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Return of the Zebra - and more! - Posted on 2024-05-22
As is tradition at this point: A new patch yields returning Mounts and Skins!
  • The Zebra is, at long last, available for purchase, previously being exclusive to the 2017 (!) Welcome Bundle.
  • Wonder William also took his time to return, joining the trend of converting from Gold to Gold-Gem Mount. It is trending, after all.
  • Hunter Mecha Dehaka and Spectral Demon Hanzo returns as a Gold-Gem Skins!
Site updates should be on the horizon, too. Read more in my recent Reddit post.

More Collection Updates - Posted on 2024-02-06
Another patch, another batch... of Collection updates!
  • Sleepy Cloud has woken back up as a Gold-Gem Mount!
  • The Golden Lunar Skyrocket has also returned, being changed from Gold to Gold-Gem.
  • Corrupted Archangel Diablo has returned as a Gold-Gem Skin!
  • Hopeful Spirit Healer Auriel joins him, also as a Gold-Gem Skin.
Hopefully, I can get some more updates churned out soon.

Returning Collection Items - Posted on 2023-11-16
Seems like we can conclude that patches always brings a few returning items to the Collection. This time, this included the following:
  • Dark Mecha Tyrael is back, as a Gold-Gem Skin.
  • Rogue Mecha Rehgar is also back, as a Gold-Gem Skin.
  • The Green Army Horse is finally available again, as a Gold-Gem Mount, after only being available as a Quest Reward in the Toys 2 Event.
Collection Sets has been temporarily put on hold, as I havn't been putting much time to the site recently (shocker, I know), but I do intend to get it finished, at some point.

A sneaky Flirty Cloud - Posted on 2023-10-15
It seems we're not done with the surprises, as the maintenance on October 13 yielded a little surprise:
  • Flirt Cloud is back, as a Gold-Gem Mount!
  • The type has, a result, been changed from Limited-Time.
I get to touch a bit on the Collection Sets everyone once in a while, so it's still going, even though the data revamp was much more extensive than anticipated.

Additional Collection Additions - Posted on 2023-09-21
Once again, a patch appeared, this time with loads of bugfixes! The change, on September 20, also caused a few Collection changes - and something VERY unexpected:
  • The Heroes on Sale actually updated, reducing it to only being Chen (remaining) and Samuro (new).
  • Blackheart's Doubloon has been added back, after being made unavailable on December 7, 2021.
  • Galactic Xenotech Abathur is now a Gold-Gem Skin, changed from a normal Limited-Time Item.
  • Great Razorgrin and Treasure Goblin (base ony) are now Gold-Gem Mounts, changed from normal Gold Mounts.
  • The three above items are now again available again in the Collection, and added to the new Sale!
I recently got through a rather big hurdle in regards to the Collection Sets, so expect that somewhat soon, rather than, well, not at all.

A few Collection Additions - Posted on 2023-07-28
A minor patch appeared on July 24, which added a Limited-Time Skin, and made a previously unobtained mount available. This sparked a few changes:
  • Spectral Buccaneer Falstad and Arcane Elemental Lion added to the current Sale.
  • Spectral Buccaneer Falstad changed from Limited to Gold-Gem.
  • Arcane Elemental Lion changed from Exclusive (Unavailable) to Gold-Gem.
  • Date listings on Items added during a Sale changed from Links to bolded, as the pointed to the same date.
  • Fixed an error with this method for Mounts, as they'd previously show as "Start of Sale", regardless of actual date added.
Collection Sets will still come, and I'm currently figuring out how to best change it. Oh, and the change from Twitter to X will likely also mean that I will remove the account soon.

Oh, hello there! - Posted on 2023-07-03
While the updates with Rotations and the like are still happening, everything else has come to a full stop for months, by now. Regardless, I took the time to get a few things fixed.
  • Google Analytics removed from across the site, as it no longer serves a purpose.
  • A few text updates on the API site.
I'm taking a second look at Collection Sets, and seeing what it'll take to get it done, perhaps in a more simplified state than originally intended. Beats never, after all.

New Gold-Gem Skins and a Status - Posted on 2023-02-20
There has been a severe lack of updates from my part, but it's basically because of a very simple point: I burned out working on the site, and took a break, using my time to adventure on the Dragon Isles. The site is, however, still being updated with Rotations and Ranked Seasons - and this weekend added something extra, too! Point being: I'm still here.
  • The Collection has been updated with the re-addition of Paramour Pajamathur Abathur and Deathranger Nova Skins.
  • The type of Paramour Pajamathur Abathur and Deathranger Nova Skins have been updated to Gold-Gem from Limited.
I'll try to get Collection Sets done at some point soonish, and then see if I can get stuff like Searching, as well as Rarity filtered added.

Predictions Rework to Period Format - Posted on 2022-10-14
The Patch in July changed quite a few things for the site, in terms of Rotations, as a new rule was made: Rotations are no longer refreshed on Tuesdays. As such, this meant everything broke in terms of Predictions - until now!
  • All Week mentions reworked as Periods.
  • Rotations now fit with the being renewed every 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd of each month.
  • Predictions only show Rotations after July 5.
  • All time-differences are now measured in periods, rather than weeks.
  • Notes about EndDates only show if specified.
  • Lots of unseen code-cleanup, as always.
Now the focus is - finally - on Collection Sets!

2022 Ranked Season 3 and More - Posted on 2022-10-12
The new Ranked Season is finally here, and actually brought a few other changes with it!
  • The new Ranked Season has been added to the site.
  • A new Event has been added, referencing the internal name for the familiar look of the Craft Wars screen. Description was improvised - but I do like it!
  • Navigation between Events has been fixed, as some were excluded.
  • News Posts have had the poster name moved below the image, to fit with other listings of Heroes and the like.
  • A few formatting changes.
The work on Predictions is nearing completing, with just a few bug fixes remaining. Expect it online soon!

Structure and SEO Updates - Posted on 2022-09-08
A major behind the scenes rework in terms of lines of codes being rewritten, but worth it in the end!
  • Reordered code for THE.ENTIRE.SITE. Not kidding.
  • A few Resource-links had their adresses fixed.
  • Fixed the method of showing names for Items that had a " in their names. It made stuff really messy.
  • Added previously missing ALT-text to various Resource-images across the site.
Before really getting started with showing Collection Sets, I'm going to have to get the Predictions mess fixed, as the new model is - after all - rather permanent. I promise I'll focus after that!

Announcers and Fixes - Posted on 2022-08-26
While the work on Collection Sets progresses on the side, I got a chance to update the Announcers page, and fix a few additional things - some being in relation the Collection Sets.
  • The Announcers Page got a shiny upgrade, adding in the proper images for the Announcers in the Collection.
  • If the EndDate of the current Sale is unknown, it isn't shown. This applies to both the individual Sale and Currently pages.
  • Fixed a few text errors on the individual Sale page, as everything was in past tense - even for the current sale.
  • The Green Army Horse got converted to being a Tint of the standard Horse, rather than a mount itself.
  • A minor naming change behind the scenes for the Fellboar, as its Tint is now "Fel" rather than "Fell".
  • The InternalID for Mount Tints now shows up properly, rather than replicating that the of the Base Mount.
Before the Collection Sets can be shown, I'm currently doing a rather extensive restructure of the various pages, which will also help set up a Search option, down the line. Stuff is happening, no worries.

Even More 2.55.3 Updates - Posted on 2022-07-14
Hopefully, this should be last of these spontaneous mini-updates, so that I can finally continue with more fun additions!
  • Added Redirects, so that Rotations and Sale links works for any date within their time-period.
  • Rotations are now listed as Periods, rather than Weeks. Texts has been updated around the site.
  • Currently in the Nexus now shows prices for Limited-Time Gold-Gem Skins.
  • The API now has added GoldPrice and GemPrice fields for Limited-Time Skins, just like for Mounts.
  • Reference to Hero Predictions on Sales has been moved to the Hero Sale listing at the top.
  • Fixed a bug with Limited-Time Skin names always having the strikethrough formatting added.
  • The Currently API is now less strict in regards to delimiters (fx both "sale" and "sales" work).
Here's to hoping that the next update is more fun and productive!

More 2.55.3 Updates - Posted on 2022-07-13
Yesterday’s updates didn’t cover everything, so I got time to change a few more things today.
  • Currently in the Nexus now lists Limited-Time Items with the same updated logic as in Sales.
  • The API version got the same treatment.
  • The Ranked Season (and the previous one) have had the Portrait reward removed, as it turned out it wasn’t granted - and won’t be for future Ranked Seasons.
  • The Rotation from July 5 has been extended to July 15, and the one from July 12 is slated as the one starting that day.
I’ll still need a few text updates and other tweaks, but we’re getting there!

Patch 2.55.3 Updates - Posted on 2022-07-12
Even though the patch was extremely small, it still led to quite a few updates and additions across the site.
  • Spectral Butcher is now the only Skin with the Gold/Gem type, has a release date added and properly shows up with the Limited filter on the Skins Overview.
  • The incredibly rare Epic Arcane Chaos Lizard had its type changed to Promotional and release date updated.
  • The new Ranked Season - Storm 2022, Season 2 - has been added to the site, with Rewards and Resources listed.
  • The ongoing Sale has been extended to October 1 (end of the Ranked Season), as only Spectral Butcher was added.
  • Sales listing of Limited-Time Items has been tweaked to properly show items throughout the Sale.
There's still updates to be done in regards to the new yet-unknown Rotation details, and I might also add an Event to signify the change of the game’s state. After that, it's back to the fun stuff again!

Announcer, Entity & Realm Polish - Posted on 2022-07-10
A few neat changes snuck in, primarily to make Announcers a more visible part of the new Collection structure.
  • Icons added for Announcers, showing for Heroes, Skins & Entities throughout the site.
  • Hero & Skin Pages show a Top Right icon if available as Announcer.
  • Entity & Announcer Overviews better formatted with new `<TITLE>` headers.
  • Hero Overview now show Announcer, instead of Rotation/Sale status.
  • Announcer numbers added to the Frontpage.
  • Updated some text on Realm Pages to improve the distinction between Realms and Subuniverses.
  • Accessing the site via /realm/ or /realms/ properly redirects to /universes/.
  • Fixed a rather fatal error on the 404 Page, as a result of the recent backend restructure.
Regardless, there's a patch coming soon - and even if it doesn't sound as much, there's likely to be something in there, even if it's just the return of an Epic Arcane Chaos Lizard.

Not The End - Posted on 2022-07-08
With the Official Update stating that the game is officially put on "Maintenance Mode", future updates are looking incredibly sparse - but, with that being said:
  • The Nexus Compendium will remain - I have no plans stopping with adding stuff to the site. At all.
  • According to the announcement, a Patch is still scheduled for next week, likely July 12.
It's a sad day indeed, but I felt it needed to be said. I'll naturally rethink what to add, and likely scrap a ton of ideas - but not shut down, at all.

Season Extension - Posted on 2022-07-01
As the week passed, it seemed more and more obvious that there wasn't going to be a PTR, and - sadly - as a result, the Storm League counter updated in-game.
  • Current Event, Ranked Season and Sales End Dates updated to July 12.
It's with a heavy sense of déjà vu that I'm hoping for a PTR next week - July 5, maybe? Let's see!

Event Type Updates - Posted on 2022-06-29
A few tiny changes to the new Event Type, in order to make things even clearer.
  • The Collection Content Even Type is now Collection Update instead.
  • A few leftover mentions of Item-Drops updated on Realm pages.
  • The "Myths" Collection Update was changed to "Mythic Pantheon" - and its corresponding Realm of the same name removed.
  • Instead, this now ties into the "Mystic Kingdoms" realm, which was much more fitting.
Let's hope the PTR is just on the horizon. It should be just around the corner, after all.

Items renamed to Collection and Event Types - Posted on 2022-06-24
A quick change before it becomes too permanent, and a fitting alignment for new Event Types (yes, again) - so this is actually a rather visual update!
  • The Items page has been renamed to Collection.
  • References to Collection, has been added to the headers of Skins, Mounts and Banners.
  • The Item-Drop Event Type has been replaced by Collection Content, phasing out the "Subevent" concept entirely.
  • Instead, a new parameter is added, to show if the Event / Collection Content happened alongside a Patch, to clear up the confusion that Item-Drop caused.
  • A new Promotion Event Type has also been added.
  • Fixed a bug that made Skins, Mounts and Banners not have their name shown in their pages' title.
  • A bit of meta-data has been updated for the Events and Collection pages.
  • 404 Page shows suggestions to the Collection for Skins, Mounts and Banners.
  • The sitemap has been updated with missing pages: Hero Prices, Collection.
  • A bit of extra tidying up the code, behind the scenes.
The whole Collection thing is going to be expanded, and there's going to be lots of extra interesting data-connections made, when Sets arrive. Stay tuned!

Additional Events and Item-Drop Data - Posted on 2022-06-22
See - I said they were close! After being underway for waaaaay too long, it's finally time to tie some extra knots:
  • 2 new Events added: Recruit-A-Friend and RCHS Reunion.
  • 6 new Item-Drops added: Superheroines, Wrynn's Legacy, Rise of the Nephalem, The Omegaswarm, Luxosian Nights and KABOOM, Laddy!.
  • These are, in total, connecting 2 Heroes, 57 Skins and 14 Mounts.
At least 6 additional Item-Drops are coming down the line, but will take a bit more work. Stay tuned!

Items Page and URL Restructuring - Posted on 2022-06-21
I continued cleaning up behind the scenes, which also caused a few other things to change - and this time it's much easier to notice!
  • A new Items page has been added, linking to Skins, Mounts, Banners and Announcers.
  • All of these pages have had a Items-link added to their header.
  • The top menu has been simplified, removing Skins, Mounts and Banners, and instead adding Items.
  • Other top menu points have been shortened (Heroes and Roles are now just Heroes, and Universes and Realms are now Universes).
  • Hero Role URLs are now /roles/, rather than /role/, to keep up with everything being plural.
  • When accessing /heroes/roles/, without specifying a role, you're now properly redirected to the Heroes Overview.
  • A Link to Predictions has been added on both Rotations and Sales.
  • Added a small text for Predictions, showing the date of the next estimated Sale or Rotation, if no Heroes are predicted for the given week (and it's not the start of said Rotation or Sale).
  • Heroes being in the current Heroic Deals, has had their small icon changed to the "Featured" icon, alongside a text fitting that.
  • Huge amount of code-cleanup behind the scenes.
... and yeah, I keep mentioning these Item-Drop Events - and it's just a matter of getting the data sorted, basically. It's there, and it's coming!

Heroes added to List APIs and Cleanup - Posted on 2022-06-15
To the outside, this is a small update, but lots were done behind the scenes.
  • Heroes can now be listed in the ListOne and ListAll APIs.
  • Fixed a small bug not showing "All-Free" Rotations on certain Heroes.
  • Added a footer-tag to the end of the page.
  • Huge amount of code cleanup.
Lots of Item-Drop Events are coming soon. I wasn't joking!

Dates Updated - Posted on 2022-06-14
Now that we're closing in on the end of the current Storm League Ranked Season, I decided to update the estimated dates, to fit.
  • Current Event, Ranked Season and Sales End Dates updated to July 5 (from June 28).
Let's hope for a PTR on June 27! Regardless, the site will be updated with other stuff soon.

