "Plot Armor" is the reason - or maybe he just ate a really good pizza.

Queen Nightshade Queen Nightshade <King's Crest> Available as Announcer

Twisted by the primal and uncontrolled nature of the Gardens of King's Crest, she turns into the Spore Queen at night to bring terror.

Raven Lord Raven Lord <Raven Court> Available as Announcer

Also known as Oberon, he's the ruler of the Raven Court, and on a crusade to dominate or control all realms of the Nexus, in order to, seemingly, protect it from an unknown threat. Highly dissatisfied with the path his daughter, Orphea, has taken.

The Dragon Knight The Dragon Knight <King's Crest>

Once cursed to stone by Queen Nightshade, he occasionally walks freely through the Fire and Flames of Dragon Shire, when the curse is temporarily lifted. Formerly King of King's Court and husband to Raena, the Lady of Thorns.

The Kid The Kid <Toys!> Available as Announcer

Playime is never over when you're a 4-year old kid. Especially not if you got the greatest toys in the world, and The Nexus is your playground! He's ready to guide your through the greatest game - be it digital or analog - ever.

Vanndar Vanndar <Alterac Pass> Available as Announcer

Defender of the Alliance forces in Alterac Pass. Rallied by the Lady of Thorns.

Verick Verick <King's Crest>

Son of Raena, the Lady of Thorns, and keeper of the Sun sigil that guards the prison of his father, the Dragon Knight.