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Ruinwalker Fenix <Skin>

Ruinwalker Fenix - Click to Enlarge!

Deep in the Nexus's primordial wilds, the land itself births beings of vine and stone. Imbued with the spark of life, the ruinwalkers wander the wreckage of civilizations long forgotten, guarding secrets that they have never known.

Between its release and 2019-02-12, this Skin was only purchasable with Gems.

  • Worn by: Fenix
  • Rarity: Epic
  • Type: Normal
  • Subuniverse: King's Crest
  • Released: 2018-03-27
  • Usable as Announcer: No
This Skin has:

Additional Tints

This Skin has the following additional 4 Tints available:

  • Colossal Ruinwalker Fenix
  • Withered Ruinwalker Fenix
  • Arcane Ruinwalker Fenix Released on 2019-04-30
  • Crystalline Ruinwalker Fenix Released on 2019-04-30



  • This Skin has not been a Limted-Time Item