New ListOne API and Improvements - Posted on 2022-06-01
The API has been expanded further, by branching "ListAll" into "ListOne", and adding more to it!
  • Path to ListAll API changed (api/listall/TYPE to api/TYPE/listall).
  • New API Function: "ListOne" added (api/TYPE/ID).
  • "Hero Prices" are now available as a new Type for both types.
  • API Documentation updated as a result of the above.
  • Improved the 404 Handling of requests that weren't found, as well as showing the proper page.
  • Hero Price Changes listed on Sale Pages will now show the date it happened, if it was not the starting date of the Sale.
As mentioned before, the addition of Item-Drops isn't forgotten - it's nearly here!

Hero Price Listings - Posted on 2022-04-29
Even though the data has been on the site for ages, I thought it was a good idea to get this properly listed as well, to be able to get the full overview.
  • There's a new page listing all Hero Price Changes.
  • References added from Heroes Overview, individual Sales and the Sales Overview.
  • Hero Prices Changes on Sales are now listed with up to 3 instances per line, making it less cluttered.
Hero Prices are also slated to join the "ListAll" API, which is getting a minor overhaul in the coming time. The addition of extra Item-Drops isn't forgotten, either!

General Update - Posted on 2022-04-16
As you might have noticed, things have been a bit quiet lately on the site in terms of new development, but - to keep it short and simple - it's because the household has been expanded at home, and I now have another son! Regardless, I did get to make a few minor tweaks lately.
  • The famed MEKA Ghost Speeder mount was added to the game on March 29, after being known as "Mount/Name/MountSpeederBikeVar3" - and, well, not being consistently available.
  • A few Resources has been shifted around.
Now, all that being said, Hero Prices will soon get its own page, as well as lots more Spring cleaning coming. Point being: I'm still alive and well!

New Subevent Type and Ranked Separation - Posted on 2022-02-18
A typical example of what happens when I decide to do something simple, and instead open a whole cluster of connected changes.
  • Event and Ranked pages are split, and are now two separate pages, rather than a common one.
  • Updated meta-descriptions for Events Overview and added for the new Ranked Season overview.
  • The "Real Life" Event Type has been split into "Blizzard Celebration" and "Official Tournament".
  • New Subevent parameter for Events, which dictates how an Event is listed on the Event Overview: indented. All "Blizzard Celebration", "Item-Drop" and "Official Tournament" Events are always Subevents, as well as a few Normal ones.
  • A few Events have had their Type changed to reflect this (Anniversaries, for instance, are now Normal Subevents).
  • Events with the old "Real Life" Types ("Blizzard Celebration" and "Official Tournament") have an additional "(Out of Game)" text added.
  • References to/between Events have an additional "/ Item-Drops" added, as these often bear connection-value.
  • Chests are not shown on Subevents, where they were only shown on Normal Events before.
  • Subevents are prioritized lower on navigational links, and on which is the Primary Event shown on Currently in the Nexus.
  • Lots of minor housekeeping tasks, to keep the text more tidy!
  • Information about Subevents are added in the API data (Currently in the Nexus & List All Events), and documentation has been updated.
The job regarding these Events are, however, not done, as there are a lot of data to add, that will make the reason for this separation seem much more logical. It'll likely result in about 20+ new Item-Drops being added!

Limited-Time and Gold Mounts Merged - Posted on 2022-02-10
A change long in the making, it felt better to merged Gold and Limited-Time Mounts, as they were - basically - the same.
  • Gold Mounts are now merged into the Limited-Time Mounts category under Sales.
  • For Sales prior to the Collection Rework (2019-02-12), all Limited-Time Mounts are shown as Gold Mounts.
  • The "Limited-Time" filter on the Mounts overview now also includes Gold Mounts (although the Gold Mount filter stayed).
  • "Gold/Gem" Mounts now have both their Gold and Gem prices listed on Sales / Currently pages.
  • Listings of when a Gold Mount has been available as such is also merged with Limited-Time Mounts, and no longer shows the price, but instead details about its type (gold/gem, limited or gold).
  • The "Currently in the Nexus" API has been updated to respect the above changes, as is the documentation.
  • Fixed an error with Gold Mounts seemingly showing as "expired" on the newest sale, which carried over to the new listing method.
  • Fixed an error with Reward pictures not showing correctly on Ranked Season pages.
The next bit will likely be separating Ranked and Events - and maybe a small bit of house-keeping.

Filter Updates, Image Paths and SEO - Posted on 2022-01-11
Time for a few updates again, now that the Holidays are over!
  • The Filtered Skins/Mounts/Banners Pages now have Total counts added.
  • Section for "Remaining Heroes" on the Filtered Skins Page is separated by a horizontal line.
  • Images have had their paths updated to better mirror the respect the style of the main pages, with all phrases in plural.
  • Sales listing on "Currently in the Nexus" now instead shows a date or "this reset", rather than "this week", when an item was added the same week the Sale began.
  • Additional SEO-information given for Filtered Overview pages.
  • A few extra meta-tags added.
  • 404 Page includes all possible filters for Skins, Banners and Mounts.
  • A few additional formatting tweaks here and there.
Next up will be the merging Limited-Time and Gold Mounts, but also a look at separating Ranked and Events properly - and more behind the scenes work!

Seasonal Event Improvements - Posted on 2021-12-10
With all Seasons being unlocked for the newest Event - and it already being connected to 3 different Universes, the top-right icons got slightly (read: very) bloated.
  • A new "All Seasons" top-right icon is introduced for Events.
  • The Related Seasonal types listed after Event Type are now listed in "Year Order".
  • If a related Event is only Seasonal, it is condensed into a "All Seasonal ... Events". Events that are related both from a Series and Season will still be shown as such.
  • "Currently in the Nexus" now also prioritizes Seasonal Events, and also lists the Seasons in "Year Order".
  • Multiple Seasons/Universe top-right icons are kept closer together for all Realm, Banner, Skin and Mount pages.
  • Anniversary Events are now connected to the Nexus Core Realm.
Future focus will, as written last, be with merging Limited-Time and Gold Mounts is well underway, as well as the last fixes for Filters.

Patch 2.55 Live - Changes and Additions - Posted on 2021-12-08
Now that the Patch is live, I got around to do a few verifications, updates and various other things!
  • A new Item-type - Gold/Gem Only - has been added, and applied to the Exploding Sheep.
  • The 6.5/10 Forever Horse Mount is updated to also be Gold/Gem Only, even though it seemed to be part of a Promotion on the PTR.
  • Images for Tristram Butcher and the new Banners are fixed.
  • Durations for the new Event, Ranked Season and Sale has been updated.
  • The Chest-details of the Event has been updated to "Treasure Chest", just like last year.
  • Portrait picture added for 2021, Season 2.
  • Resources added for 2022, Season 1.
The change with merging Limited-Time and Gold Mounts is well underway, as well as additional fixes for Filters.

Battleground Objectives and more Logos - Posted on 2021-12-07
As a quick note in-between the Patch madness, I managed to squeeze in a few data updates, as MindHawk did an amazing rundown on Reddit regarding Battleground Objective Timers. Oh, and I managed to add more lovely Li Li art!
  • Alterac Pass - Variable time for Camp Capture being based on in-game time is updated.
  • Blackheart's Bay - Resources added, as they were somehow missing.
  • Braxis Holdout - Time to cap updated.
  • Cursed Hollow - Respawn timers fixed, based on either previous Tribute or Curse.
  • Dragon Shire - Dragon Knight duration updated.
  • Garden of Terror - Rewrote respawn text for Garden Terrors.
  • Garden of Terror - Timers for Seeds of Terror has been fixed.
  • Hanamura - Updated the criteria for Payload respawn.
  • Infernal Shrines - Punisher respawn changed to 3:00.
  • Sky Temple - Added time needed to capture a temple.
  • Towers of Doom - Removed varying time, as the time is fixed.
  • Towers of Doom - Note added that Fortification Upgrade and Tunnels are only applied at the specific time, if no Altar is active. In that case, it happens afterwards.
  • Volskaya Foundry - Rewrote text for Triglav Protector and added its duration.
  • Volskaya Foundry - Updated Capture Point timers.
  • Warhead Junction - Added a missing timer for first objective spawn.
  • Warhead Junction - Updated the timer for the respawn condition.
  • The News avatar has been updated, along with the best GIF ever on the About page!
Stay tuned, as the Patch is about to go Live, and that likely means that additional updates will happen, alongside a few extra additions.

PTR Patch 2.55 Content Added - Posted on 2021-12-03
After an unusual long wait for fresh content, it has now been added to the site!
  • All the new Skins, Mounts and Banners are added - including Images, Descriptions and Internal IDs.
  • Additional Tints of existing Items has also been added.
  • Two new Events and a Ranked Season are added - end date currently unknown.
  • Details will be updated once the patch goes live!
As a result, I've refocused on what to change in the upcoming future, as it seems like the Exploding Sheep is available both with Gems and Gold - which is a first. This also goes well with finally merging Gold Mounts with Limited-Time Items. Stay tuned!

New ListAll API Added - Posted on 2021-11-24
It's been a while since I touched the API, and as I was given a nudge towards providing the data in a more digestible way, the API was expanded.
  • The ListAll API currently works for Ranked Seasons and Events.
  • Ranked Seasons, Events, Hero Rotations and Sales in the Currently API has gotten a Timespan parameter added, listing the duration in weeks.
  • Details has been updated on the API documentation page.
A few more tweaks are coming to the Filters soon as well, along with the hope of some new content next week.

Additional Filter Tuning - Posted on 2021-11-10
Filter had the potential to be really awesome, so naturally they had to live that potential to the fullest.
  • Added Tint Counts for all Skins, Mounts and Banners shown on the overview pages.
  • Single Tints are still represented by (T), and a text has been added to highlight this, when a filter is applied.
  • The Seasonal Filter has hotlinks added to the full listings of their corresponding Skins, Mounts or Banners. There's also a fitting link to the Events overview.
  • Headers now also fits the name of the applied filter, if any.
  • Hero-Headers are only shown if every Hero has a Skin in the given selection.
  • A Master Skin filter has been added, which includes "Soft Master Skins" (Pro D.Va, Dragon Aspect Alexstrasza and Steel Dragon Genji).
  • The filter showing Mounts that are granted by a Specific Skin, and Skins that grant a Special Mount now link to each other.
  • The Ranked Mounts filter now has a link to the Events overview, showing all Ranked Seasons.
  • The Hero-Specific Mount filter now has a link to the Heroes overview.
  • Limited-Time Offers are now listed as Limited-Time Only in filters.
  • Improved the general method for showing the data.
  • Tints shown on Event, Realm, Seasonal and Universe pages are now correctly shown as a bolded (T).
Let's hope the next update is about the new content from a fresh PTR, despite the recent postponements.

Remaining Item-Filters Added - and Soft Master Skins! - Posted on 2021-10-23
There we go - the remaining filters are hereby added... and a little something extra!
  • Banners now have the following additional Filters available: Normal, Free, Promotional and Exclusive.
  • Mounts now have the following additional Filters available: Normal, Free, Hero-Specific, Skin-Specific, Gems or Bundle, Promotional, Exclusive and Ranked.
  • Skins now have the following additional Filters available: Normal, Free, Announcer, Special Mount and Gems or Bundle.
  • The counters for the summarizations are now shown as "Item Tints" rather than "Items", with a few exceptions for Skins and Mounts.
  • The order of the Types in the summarizations have be slightly reordered, to better match the amount of Tints, across all items.
  • Heroes, that doesn't have any Skins of the specific Filter, are listed as Portraits, rather than as a list.
  • Banners and Mounts will now show up properly left-aligned, if there's only one row of results for the specific Filter.
  • Mount Pages now correctly show if the Gem or Bundle Top-Right Icon, if the Type fits.
  • Skin Details has been updated for Pro D.Va, Dragon Aspect Alexstrasza and Steel Dragon Genji, showing that they were originally meant to be Master Skins, but were released after Heroes 2.0.
  • Various formatting fixes on different pages.
The PTR still looms in the horizon, and hopefully I'll get to squeeze in a few more features beforehand. Data-arranging on Item-Drops also continues.

Prediction and Event Fixes - Posted on 2021-10-20
Another day, another round of various fixes and bit of polish. This round was started to address an error on Predicitons, as well as some missing connections for Events, as a result of me looking for older Item-Drops.
  • If a Sale is already existing for the currently selected week in Predictions, the link now correctly points to the active Sale.
  • Sales are now referred to as "Period starting..." rather than "Week of..." throughout the site, given their state of not being weekly.
  • References to "Heroic Deals resets..." has been changed to "Collection updates...".
  • The StarCraft 20th Anniversary Event now properly has a connection to the Koprulu Sector, references the returning Omegaswarm and has a few added item connections: Infested Azmodan, Feral Dehaka and the Zergling.
  • Infernal Demonic Tyrael and Tal Rasha Li-Ming are now properly connected to the Malthael's Bargain Event.
  • Zakarum Leoric and Sacred Oath Johanna are now properly connected to the Eternal Conflict Event.
  • A ton of tidying up the formatting and minor code inconsistencies.
  • Updated the profile-image for News posts. MORE LI LI!
Just as the remaining filters are in the works, there's also soon going to be quite a few Item-Drop Events added - the list is already at 10+! On top of that, there's also a PTR on the horizon!

Item-Filters Added - Posted on 2021-10-13
They are here! Filters are now available on Mount, Skin and Banner Overviews!
  • The summarization overviews for Mounts, Skins and Banners have been streamlined to have the same texts, order and so forth.
  • Mounts have gotten Seasonal, Gold and Limited Filters.
  • Banners have gotten Seasonal Filters.
  • Skins have gotten Seasonal and Limited Filters.
  • If a given Hero has no Skins with the given Filter, they're added on a list at the end.
  • Top-Right icons on Mount, Skin and Banner pages now link to Filter Pages, if the filter in question exists.
  • The 404 Page will now suggest possible Filter Lists, if an invalid filter was attempted.
The goal is that all points of the summarization will, eventually, be filterable!

All-Free Rotation Fixes - Posted on 2021-09-05
Getting myself back into working on the site had me discovering an odd bug, in which All-Free Rotations weren't listed on Heroes that had no Normal Rotation instances - that is, Mei and Hogger. That led to the following changes:
  • Counter at the top of the Hero Page also include times in All-Free Rotations.
  • "In Rotation" icon marker on Hero Pages also shows if the Hero is an active All-Free Rotation.
  • Rotation lists are now shown for Heroes who have only been in All-Free Rotations.
  • Summarization text now also includes a separate line with times being in All-Free Rotations.
I'm also working on getting the various Filters worked into Skins, Mounts and Banner overviews, but as all development works, I'm slowly iterating on the idea as the work progresses. It'll most likely start out as limited (pun intended) functionality, and later expanded to be able to filter on many more things. Stay tuned for more!

Summer Holidays - Posted on 2021-08-20
Time certainly flies, and it's now almost been 3 months since the last - code based - update to the site. That does, however, not mean that I have abandoned the site at all, time has just been prioritized differently - and the site is generally in pretty good shape these days. Regardless, a few quick changes made it in over the past weeks time:
  • Dates for the Season End (and thus the estimated ones for the Event and Sale) has been extended to fit the new Season end - November 9.
  • Mephisto's Hero-Specific Mount is now correctly tagged as being from Diablo, rather than the StarCraft tag it had earlier.
I have a few neat plans for more neat options for showing the data on the site, and other neat features. I can also recommend following the @NexusCompendium Twitter Account, where I actively report on the new Rotations, and other stuff like Zagara's recent ban.

