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Dragon Shire <Battleground>

Cursed Hollow Garden of Terror

Dragon Shire

These lush and deceptively peaceful gardens have grown over time, covering the once molten realm known as Dragon Spire. Beneath this verdant paradise, the ancient power of the dragons was sealed away... and their descendants have neither forgotten nor forgiven the trespasses of those who wronged them.

This Battleground:

Battleground Map

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Battleground Map - Click to Enlarge!

Primary Objectives

These objectives are what makes the Battleground unique, and are essential to know in order to win.

Core Ability - Boulders The Core will throw 2 boulders at a nearby enemy Hero. Heroes hit are turned to stone, damaged for 5% of their maximum Health, and Stunned for 1.75 seconds.
Recast after 6 sec when an enemy Hero is close.
Amount: 2 Located at the middle of each base.

Dragon Shrines Control the Sun & Moon Shrines to be able to unleash the Dragon Knight at the center of the map. Each Shrine takes 4 second to capture, double if controlled by the Enemy. Dragon Knight takes 3 seconds to capture, and lasts for 55 second, plus 2 seconds per in-game minutes (eg. at 10:00, the Dragon Knight would last 75 seconds).
Spawns: 1 min, 30 sec Respawns 2 min after the Dragon Knight has been defeated.
Amount: 2 Located close by lanes, north and south.


When captured at the right time, Camps can make a huge difference or provide a needed bit of support.
Note that Mercenaries are disabled during the Primary Objectives.

Giants Camp Giants (Siege) spawn. Moves down the bottom lane.
Spawns: 1 min Respawns 3 min after the Camp has been captured.
Amount: 2 Located close by forts, between middle and bottom lanes.

Wizard Knights Camp Wizard Knights (Bruiser) spawn. Moves down the top or bottom lanes.
Spawns: 1 min Respawns 4 min after the Camp has been captured.
Amount: 3 Located at the bottom center and near forts between top and bottom lanes.


These entities are found in this Battleground, one way or the other.

Lady of Thorns
Lady of Thorns (Primary Announcer) - available as an Announcer

Also known as Raena. Noble and fair ruler of King's Crest. Hopes that her people will one day remember the linage of dragons once again - and to free her long lost husband, the Dragon Knight, from his stone curse.

The Dragon Knight
The Dragon Knight (Objective)

Once cursed to stone by Queen Nightshade, he occasionally walks freely through the Fire and Flames of Dragon Shire, when the curse is temporarily lifted. Formerly King of King's Court and husband to Raena, the Lady of Thorns.


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Battleground Rotations

In Ranked and Unranked game modes, not all Battlegrounds are playable at all times. This changes every once in a while with a Battleground Rotation.