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King's Crest <Realm>

Iresia Koprulu Sector

King's Crest

A realm of dragons, fantasy and primal nature.

  • Type: Realm - An independent Realm within The Nexus.
  • Rooted in: Nexus
This Realm contains:

Event / Collection Update Connections

The following Events and Collection Updates are connected to this Realm:


These are the Skins that are based upon this Realm, reflecting both known and different versions of our Heroes.
Seasonal Spring Seasonal Summer Seasonal Fall Seasonal Winter denotes that the Skin is Seasonal, and only obtainable while an Event of the given type is ongoing.
(T) denotes that the Skin of the specific Tint is not tied to this Realm.

Ruinwalker Fenix
Ruinwalker Fenix


These are the underlying entities in this Realm, either dragged into the Nexus, just like our Heroes, or already present there.


Daughter of Raena, the Lady of Thorns, and keeper of the Moon sigil that guards the prison of her father, the Dragon Knight.

Lady of Thorns
Lady of Thorns Available as Announcer

Also known as Raena. Noble and fair ruler of King's Crest. Hopes that her people will one day remember the linage of dragons once again - and to free her long lost husband, the Dragon Knight, from his stone curse.

Queen Nightshade
Queen Nightshade Available as Announcer

Twisted by the primal and uncontrolled nature of the Gardens of King's Crest, she turns into the Spore Queen at night to bring terror.

The Dragon Knight
The Dragon Knight

Once cursed to stone by Queen Nightshade, he occasionally walks freely through the Fire and Flames of Dragon Shire, when the curse is temporarily lifted. Formerly King of King's Court and husband to Raena, the Lady of Thorns.


Son of Raena, the Lady of Thorns, and keeper of the Sun sigil that guards the prison of his father, the Dragon Knight.


These Battlegrounds have roots in this Realm.

Dragon Shire
Dragon Shire

Garden of Terror
Garden of Terror