New Resources and Type Tweaks - Posted on 2021-05-30
Once things get a bit attention out in the open, it's also a good way to change a few things based on feedback - and add a bit of new, too!
  • For some reason, Iron Destroyer Brightwing had slipped past me, and is now properly added to the site - as the only Skin solely available through a Bundle.
  • As a result, I decided to create a new Item Type - "Bundles Only" - and also applied it to a bunch of Mounts that already fell into that category.
  • A neat new Resource has been added, with "Twinkle's HotS Collection", housing a literal ton of Heroes artwork.
  • Twinkle is the superior Orphea, so that had to be updated, too!
Stay tuned for other changes!

3rd Anniversary Updates and Fixes - Posted on 2021-05-28
Amazingly enough, this is the first time I've had the joy of updating the site on its anniversary - so of course I had to do a few tweaks.
  • The "Next & Previous" navigation for Ranked Seasons and Events no longer loops to the Oldest from the Newest, and vice versa.
  • Proper displays of Heroes, Skins, Mounts, Banners and Battlegrounds have been fixed to look properly when the row wasn't filled - for all pages involved.
Here's for even more years in the future! For the Nexus!

Currently Text Changes - Posted on 2021-05-26
With the current Sale continuing, it seems pretty obvious that the Sales are going to be lasting for quite a while now. As such, a few text changes were made.
  • The Frontpage has an "(estimated)" added to Sales dates.
  • Rotation text on Currently in the Nexus states that it updates on Tuesdays.
  • Sales text on Currently in the Nexus elaborates that it doesn't change every Tuesday, and that the end date is estimated.
We're also getting close to the site's 3rd Anniversary! Time certainly flies!

Multiple Season Events - Posted on 2021-05-21
With the new Overwatch Cosplay Event having both Spring and Summer items available, that had to be shown, which required some extensive work!
  • Individual Event Pages now also shows information about multiple Seasons, as well as their Chests being updated with links.
  • Events Overview now show multiple Seasonal Icons.
  • Currently in the Nexus now shows if the current Event has multiple Seasons, same with the Frontpage.
  • The Currently in the Nexus API now has Seasonal in a list, rather than a single element. The documentation on the API page also fits.
As always, lots more in the pipeline. Stay tuned!

Overwatch Cosplay Event Images - Posted on 2021-05-19
The Patch has finally hit us for good, and that means that all the new Items have gotten their pictures added! Oh, and a few fixes were added as well!
  • Images has been added for the new Overwatch Cosplay Skins!
  • Images of the new Ranked Mount, Woodland Guardian, has also been added.
  • The Ranked Battleground Rotation now properly shows "Added", when the Rotation in question is also the newest Rotation.
  • Removed an unnecessary "-" after the "Added" text for Limited-Time Items and Gold Mounts on Sales pages.
Given that it seems that this Event is both Spring and Summer Seasonal, I'll have to figure out a way to properly show both. Stay tuned.

New Overwatch Items Added - Posted on 2021-05-13
With the PTR finally going live yesterday, it was time to add all the lovely new stuff!
  • Image for the new Event - OVerwatch Cosplay - has been added.
  • The 4 new Skins have been added: Peacekeeper Johanna, Shadow Stalker Valla, Raynor 76 and Hogmeat Stitches!
  • The new Ranked Season has been added, and the rewards listed.
  • The new Mount Reward for Ranked Season 2 of 2021, Woodland Guardian, has been added.
  • Updated the details of Orphea and Deathwing, that didn't have any notes about being awarded for participating in BlizzCon 2018 and 2019, respectfully.
Once the patch goes live, a few details will have to be updated, as it wasn't possible to see the Rarity or Event connections for the new items on the PTR. On top of that, images will also be added!

Banner and Alt Image Fixes - Posted on 2021-04-29
A rather odd bug had seemingly snuck in when Banners were added, causing a bit of odd issues with Alt Image texts.
  • Alt Images across all pages showing Banners have been fixed.
  • Resource Images on Hero Role and Ranked pages now have Alt Image texts.
As the Storm League counter is closing in on its end, I hope we'll soon get a bit of content added again.

Currently API Updated with Event Description - Posted on 2021-04-14
Needed a small detail to get me back into the game, so here it is.
  • In the Currently in the Nexus API, the current Event now has a Description-value, fitting with that on the Event itself.
  • Details has been updated on the API documentation page.
Given that the last update was just prior to BlizzConline, I have to admit that it - and the silence that followed - burned me out a bit. I have, naturally, continued adding Rotations as they are appearing, and currently looking ahead for new content, down the line. Until then, I'm figuring out what to focus on next, given that the site is in a pretty good state as it is.

Ranked Resources and Fixes - Posted on 2021-02-19
As part of getting Ranked Resources made, the Ranked page could use a bit of a overhaul in the process - and so it was!
  • The References to the Patch Notes or News Article related to the Ranked Season, as well as the Heroes Profile link previously listed at the top right, are now in a Resource section at the bottom.
  • The Battleground Rotation segment of the Ranked Pages now lists both the Rotation as it was when the Season ended (or up till today, if still ongoing), as well as listing the changes.
  • The Event reference from Chest Rewards are fixed, as they somehow got chopped up.
  • A bit of behind the scenes spring cleaning on the page.
  • An error in the listing of the Source-link for Rotation and Sales pages got fixed.
  • Source-links on Rotation pages got moved down after the Battleground Rotations.
Now, it's time to enjoy BlizzConline!

Rotation and Sale Resources - Posted on 2021-02-18
Sources for Rotations and Sales were already present, indirectly, via the About page. As such, it made sense to integrate them properly.
  • Rotation and Sales Pages show reference to the Source.
  • Rotations and Sales Overview Pages show full list of all related Sources with start and end dates.
  • The Sources from the About page has been removed, as it's now otherwise visible.
  • As a result, a new Resource Type is added: "In-Game", which hs no link associated.
Ranked Resources are coming as well, soon!

Various Fixes - Posted on 2021-02-17
A few bug fixes has been applied, which I seemingly completely overlooked.
  • The newest Ranked Season has its offcial link updated, and now has a Heroes Profile link, too.
  • The image reference for Heroes Profile links on Ranked pages has been fixed.
  • Heroes which names included a ' now have their Resources listed.
The focus is still on various types of additional Resources.

Event Types and Chests - Posted on 2021-02-12
I have been wondering about how to enrich the Events a bit, while separating the different ones. That led to the introduction of the "Item Drops" and "Real Life" types - which was also a good way to add Loot Chests!
  • Normal Events now show Loot Boxes, complete with fitting images and themed names.
  • Basic information realigned a bit, to better show the distinction between the events, while highlighting the most important parts.
  • The dates of most Item Drops events have changed to only be the date they introduced Items.
  • Events Overview highlights the new Types with new icons.
  • An Item Drop was added for the new Enforcer Tints added in October, 2020 - more likewise changes will likely occur in the future.
  • The API for Currently in the Nexus also yields information about Type and Chest Name.
  • The Frontpage has been enriched with better introduction text and numbers for Resources - something I had forgotten with the previous update.
Looking forward to BlizzConline, but otherwise the focus is on more Resources, Skin information and - perhaps - Patches.

Wiki Resources - Posted on 2021-02-04
Taking a closer look at Resources, it was obvious that something was missing - and as such, links to the Heroes Wiki has been added!
  • A General Resource to the main Page is added, with a shiny Heroes Wiki icon.
  • Resources added to Heroes, Hero Roles and both Normal and ARAM Battlegrounds.
Lots of other nice stuff coming soon.

Currently API Added - Posted on 2021-01-30
After the dust had settled with the Internal ID API, I figured one of the most useful ones would be one fitting that of Currently in the Nexus - and that is hereby here!
  • Full API details are, once again, listed at the API page.
  • The API page got a major overhaul, with much more details added.
  • The API can be used to fetch all the information, of a subset depending on needs.
  • A lot of optimizations and background fixes, to take advantage of reused code.
I'm still looking at Patches, and figuring out a way to add those nicely, while finding more resources to add.

Resources Added - Posted on 2021-01-23
After most of the work with getting the data organized was done, it's finally done, and Resources are here!
  • A new Resources page is added, from the top menu. Take a look, to see all the neat bits of information added!
  • Links from the top-right icons on Hero, Hero Role, Battleground and ARAM pages have migrated into Resource links, added in a new section of the respectful pages.
  • The About link has been moved from the top menu, to the bottom of the page.
  • A bit of code restructuring.
Let's see what's in store next!

InternalID API Added and More Fixes - Posted on 2021-01-21
I finally got around to adding the Internal ID API that I've been working on for a while - and it's all described in the API page at the top.
  • Full API details listed at the new API page, linked top the menu.
  • Hogger's Base Skin has gotten details added about Free Tints.
  • All of the pages from NotBelial's Hogger Reveal has been fixed.
  • The Announcers page should also now work again.
  • Additional (major) reordering of files behind the scenes.
Resources are still the primary focus, as well as a ton of behind-the-scenes work. Oh, and I've started to look at Patches!

Stylish Fixes - Posted on 2021-01-20
A lot of different side-wide changes that just felt good to get done.
  • Battleground Images are now slightly less wide.
  • Text in the top menu lines are now slightly smaller.
  • Some formatting for objects in grids are now styled differently.
  • A bit of behind the scenes reordering of files.
Lots of progress on the Resources, and the API for Internal IDs is almost ready, as well. Stay tuned!

Image for 404 Page - Posted on 2021-01-15
The 404 didn't really look sharp in any shape or form, and while it should be useful, it's always nice being somehow rewarded by "finding" it.
  • A shiny image is added, from our favorite Highlord, Alarak of the Storm.
  • Texts have been slightly updated to better match.
  • Non-existing Banners should now also properly give a reference to the Banner Overview.
Work continues on the Resources, as well something neat for Internal IDs.

Expired Promotional Items - Posted on 2021-01-12
As mentioned in the previous update, I have done a bit of cleaning up for the details of items (Mounts and Banners) of the "Promotional" type. This lead to a new type called "Promotional (Expired)", to highlight that the Promotion in question is no longer active.
  • The new type is now shown on Mount and Banner Overview Pages.
  • Likewise, it's also shown on Individual pages, with a more faded Promotional Icon.
  • A few of the descriptions have been additionally updated.
  • An error on the individual Mount Pages to ensure that Gold-Only periods were shown has been fixed.
As mentioned, the work with Resources continues, while I'm also hoping for new content coming sooner, rather than later.

Hero Details, Price Changes and Sources - Posted on 2021-01-08
The first update of 2021! Nothing too big, but rather a few tidbits that I figured would be neat.
  • Individual Hero Pages now also shows special details, for Tracer, Artanis and Cho'gall.
  • Sale Listings on Hero Pages are now shown with the Gem icon, rather than text.
  • Price Change listings on Sale Pages have changed a bit to look more clean.
  • Hero Releases are no longer shown under Price Changes, as they were not counted on the Overview.
  • The Rotation and Sales sources on the About page has been updated.
  • A lot of Mount and Banner with the "Promotion" type have had their details updated - more to come!
  • Lots of cleaning up behind the scenes, to avoid redundant data.
The work with Resources is going well, too. The mentioned idea with Minimaps is not forgotten, but is of less importance at the moment.

ARAM Battleground Pages - Posted on 2020-12-21
Ever since I added the ARAM Rotations a few months ago, I have been wanting to do individual pages for them, if there was a good enough reason - and there now is!
  • The ARAM Battlegrounds have their individual Pages added, showing Timers, a Minimap, Camps and Objectives.
  • The Battlegrounds Overview now links to the individual pages.
  • Rotations, Currently in the Nexus also links to the individual pages.
  • Realm, Universe and Event Pages also shows the ARAM Battlegrounds, too.
  • Descriptions for Mercenary Camps have been changed to Camps, to include Globe Spawners as well.
The pages will likely be fleshed out a bit more later on, with a more detailed minimap in relation to objectives, as I will have to go a bit deeper with the details of those in general. It will, hopefully, turn out to be great!

Prediction Fixes - Posted on 2020-12-16
With this year's (seemingly) extended Sale, the Prediction page had not yet taken advantage of the (estimated) End Date being available.
  • Predictions should now look better again, and not target invalid weeks for their targets.
  • Rotation and Heroic Deal mentions on the Frontpage are now listed with both Start and End Dates.
  • The headers of the Battleground Overview look more like the rest of the site.
Individual Pages for ARAM Battlegrounds are on their way as well!

Hero-Specific, Skin-Specific and Carried Mounts Added - Posted on 2020-12-12
As a result of digging into the InternalIDs for Mounts, it felt only natural to properly add Hero- and Skin-specific Mounts, as well as outline which Mounts could be Carried by Cho'gall!
  • 9 Hero-Specific Mounts added, with links back and forth to the Hero that can use it!
  • 7 Skin-Specific Skins added, also with links to the required Skin!
  • Mounts that can be carried by Cho'gall now has that visible, and has the InternalID for that listed.
  • Cho and Gall's Hero Pages have a listing of the Mounts they can carry.
  • Two new Item types has been added for Hero- and Skin-specific Mounts, with their own Icons.
  • The path for the top-right Icons has been changed.
  • A few technical optimizations behind the scenes.
Yeah, I do love adding Cho'gall-specific stuff to the site!

Banners, Hogger Live Patch and Fixes - Posted on 2020-12-03
Now that the Live Patch has hit, it also gave me a good opportunity to add Banners!
  • A Banners Overview page has been added, referenced from the top link-bars.
  • Every single Banner from the Game has been added - with images, InternalIDs and references!
  • Hogger's In-game description has been added.
  • With the lack of a "proper" Winter Event, a placeholder Event has been added: Winter Treasure.
  • The name of the Ranked Season has been updated to 2021 Season 1.
  • The Quillbear had proper images added.
  • Currently in the Nexus has a more flexible handling of Sale Items.
  • Seasonal Overview pages now also shows the special icons for Items, like other pages.
  • A few meta descritions updated slightly.
Let's hope actual new Winter content will arrive within the coming weeks - could be simply be added later, just like last year. Otherwise, there are lots of other stuff to add!

PTR - InternalIDs and Ranked Rewards Added - Posted on 2020-11-26
Having dug a bit into the PTR, I was able to find the description of the Quillbear Mount, but also got the chance to add the InternalIDs to the new additions available. The Winter Event stuff is, sadly, nowhere to be found.
  • The Ranked 2020 Season 5 had its rewards added.
  • The Quillbear Mount is added, with a reference to the upcoming Ranked Season.
  • InternalIDs have been added for Hogger's Skins and the mentioned Mounts.
  • The underlying method for displaying Ranked Rewards is updated to be more flexible, only showing links if a reference exists - thus the Chests from the newest Ranked Season have no Event reference.
  • The Skins and Mounts Overviews should load significantly faster.
Seems like we'll have to wait for the rest of the new stuff until the Live Patch hits.

Rotations and Sale Technical Rework - Posted on 2020-11-25
As a last-minute part of this period's technical updates, the Rotation and Sales pages got a technical overhaul. That is, few of the changes are visible - but there is some!
  • Rotation and Sale Pages show the full period, rather than displaying "Week of".
  • The Sale Overview now lists Boost/Stimpack Discounts.
  • Listing of Limited-Time Items on the Sale Overview has been split into Skins and Mounts, rather than showing "Added", "Remaining" and "Removed" for the total item amount.
  • Currently in the Nexus and Sale Pages lists Boost/Stimpack Discounts, too.
  • A Sale has been to "cover" Gold Mounts and Hero Price Changes up till the first actual Sale.
  • Links between Gold Mounts and Hero Prices across the site now points to the correct Sale, while still listing their actual dates.
  • Rotation and Sale pages no longer link to each other - but it might be reintroduced later on.
  • A TON of technical behind the scenes changes.
Now it's just a matter of looking properly into the PTR data, and wait for the Winter Event to reveal itself.

PTR - Hogger and Bottleship Added! - Posted on 2020-11-24
With the PTR having gone live, the first batch of additions - many more are to come - has made it live.
  • Hogger has gotten his own Hero Page.
  • His two Skins - Base and Shipwrecker - are added as well.
  • The Bottleship Mount is added.
  • The Ranked Season 2020 Season 5 is added, with rewards being added later.
The Winter Event seems to have been hidden away, so it'll take some extra time before the details for that - and other assorted bits - are added properly. Stay tuned!

Realms Rework and More - Posted on 2020-11-16
While it's a change that's not as visible, it has meant an enormous change on the backend, in restructuring a lot of data and the like. Visually, it's mostly the name.
  • All Subuniverses have been rebranded as Realms, with links and everything being updated.
  • A Realm can be connected to more than one primary Universe (as a result of the Craft Wars Event).
  • A Realm can have two types: An independent Realm, or a splinter Subuniverse of a Universe.
  • Realms have their own Images, rather than showing that of their primary Universe. Almost all of them have a default image at the moment, as they will be added later on.
  • The Realms listed at the Universes Overview have small icons to show their connected Universes.
  • All written references to "Subuniverses" are changed to "Realms".
  • Events, Skins, Mounts and Battlegrounds now show icons for all connected main Universes.
  • All future days marked with "(expected)" are now instead "(estimated)", for consistency.
  • The Events Overview now also highlights the Current Ranked Season, similar to the Current Event.
  • The links at the top of the page has been updated to be two full lines, giving a way to navigate faster.
  • The logo has been added to the Top of all Pages, rather than only having it on the Frontpage.
  • Both the Title and Logo now links to the Frontpage.
  • Anchor-tags and in-page links have been updated to a newer standard, and are only used in-page.
  • The Sitemap had its content-type fixed, as it was somehow missing.
  • The method of styling the page width has been updated, as well as that of the top links.
And with that, it's time to prepare for the upcoming Winter Event and other juicy content!

Cho'gall Events Added - Posted on 2020-11-12
A rather minor addition, but one that also highlights yet another reason that Cho'gall is so special, as he had two special events dedicated to obtaining him.
  • Added the "Cho'gall Buddy Brawl" Event, coinciding with Cho'gall's Release, and connected them.
  • Added the "Two Heads are Better than One" Event, as well.
Other plans remains unchanged - there's still lots of stuff brewing!

Updated 404 Page and More Fixes - Posted on 2020-11-11
The 404 page needed a slight improvement, and ...yeah, I do a lot of fixing these days.
  • The 404 Page now lists the link entered, along with suggested links, based on the expected type.
  • Meta tags has been moved around a small bit, to respect the changes.
  • The uncertain text for Gold Mounts is no longer shown for new Gold Mounts.
  • The "always 5 weeks after release" text for the first predicted Free-to-Play Rotation has been changed to "estimated 5 weeks", given that Mei ruined everything in that regard.
  • The full map for Hanamura has been updated, as I seemingly still had the old one.
  • For some reason, the previous time the Crystalline Saddled Battle Beast was a Gold Mount, I had it noted as 7000 Gold, rather than the correct 7500 Gold - which I had even noted elsewhere as well.
The plan is still to have various other changes done before the estimated PTR in about 2 weeks.

Warhead Junction fixes - Posted on 2020-11-05
After the rather unexpected changes of Warhead Junction in yesterdays Balance Patch, the site needed an update to fix it - as well as a few other things.
  • The descriptions for the Sewage Tunnels have been added.
  • There is now only one Boss (Junk Swarm Host), placed at the north of the top lane.
  • An additional Watchtower has been added.
  • Deathwing has gotten his portrait updated!
  • The Individual Hero Pages got their "This Hero has:"-part back, with a few changes.
  • The Rotation and Sale icons on Individual Hero Pages and the Heroes Overview now links to Currently in the Nexus.
As mentioned, the coming changes are mostly focused on the technical aspects, with the next expected content being that of the patch expected to hit the PTR in little under 3 weeks.

Hero Images, Icy Veins Links and Fixes - Posted on 2020-11-04
A bit of house-cleaning, in order to make sure Hero Pages looks a bit better, but also not be too reliant on the official source for pictures. Oh, and a good opportunity to get links to Icy Veins, too!
  • All Hero Images have been updated on the Individual Pages.
  • All Hero Pages now have a link to the corresponding Icy Veins Build Guide.
  • External Links on Hero and Battleground Pages have been moved slightly down, to signify the difference.
  • The Hero Role Pages were completely forgotten in the previous Navigation update, and have now been fixed for that, too.
  • Hero Portraits are now shown faded, if the Default portrait is used, similar to other logic recently added.
  • Gold Mounts with uncertain Starts or End dates have those details listed in the corresponding Sales.
  • The Sleepy Cloud is now shown as a Gem Only Limited-Time Mount in the corresponding Sales.
Lots more to come, as the focus is still on technical improvements - but also lots of different content.

Ranked Reward and Other Fixes - Posted on 2020-10-28
A few fixes after the recent addition of the Ranked Seasons and their Rewards - mostly data related, luckily. Oh, and I finally took proper care of the dreaded 2015-11-24 Sale.
  • Wording for the Rewards in the Seasonal Questline (2019 Season 3 and onward) has been improved, and the requirements for obtaining a Portrait has been corrected.
  • The actual data for the Sale of 2015-11-24 (All Heroes, Skins and Mounts) have been properly added, and the listing fixed on the Sale Page and Overview.
  • Some errors regarding the proper listing of Sales References for Hero Price Reductions and Skins have been fixed (I'm looking at you, Lunara).
  • The logic for showing the "(estimated)" part of dates has been fixed on Currently in the Nexus, whenever an end-date in the future was shown.
  • Spectral Demon Hanzo is now correctly marked as Epic, rather than Rare.
As always, more is to come - both more fixes and actual content!

Ranked Seasons and Easier Navigation - Posted on 2020-10-23
The biggest part of this update is, without a doubt, the addition of Ranked Seasons to the site! But, on the side, I've also been doing some housecleaning, and added some easy navigation to the site.
  • Individual pages for every Ranked Season have been added with dates and rewards listed, as well as official link, Heroes Profile Rankings and Ranked Battleground Changes during the Season.
  • The Event Overview now also lists Ranked Seasons within the fitting year.
  • The Frontpage lists the current Ranked Season, as well as having them included in the top counters.
  • Currently in the Nexus also, in the same way, lists the current Ranked Season.
  • Mounts of the Ranked Reward type now links to the fitting Ranked Season.
  • All Individual Pages have links between them to easily cycle through all pages of their type, including Ranked Seasons, Heroes, Events, Seasonal Events, Skins, Mounts, Universes, Subuniverses, Battlegrounds.
  • If the intended of a Hero, Entity, Skin or Mount isn't found, the default picture is now faded, to make it more obvious.
  • The same pages, including Rotations and Sales, also have a link in header to the Overview of their type.
  • Seasonal Events are now also sorted based on their appearance in the year: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.
  • Pages with Entities listed have them moved down below Skins and Mounts.
  • Lots of changes behind the scenes to make the code easier to navigate for myself.
Lots more to come, as Hero Images will get an overhaul, as well as more changes behind the scenes.

Tints and Internal ID Polish - Posted on 2020-10-20
While the recent addition of showing Internal IDs looked neat, I figured it would be much better if it stood out a bit more - and on top of that, a few more things to make Tint listings look better.
  • Internal IDs are now highlighed like code, with a fitting font.
  • Tints listings now always show the Type and Seasonal status, no matter if it differs from the base.
  • This also applies to Rarity, Release and Event.
  • Shortened the name of the "Previously a Quest Reward" type.
As a side note, the data for the Ranked Seasons is completed, so now it's all about showing it.

Internal IDs Shown! - Posted on 2020-10-16
A rather unexpected update, as it turned out to be a lot easier to implement than expected, so - here goes!
  • All Skins and Mounts now have the Internal Item ID shown!
  • Naturally, this is also shown for all Tints.
  • A few missing Skin Tints were added: Glorious Archangel Auriel and Onyx Templar Li-Ming.
  • A missing Mount Tint was also added: Galactic Lion.
  • The Raging Wolf is now correctly named Swift Frostwolf.
  • The 2016 SEASON Champion's Nexagons are now correctly named 2016 SEASON Finals Nexagon.
  • The release dates for the Spectrum and Golden Cybersteeds (Epic variants included) have been updated to the correct - delayed - date.
  • Capitalization of a few other Tints has been fixed as well.
I might also consider adding the Hero- and Skin-specific Mounts as well, given that they - of course - have IDs, but for now, the focus is on the data for the Ranked Seasons, and is shaping up to not be too far off. Stay tuned!

ARAM Rotations, Optimizations and Fixes - Posted on 2020-10-09
Found a good time to show the recently added ARAM Rotations, caching and add a few more fixes in wake of the Tint Addition!
  • ARAM Battleground Rotations are now shown on Rotation Pages, as well as on the Currently in the Nexus page.
  • ARAM Rotation counters added to the Rotation Overview.
  • Latest Battleground Rotation reference on the Frontpage updated to include ARAM Rotations.
  • ARAM Battlegrounds have their images shown in the Battlegrounds Overview.
  • The site has received caching of images, which should help load times a bit.
  • The Heroes Overview has gotten updated, which should make it load a bit faster.
  • The Gem Only/Gem Purchase Rewards Types has been further split, depending on Time, to now show a Money icon prior to Heroes 2.0.
  • The Free Type now has an added "with the Purchase of HERO NAME" text for Skin Tints.
  • A few additional Mount Tint types were fixed.
  • Announcers Page is now working again.
More actual content will come soon, but even though this update is mostly about fixes and optimizations, it shows that the attention for detail is important and something I love!

Tint and Event Fixes - Posted on 2020-10-06
With the release of the full Tint changes yesterday, a few small things were fixed and improved.
  • The Gem Only Type has been split into Gem Only and Gem Purchase Reward, and the respective Mounts have been updated.
  • The Gem related Types will show as Real Money instead, if the item in question was released before Heroes 2.0.
  • Quite a few Mounts were incorrectly not marked as Promotional or Quest Rewards.
  • The text for Exclusive Mounts had "Ranked" instead.
  • The texts regarding an Event's ongoing status and expected end date have been updated to be more accurate.
Hopefully the next update will be more content, yet again.

Tints - Stage 3: Showtime! - Posted on 2020-10-05
Finally! The Tint work is actually complete, after going through a ton of images!
  • All Skins and Mounts now have an Image for each of their available Tints!
  • The Tint Details are a bit more written out, given that the new layout gives more space.
  • Alternate Descriptions are now shown, which I missed the last time.
  • Event References are now on a separate line, rather than being alongside Release - this also applies for Heroes and Battlegrounds.
  • Future Dates for Releases have an added "(expected)" written, to indicate the uncertainty - this, too, applies to Heroes and Battlegrounds.
Now it's time to look for the next things to add: ARAM Battleground Rotations, Ranked Seasons, and - further down the line - Banners.

Tints - Stage 2b: Lots of Images - Posted on 2020-09-29
The primary part is probably easier to notice by simple browsing the site: Images, and lots of them!
  • All Skins and Mounts now have an Image!
  • Lots and lots of other Tints uploads, to be seen in the respective perspective.
  • Fixed an error on the Hero Pages, causing Skins not to be listed.
Only two major steps left: The remaining images, and showing the Tints on the Individual Pages!

Polished Currently in the Nexus - Posted on 2020-09-28
As a way to make way for showing the new ARAM Rotations, a few changed had to be made, which also caused a few changes to Currently in the Nexus.
  • Texts are added below each header, to describe their intents.
  • Upcoming Events are no longer shown, if over 4 weeks away.
Images for a lot of the Tints are coming soon!

Tints - Stage 2: References - Posted on 2020-09-23
As a result of a few hiccups of the technical update yesterday, I had to do a lot of stuff quite fast, so, here goes.
  • Universes, SubUniverses, Events and Seasonal pages now show all Skins and Mounts related including stand-alone Tints.
  • The pages now also show all the new fancy icons!
  • Counters at the top of the pages have updated.
  • Events and Seasonal Pages have gotten their texts updated.
  • The Battleground Images have their sources changed.
The next part is, without a doubt, images, which become more and more apparent is missing. Severely. Stay tuned!

Additional Technical Fixes - Posted on 2020-09-22
Yet another small update, amidst the Tint work - this time a bit more visual.
  • Image-spacing and the like should, once again, look better - but might require a full refresh.
  • A bit of fixing with Skin and Mount Tint types, regarding the Icon images.
  • Removed the "unknown" from Sales, which was originally meant to show when the expiry date for Limited-Time Items and Gold Mounts was not known. Given that it's primarily the case, the focus is on what's known instead.
  • Some behind the scenes database optimizing, as a result of the Tint Changes.
  • Links should now also work with capital letters - something I should've added ages ago.
  • There should no longer be duplicate links prefixed with "www".
Another Tint-update is coming soon!

Tints - Stage 1: Individual Pages & Sales - Posted on 2020-09-18
Here we go! The first part of the Tints Update is finally here, finally showing the data for all the different Skins and Mount Tints!
  • A total of 1744 Skin Tints and 516 Mount Tints are now in the database - and the number is visible on the front page!
  • Tints have gotten some additional (and reworked) types, unified for both Skins and Mounts: Quest Reward, Promotion, Ranked, Exclusive and Free - all of which have icons!
  • Tints use their full name across the site, rather than "Skin Name (Tint)".
  • Skins have also gotten "Details", similar to Mounts, describing Free Tints, and their previous special status.
  • Skin and Mount pages have their Tints listed, ordered by Release Date and Names, with differences from the Base shown.
  • Skins and Mount Images are now 320px by default, rather than 300px.
  • Additional Texts have been added, to make everything a bit more clean.
A lot of images to come, to first ensure that - at least - all Base versions exist, plus various Limited, Gold and Gem variations. Besides that, Tint Additions will also be shown on Events, Seasonal Pages, Subuniverses, and the like!

Technical and Meta Fixes - Posted on 2020-09-04
A small (visually) boring update, amidst the Tint work.
  • A lot of meta-tags got updated, that seemed to have been missing
  • The 404 page was... well, 404. It's now actually there, again!
  • Minor updates to the Style-sheet, in regards to the Heroes Overview - which will require more updates later on.
And yes, the Tint work is progressing!

Events Added and Cleanup - Posted on 2020-09-01
Now that the PTR has gone live, and the details for the Fall Event has been revealed, a lot was updated. Plus, of course, some other things on the side.
  • Details for the Fall Event of 2020 is added: Worlds Collide!
  • A new Subuniverse - Craft Wars - has been added, and a few existing Skins has been moved there, from their respective Alternate Universes.
  • Images have been added for all new Skins and Mounts.
  • The Heroes of the Dorm Events have also been added, and references to the various rewards are made - most will be visible, once the Tint Update hits.
  • Skins and Mounts that previously acted as a "Tint-Skin" or "Tint-Mount", have been deleted, and potential references updated (fx. Fel Razorgrin is now a Tint of Great Razorgrin).
  • There's now a total of 1740 Skin Tints and 515 Mount Tints database - covering 433 Skins and 152 Mounts!
  • Fixed an error with certain Event Relations not showing up.
Stay tuned - the Tint Update is getting closer!

Tint Data Completed - Posted on 2020-08-15
While the significance of the post is quite big, it's not a very visual update. Rather, it means that all the data behind the scenes is ready for the Tint overhaul.
  • A total of 1718 Skin Tints and 508 Mount Tints are now in the database!
  • Images have been updated (and completed) for all Ranked Mounts (including their Tints, which will be visible later on)!
  • Images have been added and updated for many other Mounts and Skins (and can be found, via the recent Sales image-logic).
  • Chaos Wolves and Lizards have been merged and updated, with a few exceptions, which will happen later.
  • The remaining Rarities, Release Dates and Event references has been corrected for Skins and Mounts.
The coming Fall update should, naturally, add even more to the mix, but I'm expecting that this would also be the time where I can - finally - get it all out there!

Various Fixes - Posted on 2020-08-05
While the work on Tints is progressing nicely, it was time to add a few fixes on the side.
  • The fixed rule of new Heroes' first Rotation being 5 weeks after their release was causing issues with the predictions, given that Mei is currently 2 weeks delayed. It now allows for delays.
  • The image reference for Skins and Mounts in the Meta Image Reference were still using the old structure, and has been updated.
  • The Meta Description for Subuniverses has been changed a bit.
  • It is now much more visible when Limited-Time Items and Gold Mounts expire on Sale Pages, thanks to image opacity and some strikethrough text.
  • Rarities and Release Dates has been corrected for lots and lots of Skins - with a few more likely to come.
An unexpected benefit of the Tint work also means that the Ranked Mounts will be getting new and shiny images soon!

Alternate Fates and Summer - Posted on 2020-07-21
With the Summer vacation hitting, less time has been available to update the site, strangely enough.
  • Images for the Alternate Fates Skins and Mounts has been added to the site, including an image for the Event.
  • Likewise, images has been added to the Skins of Alternate Betrayal, plus adding Sentinel Lunara to it.
  • The name and description of "Shadowsong's Nightsaber" is updated to "Whisperwind's Nightsaber" and fitting to that of the Alternate Betrayal Warden.
  • Release Dates changed to July 15, rather than the expected July 14.
  • Lots of Skin and Mount Rarity values fixed behind the scenes - more to come, too.
Tint work is, as always, progressing nicely, but I'll continue to sneak in other updates from time to time as well.

Minor Fixes and Polishing - Posted on 2020-06-30
A minor updated with a few collected changes, that had been piling up.
  • Events that have not yet started, should no longer show as "ONGOING".
  • The order of the Base Skin description and Short Role description has swapped places on the Hero Pages.
  • Description on Mount Pages is now italic, and special details are in the bullet points.
  • Description on Skin Pages are likewise italic.
  • Rotation and Sales pages that are currently active now also links to the "Currently in the Nexus" page.
Summer is coming up, which will likely mean fewer updates - but I'll still do my best to keep the new Rotations and Sales posted. Enjoy the sun!

Altered Fates Restructuring - Posted on 2020-06-22
One of the nice little surprises of the Mei and Nexomania Patch, is the Event Altered Fates, slated for July 14. That caused a few updates.
  • Two new Skins, as wells as Two new Mounts are added.
  • The Altered Fates Event has been added.
  • A new Subuniverse is created, given that there's a large amount of Alternate Fate Skins pointing to Malfurion's Betrayal.
Other smaller stuff will be added over the week, alongside the continuous Tint work.

Nexomania II and Mei - Posted on 2020-06-18
With the PTR hitting at the beginning of the week, this theme for this year's Summer Event was revealed, along with the new hero, Mei.
  • Mei has been added to the Heroes roster, and is displayed throughout the site!
  • The Nexomania II Event has been added, alongside the Skins and Mounts, with both descriptions and images.
  • The Beach Party Subuniverse has had its Nexomania elements moved to its own Subuniverse, Nexomania, given that there doesn't seem to be a connection anyway.
  • Previous Nexomania Skins and Mounts have had their images updated with the new AWESOME background.
  • A minor display error has been fixed regarding future events being listed as "ongoing".
Alongside that, the Tint work naturally continues. It's all taking form.

Skin and Mount Image Restructuring - Posted on 2020-06-03
A huge part of the work with Tints is managing the tons of images that is needed - and because of that, I needed to restructure everything.
  • Image paths altered on all pages with images of Skins and Mounts!
  • If an image of the Tint in question exists, it is used instead of the Base Tint.
  • If more than one Tint, the Base is always shown.
Rather short update, but there's a lot going on behind the scenes! Stay tuned.

Logo, General and Sales/Prediction Updates - Posted on 2020-05-22
With the site's 2nd anniversary coming up, the idea for giving the site more personality could finally be realized - and what better embodiment, than the playful and adventurous fun Li Li? This also meant some changes across the site - not only related to the new logo!
  • The new logo is now shown on the front page, alongside a much improved introduction of the Site and it's content. It's also updated as the Favicon, along with more formats, which should help it show up more consistently across platforms.
  • The site now has a Web Manifest, which allowing it to be added as an app in the future. Please let me know about that one!
  • Listings of multiple Tints on Sales for Skins/Mounts, Limited-Time Skins/Mounts and Gold Mounts are updated to only display as one entry.
  • The same Changes apply to "Currently in the Nexus".
  • A few changes to the listing on individual Skin and Mount pages for previous Sales and Limited-Time appearances.
  • Predictions now consider the 18 Heroes, that are on a fixed 3-week cycle, properly, as the recent All Heroes Free Period caused some issues.
  • The specific Prediction pages are now different from the main Predictions page, and only lists the predicted Heroes in the section for 3+ weeks and above.
  • A few title and meta-tag tweaks for the front page.
The work with Tints is still progressing nicely, and will also result in an update in image-placements for Skins and Mounts, soon.

Mythic Pantheon - Posted on 2020-05-06
As expected, the new Greek Gods themed event - Myths - was enabled yesterday, bringing some interesting Skins and Mounts!
  • The new Skins for Tracer, Divine Herald, and Cassia, Thunder Goddess, are on the site - with pictures!
  • The Cerberus and Pegasus Mounts are also added - also with pictures!
  • A new Subuniverse was added - Mystic Pantheon - to hold the new additions.
  • Love Goddess Tyrande moved to the new Universe - as she fits there.
  • Images for Astral and Awakened Dark Nexus Manta have been swapped, to match their actual looks.
Work on Tints is progressing nicely - but it's indeed a lot!

Various Fixes Across the Site - Posted on 2020-04-24
Once more, the recent spring cleaning had caused a few odd side-effects - or maybe I had just looked a little closer around the site.
  • Fixed Battleground-Images showing properly across the site.
  • Skins should no longer show "This Skin has:" followed by nothing.
  • Sales-references should be better for certain Gold Mounts happening in odd periods.
  • The Universe-Link off Mounts should now point correctly.
  • A few more oddities fixed with the Event Listings, where some would still be left out.
  • Frontpage is back to showing 3 News items, rather than 5.
The work on Tints continues as well on the side.

Event Fixes and More - Posted on 2020-04-15
As part of some of my recent spring cleaning behind the scenes had a few unfortunate side-effects, which should be fixed by now.
  • Events now properly show related Events in the same series and/or with the same seasonal type.
  • The name and description of the current "Fragments of the Dark Nexus" (Dark Nexus II) Event has been updated.
  • Duration of Events on the front page is no longer shown if the end-date is unknown.
  • A few visual changes was also made to the same condensed listing on the frontpage.
  • Mounts with the "Events" type, will now show Limited-Time periods, if a Tint has been that.
  • The order of Zagara and The Butcher in the Free-to-Play Rotations had, at some weeks, unintentionally swapped slots - which is now fixed.
The current work is primarily with Tints and getting that in order - the first iteration will likely be to show the special cases, like the newly added Seasonal Tints of existing Dark Nexus skins. More on that, when I get closer.

Fragments of the Dark Nexus and Hero Price Fixes - Posted on 2020-04-07
With the PTR just hitting, it brought a slew of needed updates - but mostly just juicy content! It also gave me a chance to do a few fixes and a bit more spring cleaning.
  • The new special Core Abilities has been added to the individual Battleground Pages.
  • The "Dark Nexus 2" Event has been added as the Spring Event of 2020 - the duration and description is still unknown.
  • The new Skins and Mounts have been added - pictures included!
  • Existing Dark Nexus Skins and Mounts have gotten their images updated, to have a fitting background.
  • Tassadar has gotten his role updated to Ranged Assassin, as a result of his huge rework.
  • Mount Pages now also have a "Gold Only" or "Gem Only" icon shown, just like a "Limited" was previously added.
  • Gold Mount and Hero Prices across the site now shows with Gold and Gem icons, rather than the "Gold" and "Gem" texts.
  • Hero Price listing on the individual Hero Pages now also shows the Hero's rarity.
  • Hero Releases no longer counts as a Price Reduction on the Sales overview, condensing amount of Weeks shown on the list.
Expect other additions soon - likely including more spring cleaning, and a closer look at Tints.

More Icons and Spring Cleaning - Posted on 2020-03-28
As promised, this update has affected a ton of different things across the site.
  • If an Event is active, "Currently in the Nexus" will show that, as well as an additional upcoming Event.
  • Rotation and Gem Icons have been added on the Heroes Overview, to show which Heroes are currently on Rotation and on Sale.
  • Rotation and "Forbidden" Icons have been added on the Battlegrounds Overview, to show which are in the Ranked and not in the Unranked Rotation.
  • Mounts on the Mounts Overview, Subuniverse, Universe and Event Pages have gotten Gold and Gem Icons, to show their "Gold Only" or "Gem Only" properties.
  • Events can now handle not having a date, and also show Heroes related to the Event.
  • Hero Sales on individual Sale Pages and "Currently in the Nexus" now show with a Gem icon, as well as showing both the original and reduced prices.
  • The "Current!"-text on Rotations, Sales and Events Overviews now links to "Currently in the Nexus" - but have also gotten the various listings removed, to make the pages more clean.
  • The Frontpage version of "Currently in the Nexus" have been condensed further, but now have the 5 most recent newsposts, rather than 3.
  • The page-footer and text before News have received a Twitter Icon, linking to the official profile!
Next up will likely be to make sure the Spring Event information is added, as well as finishing up on Skin Images - and probably a bit more spring cleaning, too!

Cosmetic Changes and Update - Posted on 2020-03-23
Mostly just in order to update that everything is fine here, amidst the COVID-19 crisis going on all over the world, which has limited my time greatly. Family over all, basically. Still, a few fixes has been made:
  • Mentions of the "Special All Heroes Free-to-Play Periods" are now called that, rather than Events - given that it is not an Event.
  • The "All Heroes" portrait and text now links to the Heroes Overview, rather than nothing.
  • A minor error on Gold Mount pages, showing them as being Gem Mounts is fixed.
  • Links for Limited-Time Skins fixed.
Lots of other small fixes coming soon, which is mostly to do a bit of Spring cleaning, and preparing to show future content, where some elements are unknown - specifically Event dates.

Skin Pages and Limited-Time Icons - Posted on 2020-02-21
Skin Pages are finally here - and with it, a ton of changes across the site, which caused almost side-wide updates. It's worth to note that the work on Skin-Images is far from done, but I found that to be of less importance for now. They'll all be added, eventually.
  • All Skins have their own Individual Page, including information about Sales, Limited-Time periods, if the Skin had previously been a Master or Gem Only - and many other things!
  • A shiny Skins Overview Page.
  • Reference to Skins across the Site now shows Image, in a matter similar to Mounts.
  • Just like Seasonal Icons, Limited-Time Icons have been added.
  • The Headline-style has changed across the site to "Name <Type>", rather than the opposite, and simplified for sub-headlines.
  • Seasonal Event keys have updated to better match the name of the Event itself (something that should have been done ages ago), rather than which Season it belonged to.
  • The Event Overview now uses the newly added Seasonal Icons as well.
  • A few fixes were made to Event Pages, as it showed the incorrect numbers of Battlegrounds supplied - and didn't even show them in the first place.
  • Some updates to the different pages' meta keywords. Nothing to talk about.
I have plans made for Skin and Mount Tints, as this will make stuff much better for showing both Seasonal and Limited-Time content - and likely some other updates to clean up the site.

Skin Naming Updates - Posted on 2020-02-14
With the work on Skins being properly in motion, I figured it was time to get the naming conventions sorted out, given as Skins had been a combination of the Skins name and that of the Hero wearing it.
  • Skin Names updated across the site.
  • Names that previously altered the Hero's name (such as Cyb'arak, Doctor Wolf & Stein and the like) now shows correctly.
  • All of Cho'gall's skins now points to Cho, rather than having a special case referring to both - this will, naturally, be fixed when the individual pages hit.
  • The Seasonal icons have moved physical location.
  • Cho and Gall now have more fitting hero-keys ("cho" and "gall", respectfully).
Basically, a very back-end heavy update, but one that was sorely needed. The work continues.

Seasonal Icons Added - Posted on 2020-02-10
After finally getting a version of the Seasonal Icons, that could still be easily recognizable in a tiny version, I thought this was a good time to add them, as it really made everything much more clear.
  • Universe, Subuniverse and Hero Pages that lists Mounts or Skins, now shows a tiny Seasonal Icon.
  • The newly rebuilt Mounts Overview, as well as the Frontpage and Currently in the Nexus also has it visible.
  • The file format of the icons changed that of the bigger logos.
  • Updated duration and remaining time left displays for Events across the site to be more clear.
  • Some redundant information about Events being removed as well, given as it was already visible with the Seasonal logo.
  • Counts of Skins and Mounts on Event Pages got updated to more clearly show if the items they added were Seasonal or not - or both!
Along with the continued Skins work, I will get a Limited-Time Icon added soon as well, after I figure out a good way to show it, given that it's often only a given Tint of an item which is Limited, rather than the full Mount or Skin.

Mount Bugs & Other Fixes - Posted on 2020-02-07
With all big updates comes bugs, in various different forms. The Mounts release had a few as well, but it also gave me the time to fix a few other things.
  • Mounts with multiple Tints on Sale on the same date no longer shows it as "on release".
  • A new "Exclusive" category is added to a few select mounts, signaling their unique (unobtainable) state.
  • A few cases of Gold Mounts not being displayed in Sales were fixed - including the dreaded Halloween sale of 2015.
  • Fixed some meta-tags around the site.
  • The Ranged & Melee Assassin Hero Role links were updated to look more like other links ("ranged-assassin" instead of "rassassin").
Otherwise, the work with Skins continue.

Individual Mount Pages & Gold Mounts - Posted on 2020-02-05
One of the bigger updates in while, in terms of pages affected and added, given that Mounts now have their Individual pages - and Gold Mount data is now being displayed throughout the site!
  • Every single Mount now have their own individual page on the site, with a photo as well as information relevant to their type.
  • The Mount Overview page has been updated to look much better and easier to read.
  • Universe, Subuniverse, Event and Seasonal Event Pages now shows Mounts as Images rather than a list, with a link to the Mount's page.
  • Currently in the Nexus and the frontpage now also display the current Gold Mounts.
  • The Sales Overview lists details about Gold Mount availability.
  • Individual Sales shows Mount Images, as well as Gold Mounts.
Lots of the back-end work done will also make the work for Skins easier - and that's progressing nicely too. The biggest part of the work is getting the images ready.

Event Duration Clarifications - Posted on 2020-01-25
The work with Mounts and Skins continues, but there's still room for a few fixes here and there:
  • Event Durations are properly shown on Event and Seasonal pages, previously only visible on "Currently in the Nexus".
  • A few texts on the Frontpage are cleared up.
Mounts will likely go live before Skins, given that the images are already there. Skins might come shortly after, depending on the need to gather the images beforehand. Stay tuned.

Skins & Mount Work Started - Posted on 2020-01-17
As I begun started working on the individual pages for Skins & Mounts, one of the tasks meant including them in the listings similar to Hero Sales/Rotations - which meant I noticed other things:
  • All-Heroes Free-to-Play events are now listed properly, as they had found their way to appear earlier than intended, causing the lists not to be sorted. Don't ask.
  • The End Date of these are now also visible.
The intention is to show Sales and Limited-Time Sales (End Date for these as well) as well for Skins and Mounts, given that Rotations - obviously - cannot.

Naming Updates and Heroes Patch Notes - Posted on 2020-01-10
A nerve-wrecking backend update to make, but everything worked out as it should, luckily.
  • Universe and Subuniverse links now have a proper naming, rather than the old lengths of 3 and 5 characters, respectfully.
  • The same logic applies to Entities, with their image-links now being full length, rather than the old 3 character length.
  • Subuniverse pages have a more fitting image - I will update those more later on.
  • Last, but not least, I changed the links to Heroes Patch Notes to be Icons (just like the recent Heroes Profile addition), instead of a text-link on Hero and Battleground pages.
With the fear of repeating myself: The focus will shift to doing more content, rather than tidying up. I promise!

404 Handling and Heroes Profile - Posted on 2020-01-03
The year 2020 starts with a rather mixed update, giving both a not-so-obvious change as well as a much more visible one.
  • The site now has a proper "404 - Page Not Found" error page. I will improve it later, but now it's there!
  • Heroes Profile has made its way to the Nexus Compendium, by providing a link to see the Talent Win Rates.
  • In the same way, Win Rate per Hero can be found on the Hero Role pages.
  • The same applies for Battleground pages, too!
And, with that, the focus will shift to doing more content, rather than tidying up. Stay tuned - 2020 is going to be fun!

SEO and URL-Structure Improvements - Posted on 2019-12-27
With the recent improvements to the SEO structuring and addition of better meta-tags, I found a way to solve the problem I started looking at back in May, which means a rather big visual change.
  • All URLs are now in a more Folder-like structure, and gone are the .php-extentions (they can, however, still be used).
  • As a result of that, all pages have a canonical adresse listed in the source.
  • The About-page's Source-listing is easier to read.
  • Portrait-size on Entities-page got slightly enlarged to match Announcers.
This will, most likely, be the last proper update for this year, so HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR! And no worries, there's still lots to come in 2020.

Sale Listing Improvements - Posted on 2019-12-18
Just as I thought we had seen the last of Skin and Mount Sales, they reappear in a majestic fashion, making the site's Sales Listings look horrible.
  • Skin and Mount sales are now properly listed in "Current"-views (Frontpage, Currently in the Nexus and Sales).
  • The listings have also gotten headers for each type (Hero, Skin, Mount, Limited).
  • Code format clean-up to support the above.
  • Improved the recent SEO updates for Events.
And, as always, I have ideas about what I want to work on next being spoiled by stuff like this. Still, improvements are improvements!

SEO and Meta Tags - Posted on 2019-12-14
Something I should have done in more detail a long time ago, really. It was time to make the linking of the site much better, rather than being the same description, no matter what.
  • All pages have had their meta-details updated, and have specific information, whenever possible.
  • This includes stuff like images, titles and descriptions.
  • Various missing image-tags have been completed.
December has been quite hectic, but there should still be time for non-content updates before the end of the year. Stay tuned!

Sales & Limited-Time Item Displays - Posted on 2019-12-03
As a result of the Deathwing patch hitting, and the Heroic Deals being updated earlier than usual alongside it, I figured it was time remove some old logic that no longer served its purpose.
  • Sales (and related data) no longer waits until the scheduled reset-time to change, as new data only becomes available afterwards.
  • Displays for Limited-Time Item enddates now shows as "(estimated)", as it can only be certain after it has ended - even though there are good ideas about said date.
  • Updated data relevant to the upcoming Toys 2 event, starting in 2 weeks!
Expect other updates soon.

Deathwing Updated - Posted on 2019-11-25
With Deathwing arriving to the PTR, we finally got an official Release for him. That also means I can update the data related to him, which caused a few other minor changes.
  • Deathwing's Skin - as well as Destroyer Brightwing - is added.
  • Information about this year's Winter Event - Toys 2 - is added, and will get updated once more information is released.
  • Price Changes are only shown from when a given Hero is released.
  • In the same way, no information is written about currently being in Rotation or on Sale.
  • Base versions of Skins being a Limited-Time Item will no longer show as "Base", but simply as the Hero's Name.
Builds are in the works still, along with different optimizations for Rotations and Sales.

Sales Overview Performance Fix - Posted on 2019-11-19
I figured out that my recent change of more accurately showing the amount of price changes had an unfortunate sideeffect of make the Sales Overview extremely slow!
  • Sales Overview optimzed to load at approximately 6% of the original.
  • That is, from around 5.5 seconds to about 0.3 seconds.
Builds are being worked on, and I have begun the proper plans for adding Skin and Mount pages!

More Rotation, Sales & Price Fixes - Posted on 2019-11-15
Sometimes, I feel like I keep posting the same updates, but it might be because there's so much number-crunching needed to get this right. Either way, more fixes!
  • Price Reduction links from Hero Pages points to the fitting Sales week, if applicable.
  • Sales overviews correctly includes Price Reductions happening off-date (such as Zul'jin's and Ragnaros' releases).
  • Various fixes for the Sale Pages showing at the correct times.
  • Currently in the Nexus is now linked from the frontpage - something I totally forgot to include in the last update!
  • Fixed the Counts on the Frontpage to include Price Reduction-only Sales and the Special All Heroes Free-to-Play periods.
And now, for real, the next goals will be more visual!

Rotation & Sales/Price Fixes - Posted on 2019-11-11
Now that the latest Free-to-Play Period is over - and I found out that it didn't last until the next Rotation (tomorrow), I gave everything a few fixes to improve the displays of the actual durations.
  • Rotation pages now properly show if they are normal rotations, and their actual start- and end-dates.
  • Current-displays are also updated the same way.
  • Sales lists are better at showing Price Reductions.
  • Hero Pages linking to older Price Reductions now properly works.
  • Currently in the Nexus shows more detailed Event end-information.
  • Added the remaining Alpha-data, increasing the total amount of Free-to-Play Rotations to 300 (5 of which being "All Heroes Free"-events)
Onwards to more visual and exciting stuff!

Free-to-Play Period Tweaks - Posted on 2019-11-07
As a result of the newly added Free-to-Play Periods, I figured it would be a neat detail to actually show the Heroes that were Free-to-Play at the time.
  • All Heroes released before the start of a special All Heroes Free-to-Play Period is now shown on the designated Rotation Pages, rather than only a single "All Heroes" placeholder.
  • The "All Heroes" placeholder remains on other displays, in order to not cause clutter.
  • All Rotation pages now show the Amount of Heroes Free-to-Play in that period.
  • Announcers-page only shows Heroes and Skins that has been released.
Looking into getting the remaining Alpha-data added, and then onwards to other, more visual, stuff.

All Heroes Free-to-Play Periods Added - Posted on 2019-11-03
This year's BlizzCon came with the lovely surprise of a long period of all Heroes being Free-to-Play (November 1st to 11th), which I knew would cause both problems on the site - and simply not being able to show it. So, I made the following changes:
  • Hero-specific Rotation listing now include periods where All Heroes were Free-to-Play, since they released.
  • Predictions handle the longer Free-to-Play periods, by not predicting for them. They also do not count as a Hero being properly in Rotation.
  • Rotation listings include the Free-to-Play periods, and displays the amount of Heroes included.
  • Currently in the Nexus, Frontpage and Rotation listings of the Current Rotation shows "All Heroes" when a All Heroes Free-to-Play Period is in Effect.
  • Specfic pages are made for these periods, just like normal Rotation-weeks - these will, in time, be updated to show the full list of Heroes included, rather than "All Heroes" as other listings.
  • Slightly unrelated: Announcers portraits got enlarged, to prepare for Builds.
Builds will likely be the next to be added - but I also dug out some Alpha rotation data from 2014-03-14 to the current oldest Rotation from 2015-02-12, which is an additional 48 weeks of data - bringing the total to 299. More on that later.

Deathwing and Hero Page Fixes - Posted on 2019-10-24
With Deathwing announcing his arrival at the Nexus, I thought it would be great to have him added to the site, even though we know very little about him - and that caused some things to be changed, as well as some other fixes.
  • Deathwing now has his own Hero Page.
  • Heroes with Unknown Release Dates displays as such.
  • Predictions and likewise display ignore Heroes with an Unknown Release Date.
  • If no official site link exists, no link is shown.
  • Both Cho and Gall now properly show their price reductions.
  • Skin Names for all other Heroes than Cho'gall now again display their name.
On the sideline, I'm still looking at Builds, Skins and such. Oh, and BlizzCon is near!

Prediction Fixes - Posted on 2019-10-18
Addressed a few error in the way Predictions worked, which was made apparent when using the method to see how a given prediction was based on a given week.
  • Release Dates are considered for the Rotation/Sale date of the given week, which gave problems for Heroes like Ragnaros and Zul'jin.
But, that being said, I'm looking into a way to add Hero Build links to the site, which should be very useful. Stay tuned - it's in the works!

Battleground Rotation Fixes - Posted on 2019-10-01
A quick boring update, to address a few fixes:
  • The Date for the latest changes to the Battleground Rotation is now correct, as it only showed the date with the last additions - not removals.
  • The fix is applied on both "Rotations" and "Currently in the Nexus" pages.
Hopefully the next update should be more exciting.

Hero Price Changes Added - Posted on 2019-09-27
After some reorganizing to figure out how to show the information, Hero Price Changes are now added to the site!
  • Individual Hero pages show Price Changes at the Sales section.
  • Weekly Sales pages show Hero Price Changes.
  • Sales Overview lists which weeks included Hero Price Changes.
  • Compact version of Currently in the Nexus added.
  • A small addition of showing which Seasonal Event an Event belonged to on the Event Overview page.
Prediction improvements, Skins listings and much other stuff is on top of the current backlog - but other neat stuff might also sneak in, depending on what happens.

The Scarlet Heist Added - Posted on 2019-09-16
Now that the Fall Event of 2019 is here: The Scarlet Heist, the various items from there has been added to the site - check it out from the top menu!
  • The Event features 4 new Skins: Wiseguy Junkrat, Baby-Face Orphea, Big Shot Sgt. Hammer and Showstopper Whitemane, 5 new Mounts: Timmy Raccoon, Getaway Sidecar, Venomous Tombstone, Revered Tombstone and Celestial Tidewalker, as well as a new Subuniverse: New Tirisfal!
  • Fixed a display issue for Events with no image.
  • Expiry-dates on Limited-Time Items on Sales pages no longer point to non-existent pages.
Once I get done combing through the PTR, I'll have images for every skin in the game (Base tints, that is), which would give the foundation for showing Skin images, just like for Mounts. I'll likely prioritize that higher, as it adds a ton of value to the site.

Battleground Brush-up - Posted on 2019-08-30
A few quality of life fixes for the Battleground pages, to make everything a bit better.
  • For some reason, I had the Respawn conditions hidden, if the Objective did not have a Spawn time.
  • Timers now show in the format of XX min, YY sec, rather than the less readable 00:XX:YY.
  • A few details have been updated to be more precise.
Still looking into getting Hero Prices shown properly, as well as improving the Prediction results.

Announcers and Entity Pages - Posted on 2019-08-26
Quick update to show some of the data hidden all over the site: Overviews of Announcers and Entities.
  • Entities are available from the link at the top of the frontpage!
  • Announcers are linked to from whenever they are mentioned as such, like the individual Hero pages, Skin and Entity lists.
Lots of other stuff to come, as always!

Cosmetic Changes - Posted on 2019-08-24
Following a bit of feedback, the following changes have been made to the site:
  • All links have a different color, which should resemble a "half-way there" from the current hover-color, which stays the same.
  • The primary Font changed from "Open Sans" to "MetronicRoboto", to make the text clearer.
  • As a result of the new font, the primary text-size was upped a minor bit, but it should help even further with the readability.
Work continues on gathering data for Gold Mounts, as well as getting other neat features added.

Past Prediction Results Available - Posted on 2019-08-12
This is actually a change I have thought about getting done for quite a while, and it turned out to be rather quick to implement. Naturally, that also means that it will likely be improved later on - but for now, it serves its purpose.
  • Rotation and Sales Pages now has a “Compare Predictions”-link visible at the top, which links to a version of the Predictions-page, where a ✔️ marks when a Hero fit the prediction.
  • For now, this “only” works from 2015-08-18 and onwards, given the odd release dates for older Heroes gave issues in relation to the “5 weeks after release”-rule. Likely something I’ll revisit.
  • The list of “Remaining Heroes” on the Predictions-page changed to an unordered list.
I will likely look into showing Hero Prices, as well as listing changes alongside the Hero Sales, as the next part.

Further Battleground Rotation Improvements - Posted on 2019-08-09
This is, hopefully, the last smaller round of fixes and improvements I will make on Battleground Rotations for a while, but now everything really looks and behaves like I wanted it to.
  • Rotations Pages shows links to the previous and next week with Battleground Rotation changes, which should make navigation smoother.
  • The full Battleground Rotations are only shown on Rotation pages if there has been any changes to the Rotation.
  • Just like the recent changes on the Rotation views, the data on the individual Battleground pages now also only takes data before today's date into consideration.
  • A few additional Event fixes, in regards to the display of an unknown end date and the case of no Event connections, but a Subuniverse connection existed.
And with that, onwards with changes to other parts of the site.

Rotation Fixes - Posted on 2019-08-06
A few new fixes have been added, given that I found additional errors:
  • Battleground Rotation views now only takes the newest data before today's date into consideration.
  • Heroes have visible data on whether they're currently on Rotation and Sale.
  • Rotations Page shows the date of the last update to the Battleground Rotations.
  • Minor display errors in regards to Event Dates, given that the End Date was included.
The change regarding a better navigation of Battleground Rotations is in the works, but didn't make it to this update. It'll be added soon, along with other nice stuff!

Qhira and some Bug Fixes - Posted on 2019-08-04
The new and fancy Bounty Hunter from Iresia has been added to the site, and with her, a few bug fixes regarding the Battleground Rotations and Events.
  • Qhira's Hero Page is live, along with the new stuff added in the coming patch.
  • Rotations Overview and newest Rotation page no longer shows data from the future.
  • Subuniverse pages no longer shows an empty section, when no Events are connected.
There's a few more changes coming regarding the viewing of Battleground Rotations that should make it much easier to navigate, and to make the information seem less cluttered - and other lovely new stuff!

Battleground Rotations and Sales Improvements - Posted on 2019-07-24
This is a thing I have been gathering information for, for quite a while - and then came a bit extra, as I got the chance to revisit the Rotation and Sales pages.
  • Rotations Overview shows the current Free-to-Play and Battleground Rotations.
  • Rotations Listings have had Battleground Rotation changes added.
  • Rotation Pages shows Battleground Rotation changes, and how the Rotations looked at that week.
  • Battleground Pages shows Rotation information in a new section.
  • Hero Rotation Level requirements now shows as ?? if unknown.
  • Sales Overview shows the current Heroic Deals and Limited-Time Items.
  • Sales Prices now uses the Hero Prices, rather than a fixed value - this history will eventually be shown on the Hero pages as well.
Expect a lot more coming in the near future!

Event Fixes - Posted on 2019-07-23
As with all new things, a few bugs and formatting improvements has to be made:
  • Event Overview shows Events sorted by time, rather than by name.
  • Counters and listings for Event Relations fixed - some issues arose from the combination of Event Series and Seasons.
And with that, onwards!

Major Event Rework - Posted on 2019-07-19
Finally... again! After seeing the Event Pages active for a while, it was clear that changes was needed, and I decided to redo it almost completely. As such, the following changed:
  • The Event Overview shows individual Events, rather than Events ordered by series.
  • Seasonal Event Pages gives an overview of the items that are only obtainable during the given Seasonal Event - and the respective Events are listed.
  • Individual Event Pages show more focused Event details, and reference other related Events as well as the Subuniverses they connect to.
  • References to Events have been improved vastly across the site for Skins, Mounts, (Sub)Universes and Battlegrounds.
  • Tons of backend-changes in order to make all of this work better, and make future connections more clean.
For future plans, it is time to take a look at some of the data I have lying around, but not showing on the site, like the earlier mentioned Battleground Rotations. Stay tuned.

Event Thoughts and Minor Tweaks - Posted on 2019-06-21
With Events having been added, I have begun to see ways to severely improve the way of presenting it, making the connections better, while keeping the individual Events separated. It all mostly came from the unexpected Summer Event theme of MechaStorm II, as well as wanting to make the Seasonal pages different from the others.
  • Lots of data reorganizing behind the scenes.
  • The Events-page and the Heroes-page got a minor makeover.
  • Frontpage and Sales pages only show Limited-Time Items end-date if it's known, which currently often is after it has expired.
So, this is mostly to get some minor stuff out of the way, and to ensure that I am definitely still doing work on the site.

Events Added - Posted on 2019-06-07
Finally! This has likely been one of the biggest content-pushes in quite a while, mostly because of the amount of data gathering needed in order to make it possible.
  • There is now an Events Page, available from the top.
  • Seasonal Events are listed first, with their respective Icon shown.
  • Individual Event Pages show Event details such as Duration, what Items have been provided over the Occurences as well as Subuniverse connections.
  • Seasonal Events also have their exclusive items listed.
  • References to Events have been added across the site for Skins, Mounts, (Sub)Universes and Battlegrounds.
  • The Front Page now links to the current Event, if any, and shows the Event Totals.
There are still some good improvements to be done, but at this point it was better to get out there, especially with this year's Summer Event getting closer.

Cho'gall Updates - Posted on 2019-05-16
It's not really often that I make updates because of specific Heroes, but Cho'gall has always been quite special in more ways than one. Pun intended.
  • Rather than being named "Cho'gall (Cho)" and "Cho'gall (Gall)", they're now simply "Cho" and "Gall".
  • Sales data for Cho and Gall are merged, just as Skins have been. This is shown with the "Double Trouble"-portrait.
  • The Sales-part of the Predictions-page now also only sees Cho'gall as one.
  • Hero-page updated to handle their unified data.
  • A few fixes for links across the site.
Events are still on the top of my backlog of things to add, alongside the Battleground Rotations. Stay tuned!

Battleground Objectives Updates - Posted on 2019-05-10
A few more details have been polished on the site regarding the Battleground pages.
  • All Mercenaries now have information about which lane they will move down upon capture.
  • General Battleground and Objective descriptions improved.
  • Continuing gathering the Battleground Rotation data - should be available in not too long.
After that, I will probably go back and look closer into Events again, to get that part of the data shown.

Behind the Scenes Updates - Posted on 2019-05-04
In the effort of making the site more SEO-friendly, I have made quite a few changes behind the scenes. It is, however, in preparation for something much cooler in terms of URL-structuring, so it will be visible sooner, rather than later.
  • Meta tags added.
  • Reading the site for a folder-structure, rather than php-extensions.
  • Gathering more Battleground data, which will resolve in being able to show Rotations, too!
A somewhat boring update, but every once in a while, things work like that. I got lots of "visible" stuff on the way, no worries.

Further Battleground Detail Updates - Posted on 2019-04-27
The work for improving the Battlegrounds information continues, with lots of new details being visible.
  • All Objectives, Mercenary Camps and Watchtowers have information about Amounts and Locations.
  • Details have been improved across most Battlegrounds - likely with more to come.
  • Updated the numbers at the top of the pages to show the amount of Mercenary Camps and Watchtowers, rather than the number of different types.
  • Primary Objectives will continue to show the amount of different objectives to follow, rather than number of elements.
  • Fixed a few broken links to the full maps.
I will likely update the descriptions further over time, but that will likely be purely data-driven.

Subuniverses Reorganized - Posted on 2019-04-26
In order to be better prepared for Events being added, I reorganized the current Subuniverses to better reflect this.
  • The number of subuniverses has gone from 44 to 35.
  • That means that 13 has been deleted or merged into others, while 4 new ones has been added.
  • On the sidelines, I've tagged Skins and Mounts for whether or not they are Seasonal items and if they were added during an event.
  • Event-tagging has been done to Battlegrounds as well. Considering Heroes and Entities as well.
All this will be visible once Events are added in not too long.

Anduin Added, Hero Page Tweaks - Posted on 2019-04-23
With the PTR for Anduin going up, the content from the patch has been added, along with a few fixes.
  • Anduin, his two skins, hero description and portrait are added.
  • The mount Reverence, as well as Varian's new Stormwind Footman skin has been added.
  • Checks for Hero Page pictures have been added, and now shows the "Nexus Guy" if not found.
  • A few checks for Hero Portraits were fixed.
More proper updates to follow soon.

Entities, Battleground Updates and Twitter - Posted on 2019-04-21
For the ongoing working of improving the newly added Battlegrounds information, I realized that I didn't have Entities shown.
  • Battlegrounds have information about whether Mercenary Camps are available during the Primary Objective.
  • The relevant Entities of a given Battleground is shown, along with their relation to it.
  • Entities have gotten pictures all over the site!
  • Lots of descriptions have been improved since last - with much more in the works!
In other news, I decided to make an official Twitter: @NexusCompendium, where I will post whenever new stuff is added (like these posts), as well as other relevant details, insights and the like. Give it a follow!

Current Event Shown - Posted on 2019-04-14
Just a tiny thing I wanted to get active, before a much bigger push later down the line happens.
  • Frontpage now shows if there's an ongoing event.
  • Details include the name, if it's seasonal as well as the start- and enddates, if known.
The groundwork for Events has been made, but it requires a restructuring of the data for the various Subuniverses, Skins and Mouunts, which means it will likely take a while before it's shown on the site.

Hero Role Pages and References - Posted on 2019-04-12
As mentioned yesterday, I have created dedicated pages for each of the Hero Roles, which gives some more ways to get an overview.
  • The Heroes page now shows the current Hero Roles.
  • The individual Hero Role pages shows the description for the Role (as per Expanded Hero Roles Blog, as well as the Heroes with that role.
  • Each Hero page now has a link to the Role, as well as a small Role Icon.
  • To match that, a Universe icon has been added as well.
  • The Universe icon is also visible on the new Battleground pages.
Stay tuned for more updates, which will likely be tunings to Battlegrounds and the like.

Battleground Details - Posted on 2019-04-11
After being a work-in-progress for quite a while, I have finally finished up the first version of the Battleground Overview.
  • All Battleground Listings point to the respective Battleground Page.
  • Pages include the basic information as Released, Universe-connection and HeroesPatchNotes links.
  • Furthermore, every Battleground also has Objective, Mercenary Camp and Watchtower details and descriptions. These will likely be improved later on.
  • A bit of additional tweaks behind the scenes.
Next point on the agenda is highly likely to be have dedicated pages for the new Hero Roles (which I updated recently), to better give an overview of which Heroes fit in each.

Limited-Time Items on Sales List and Polishing - Posted on 2019-03-31
A few minor cosmetic site-changes for today after the recent portrait-changes.
  • Sales overview now displays Limited-Time Items.
  • Sales and Rotation lists have their numbers highlighted.
  • All Pages have had their titles switched around, so they follow the logic of specifics first, rather than depth listing. For example: Li Li - Hero - Nexus Compendium vs. Nexus Compendium - Hero - Li Li.
  • As a preparation for the individual Battleground-pages, Lost Caverns has been removed. Brawls and other maps will likely be (re-)added at a later point.
The latter will likely be the next focus point, in order to get some more data regarding Battlegrounds out there.

New Roles Added and Hero Portraits - Posted on 2019-03-28
Now that the new Expanded Hero Roles are live, it was time to get that shown on the site. That also made me do a few other fixes.
  • Hero Pages are updated with the new Hero Roles.
  • All Roles - except Assassins - now also show if they are Ranged or Melee.
  • References to Heroes on Rotation, Sales and Universe sites now use the Portraits, just like on the front page - simply because it looks more neat and compact.
  • Just like I have previously added special notes for Brightwing and Alarak, Orphea got one as well!
  • Fixed a few display errors when Limited-Time Items were removed, which happened for the first time on this week's reset.
Lots of other stuff coming soon!

Prediction Fixes - Posted on 2019-03-22
With the Predictions going live, I noticed an error during the week, which caused Hero Sales to not be shown for the "remaining" row under certain circumstances.
  • While I did a temporary fix during the week (live editing via FTP on a smartphone, woo), the error is now fixed for good, by reorganized the logic.
  • The "Remaining"-row now also shows the number of weeks till that date, as it's hard to judge purely from a date.
  • Some references across the site has been fixed, as a result of Rotations and Sales being listed at the same place. Links with "#sales" and "#rotations" should now be "#weekly".
  • Skin-listings are now ordered by "Skin, Hero", rather than "Hero, Skin" - that order can be seen on the Hero-pages.
Behind the scenes, I'm now looking closer at Events, which will also result in an overhaul of the Subuniverses, given that many of them are based directly on events. More on that later.

Full Predictions - Posted on 2019-03-16
This news post is something I have looked forward to posting for a long time now, since I started working on it with more focus at the beginning of the year.
  • The top menu has been updated with a new "Prediction"-point. This page shows the full predictions for Hero Rotations and Sales for the next 3 full weeks, and then lists the rest. Take a look!
  • Compared to the old retired Prediciton-list, the order of candidates on a given list should now more correctly reflect their probability - for instance, "weeks delayed" is now ranked much higher than before.
  • Hero Pages have been cleaned up, so that Rotations/Sales data are now listed next to each other, making it look cleaner and more compact.
  • Tons of work behind the scenes, so that all predictions and such works off the same logic.
There will likely be some additional tweeks to the Prediction-methods, as I have yet to include the use of Medians yet.

Tweaks with Current-Indicator - Posted on 2019-03-12
Whenever I add something new, I usually discover an obscure bug a few days later - and this is no different.
  • The Current-indicator now correctly takes into consideration that Rotations and Sales change at different times.
  • As such, it shouldn't be able to conclude that data is missing, until the reset has happened.
  • This is especially annoying, given that the Sales data is often delayed these days - and the goal is to reflect how everything is, well, currently.
  • Slightly unrelated, but the "View all News"-text at the bottom now shows the total number of newsposts.
Predictions 2.0 is otherwise progressing great, and I have gathered lots of data on the side for Events and Battlegrounds. Next goal is to add those.

Current Sales and Rotation Corrections - Posted on 2019-03-08
Applied a minor fix to the views of the view of Current Rotation and Sales data across the site.
  • Frontpage doesn't change Sales/Rotations purely from date, but looks at the time of the day as well.
  • Sales- and Rotation-overviews had their Current-marker updated.
  • Frontpage should show if the current Sales date could be Outdated, given that this has become available rather late.
No worries, I'm still working on lots of stuff - it's simply not visible at this time.

Limited-Time Items Shown - Posted on 2019-02-15
As mentioned in the post a few days ago, the in-game Collection introduced the new Limited-Time Items, which is now visible on the site.
  • The Frontpage got tweaked to include current Limited-Time Items.
  • The individual Sales-pages now shows Limited-Time Items - both current and their status.
  • Both had their texts updated for more clarity.
The Sales-overview page doesn't yet show it, but it's something I might look into later on.

Sales- and Gem-related Fixes - Posted on 2019-02-13
With the changes to the Collection that happened yesterday, it means that certain aspects of the Compendium is now in need of changes, and may - as such - seem incomplete and incorrect as it currently stands.
  • The Weekly Sales will only contain Heroes, given that Mounts and Skins on those lists merely meant they were able to be bought with Gems. Luckily, this doesn't require much changing.
  • The addition of Limited-Time Items do, however. I've begun looking at a way to get this shown properly, so that the Sales-pages (and Front) will properly show the current Limited-Time Items.
  • The upcoming individual pages for Skins and Mount will feature this new information, and show if they are Limited-Time Items, or previously have been.
  • The "Gem Only"-attribute for Skins has been removed, as the new Collection changes means that this no longer applies.
  • Mounts will, so far, keep the value.
As for Skins/Mount-sales predictions, these no longer make sense. This will no doubt make the upcoming "Predictions 2.0"-page a lot more neat, as everything on it will be purely based on the Heroes.

Subuniverse List and Hero Sale Fixes - Posted on 2019-02-08
When testing out the updated Hero Sale prediction, I found that there was a rather annoying case happening, when a given Hero was released much earlier than the Sales started.
  • If difference between Hero Release and the first sale is more than 30 weeks, it's treated as such.
  • This only applies the Hero is released before the first Sale (2015-01-13).
  • This rule will also apply to Skins and Mounts, once ready.
  • Completely unrelated, the Universe-page how has a list of all Subuniverses.
Work with the full prediction is continuing, and also lets me recode a lot of other stuff, which is why it's taking so long.

Refined Sales Calculation and Titles - Posted on 2019-01-25
Following up on the previous update, the work with unifying and improving the prediction is progressing. That means, for this update, a few minor refinements, and a cosmetic change, too.
  • Unlike Rotations, Sales will now take the first instance into consideration, as the first sale isn't a fixed for Sales.
  • Pages across the site will now show a fitting title, unlike the previous generic ones (for instance: Hero - Li Li instead of Heroes.
The work with the prediction is taking shape, and it shouldn't take long before I have it ready. Hopefully.

Improved Hero Sale Estimation - Posted on 2019-01-18
As the work with getting complete predictions for Sales, I have combed through the data in order to be able to give some better estimations. The challenge lies in that the first sale isn't a fixed date, unlike Rotations.
  • First estimated Hero Sale is 26 weeks after release.
  • This bit of data means that all heroes will always have an estimated Sale date, just like Rotations.
  • The data is currently visible on the individual Hero pages.
  • Hero Pages got a bit of bonus polish, with larger images.
  • Behind the scenes, I have also gathered Release-dates for all Skins and Mounts, which will be required to give any sort of estimations for those, later on.
As a bit of bonus information, I have also done the same estimations for Skins and Mounts, which have estimations of 26 weeks (just like Heroes) and 21 weeks, respectfully. All building up to being able to present full Sale-estimations - no matter how off they may be.

Sales Bugs Fixed - Posted on 2019-01-04
Starting the year off with a few bug fixes and such. A slow start is better than no start.
  • Links to future Rotations and Sales on the front page points to the listings, rather than to the newest data available.
  • Sales-page no longer states that old data could be missing, given that old data was completed some time ago.
  • Texts for incomplete Sales-data fixed.
  • The "Professional"-category of Mounts is no longer called "Frofessional", on all Mount-listings. F.
  • A minor bit of polish for the front page.
No worries, there will be more exiting updates coming in the near future, now that these past ones were not exactly groundbreaking.

View of Current Improved - Posted on 2018-12-30
A few minor things improved for the last update of this first year.
  • The first Rotation-weeks with 7, 10 and 14 heroes shown.
  • Rotations-page shows "Current".
  • Sales-page shows "Current".
  • Few backend-changes to improve my development.
Minor, true, but there's a lot of nice stuff in store for 2019. Priorities and such keep shifting, but it will all eventually show. But, for now: Happy Holidays and New Year!

Mounts Sections Improved - Posted on 2018-12-09
Now that the Mounts-page have been visible for a while, it became apparent that it need a bit of restructuring and the mounts themselves a recategorization.
  • Mounts page lists all Mounts alphabetically.
  • Gold and Gem Only are no longer main categories, but instead a minor detail.
  • A new category added for purchasing gems.
  • Promo-category split into Promotions and Events.
  • Mounts celebrating Professional teams have also gotten their own category.
  • Links to Sub- and main Universes from Mounts now points to the Mounts-section of said Universe.
  • Images to most of the missing mounts have been added.
Minor changes, but some that should help getting the overview, at the very least.

Sales Data Complete and Announcers Shown - Posted on 2018-12-07
It took a while, but it's finally complete, for all 196 Sales! Besides that, the Announcer-information is also shown.
  • Every single Skin-sale is added - 814 in total!
  • Every single Mount-sale is added - 194 in total!
  • Hero Pages show if the Hero can be used an Announcer!
  • Listed Skins show if they can be used an Announcer (currently only Mecha Tyrael, though).
  • The same applies for listed Entities.
So, yes, as I previously stated, this should mean that I should be able to give predictions for Skins and Mount sales - just like Hero Sales! In the same way, a dedicated Announcer-page will be added eventually.

References and Sales Data - Posted on 2018-11-16
Bit of a mixed news-post today, as I have added some minor visible things, primarily to honor a few cool Heroes from outside the Nexus.
  • Alarak has a reference to Alarak of the Storm.
  • Brightwing has a reference to Brightwing Royalite.
  • The dreaded "50% off on EVERYTHING" sale of Black Friday 2015 is changed to simply display "All", rather than attempting to show the actual full list of Heroes, Skins and Mounts.
  • In the same way, this is also visible on the total Sales-list.
  • Behind the scenes, all sales data is gathered, and "just" has to be converted to the site-data.
The last bullet is actually more significant than it sounds, as it means that I'll eventually be able to do predictions on Hero, Skin and Mount sales. It's pretty cool - stay tuned.

Classic Universe Merged with Nexus - Posted on 2018-11-08
As a follow-up to the findings after BlizzCon and the PTR that brought Orphea, some additional data has shown that our dear Vikings are now part of "the Nexus"-segment - and the old "Classic" is gone. As such:
  • The Universe is simply called Nexus.
  • The contents of the Classic-universe is merged into Nexus.
  • Descriptions for Nexus is updated.
  • The name of Burning Courts High renamed once again to Burning Courts RCHS, to signify the connection to "Raven Court High School".
I might also rename Subuniverses to Realms, as that name makes more sense. Stay tuned for that, and more.

Mounts Images Plus Nexus Additions - Posted on 2018-11-02
Time flies, it's already BlizzCon! That also means that a new hero, Orphea - Heir to Raven Court - is added, but I also got time to heavily update the Mount-views, so:
  • The designated Mounts-page now have images for most of the Mounts.
  • The same applies to Subuniverse- and Universe-pages.
  • Orphea's release also meant that the Nexus-icon is updated to be less generic.
  • The Burning Court-Subuniverse have changed to "Burning Court High", to fit the new cosmetics.
  • These remaining cosmetics will be added, once the PTR hits during next week.
And, of course, as I mentioned before, pages for Skins, Entities and Announcers will come soon.

Mounts and About Pages Added - Posted on 2018-10-31
To celebrate that the magnificent Wonder William is now in the Nexus, I decided it was a good time to add a designated page for Mounts.
  • The Page lists all 140 Mounts!
  • Mounts are ordered by Type.
  • Data about Gem-Only mount time-periods are added for those!
  • An About-page has been added, that currently has all the sources to Rotations and Sales.
  • The Frontpage has, as a result, gotten the intro-text moved there.
I'll add a page for Skins, Entities and Announcers shortly!

Hero Descriptions Updated - Posted on 2018-10-27
Given the recent addition of Base Skins, the Hero Descriptions were identical to that description.
  • The In-Game description has been added to the individual Hero Pages.
  • This description gives a good idea of the strengths and special feats about a hero.
  • The old Base Skin Description remains, as it always gives a good lore-description.
Stay tuned for more updates!

Base Skins Added - Posted on 2018-10-25
As part of the work with getting Skins added to Sales, I have added all the Base Skins to the poll, given as some newer Tints of those are sometimes on sale.
  • These skins added 82 Skins, making the total number 393!
  • The Skin Description of these are, currently, identical to the Hero Description - which is intended.
  • The skins can be seen on individual Hero Pages, as well as Universe Pages.
  • Hero Descriptions will later be updated to match the (shorter) in-game description, that elaborates the Hero's role, rather than lore.
More to come soon.

Rotation and Sales Updates - Posted on 2018-10-16
The overall lists of Rotations and Sales have been improved, to show a brief glimpse of insight for the given week, rather than simply the links.
  • Rotations-page shows amount of Heroes.
  • Sales-page shows amount of Heroes, Skins and Mounts.
  • The Frontpage now shows the complete Sale - Skins and Mounts included!
That also means that it's painfully obvious how little live-data for Skins and Mounts is in the system, currently. It's getting there though, behind the scenes.

More Cho'gall Fixes and Weekly Improvements - Posted on 2018-10-12
Yesterday's fixes with Cho'gall had a minor unforseen consequence, that caused everyone to have Cho'gall's data. Whoopsie! Now, besides that:
  • Cho'gall's Hero pages now also link to each other
  • The text for "Gem Only"-skins moved to a better spot after the Rarity, for all pages with Skins
  • Texts for "X weeks earlier" on Hero Sale and Rotation lists changed to be "X weeks since last time", and listed on the previous line
  • This opened for the last line to have the useful "X weeks since release" added
  • Minor polishes to the Sales / Rotation navigation
Let's hope this doesn't cause any additional unforseen issues. Cho'gall was plenty for now!

Minor Fixes - Posted on 2018-10-11
A few fixes were made, as part of the work with Skins in the Sales.
  • Cho'gall's Skins are now visible - on Hero, Universe and Subuniverse pages.
  • Navigation on Rotation / Sales pages is better.
Otherwise, enjoy the new addition of Mal'Ganis!

Sales and Skin Updates - Posted on 2018-09-21
A minor addition - and a free preview for the future.
  • Skins and Mounts are now shown at the Sales pages - data will be added slowly.
  • This information will soon be shown (and used) on Hero pages.
  • Data about skins being "Gem Only" is now shown at the respectful places on the site (Hero, Sales, Universe and Subuniverse pages).
  • Sales and Rotation pages refer to each other on identical weeks.
The data for Skins/Mounts in the Weekly Sales is flowing, and will slowly become visible!

Frontpage Updates - Posted on 2018-09-20
Small update for now, but that doesn't mean that lots of stuff haven't been happening behind the scenes.
  • Portrait-view added for Rotations and Sales!
  • Lots of data-corrections in Skins, Mounts and Subuniverses.
  • Rotation- and Sales- data continuously updated.
  • A grand total of everything is added at the top.
Furthermore, I've been doing a lot of behind-the-scenes work in order to add Events, as well as Skins/Mounts to the Weekly Sales - stay tuned!

Design Tweaks - Posted on 2018-08-11
At the end of June, I made some significant changes to the design of the site - and with the newest addition of Skins and Mounts, the color scheme got tested. The various rarity colors didn't look that great with the theme. So, it needed a few changes:
  • Link hover-color got toned down.
  • Fonts of Headers and Body got switched.
  • The primary background color is changed to a gray-scale, rather than the blue/purple Nexus-colors.
  • Rarity colors are closer to their counterparts, rather than estimations.
There might be other tweaks coming later, but these should do for now.

Subuniverses, Skins and Mounts Added - Posted on 2018-08-05
Finally! This is probably the biggest content-wise update of the site I have done since I started. I am delighted to finally being able to show Subuniverses, Skins and Mounts. That means:
  • All Subuniverses are now shown on the site - a total of 42 - under their respective Universe-pages.
  • Based on my existing lists, I have merged and renamed a few of them to fit better.
  • Subuniverses have their own pages, listing Entities, Battlegrounds, Skins and Mounts.
  • Universe pages also show the Skins and Mounts within all their Subuniverses.
  • Hero pages show Skins.
  • Skins and Mounts always show their Rarity and Type.
  • Linking from page to page has been further improved.
Check it out - there might be some data that needs changing, altering or otherwise. Let me know!

Skins/Mount Sneak-peek and Better Linking - Posted on 2018-08-04
In order to get the showing of Skins and Mounts shown on the site, a few improvements have been made:
  • All Skins are added to the Database - a grand total of 305 (and that's excluding Base skins)!
  • All Mounts are added to the Database - a grand total of 124!
  • Number of Skins can be seen on Hero and Universe pages.
  • Number of Mounts can be seen on Universe pages.
  • Heroes have links to Rotations and Sales at the top - with numbers.
  • Universes have links to Heroes, Subuniverses, Entities and Battlegrounds at the top - also with numbers.
  • Rotation lists links to the Rotation-section on Hero-pages.
  • The same applies to Sales.
Next up is actually showing the Skin- and Mount-descriptions in a logical way, as well as creating the designated Subuniverse-pages.

Subuniverse and Entity Tweaks - Posted on 2018-07-29
As part of the work of adding Skins and Mounts to the databases, a few tweaks was made:
  • The newly announced hero Whitemane, has been added!
  • The list of Subuniverses had a few additions.
  • Entities had some corrections, in regards to their corresponding Subuniverse.
  • Subuniverse and Entity displays on Universe-pages are a bit less cluttered.
  • Heroes with a Unique Mount had that information added to their page.
The next real part will be to do and early presentation of the Skin and Mount data, as well as beginning the work for the designated Subuniverse-pages.

Subuniverses and Entities Added - Posted on 2018-07-24
After being underway behind the scenes for a while, I've finally finished adding the full list of Subuniverses and, as a bonus, the Entities within. That means that:
  • Universe pages show all Subuniverses within them.
  • They also show all Entities within.
  • Heroes-listings also look more neat.
All this is meant as the foundation for when Skins will be added, and separating Subuniverses to individual pages, to lessen the clutter on Universe pages.

Quality of Life Tweaks - Posted on 2018-07-23
I've made a few "Quality of Life" tweaks on the site, which should improve the overall navigation a bit. These include:
  • Every individual Rotation/Sale page has links to the previous and next Rotation/Sale
  • Rotation Prediction-page now shows the reasoning (average/consistency)
  • The front page now shows the Current Rotation/Sale, rather than the Newest
  • If newer data is available, a link to said Rotation/Sale is present
Hope that helps a bit. Keep checking back, as I continue to add more stuff.

Hero Sale Data Complete - Posted on 2018-07-17
After going through the vast reaches of the internet, I found the remaining Hero Sales from before Heroes 2.0. That is, before everything was Gems, Shards and such. That means:
  • Old first week: 2017-04-25
  • New first week: 2015-01-13
That means that there's currently a whooping 176 weeks of sales data active, from the previous 63. Enjoy!

Rotation Predictions - Posted on 2018-07-02
One of the bigger features of the site is the predictions for when a given hero would be on Rotation again. I've finally gotten around to combining it all, and sort it by weeks. That means:
  • All heroes that are estimated to be on rotation for a given week, is listed there.
  • Every hero is only listed once (even though a week they're likely to appear in is also listed).
  • The predicted week on Hero pages links to the predictions.
  • The main Rotation-page links to the predictions.
  • Rotations-page is now also given headers for every year.
The "Estimated certainty" is still a work a progress, and will be improved over time. For now, take a look: here.

Design Overhaul (continued) - Posted on 2018-06-30
After spending a few hours combing through the changes from the new design (again, a huge thanks to Logan Apple), I have now gotten the last few quirks sorted out - which also meant going through all the pages in a more organized matter. That means:
  • New fonts across the board.
  • A Nexagon favicon.
  • A lot of "under the hood"-stuff, that makes everything easier to code.
  • Should look much neater on smartphones, etc.
I got a few more design-related things on my to-do list still, which would include a better hero-listing on the frontpage and in rotations - as well as making the huge rotation and sales lists easier to comb through.

Design Overhaul - Posted on 2018-06-23
A few weeks ago, not long after I had gotten the first version out, I was contacted by Logan Apple about making a better design. Now, I've finally gotten to improve on it - but it's still a work in progress. Those improvements means:
  • An actual background!
  • Smoother colors and transitions.
  • Soft borders around images.
  • Hero-listings on the Heroes-page is now with images!
  • The same style is applied in Universe-pages.
Still some additional things to be done, which will be added over time.

Battlegrounds Polishing - Posted on 2018-06-22
A few minor things were made prettier with Battlegrounds:
  • Battegrounds page includes picture, and listed similar to the news here.
  • The same change is applied to the Battlegrounds listed at a Universe page.
  • Minor polishing in regards to Hero Sales on front page and individual Hero pages
Additional polishing and other content coming over the summer.

Battlegrounds Added - Posted on 2018-06-17
To expand a bit on the newer segment of Universes, I've added options to view Battlegrounds. This means:
  • There's a new heading: "Battlegrounds" - check the top menu!
  • This page lists all current battlegrounds, as well as the description, official link, release date and its universe.
  • The individual Universe-pages shows the battlegrounds within the universe.
  • News on the front page is limited to the 3 newest posts - with a link to the full list at the end.
  • Front-page also shows newest Hero Sales.
Next on the list is likely to also include Entities (Realm Lords, and so on), but also to take a closer look at showing a full prediction of the next Rotations - and maybe even sales.

Hero Sales (Second Step) - Posted on 2018-06-11
After a bit of work, the hero-part of the Heroic Deals is now finished. That means the page now contains
  • There's a new Sales page, containing all heroes that were part of Heroic Deals back until 2017-05-09.
  • All Heroic Deals have an individual page, showing the heroes, and price, for that week.
  • Hero pages now link to the sales, if they were present in it.
  • A few polishments Hero, Rotations and the front page.
Next step I'm going to look into is going deeper into the lore, by looking closer at Universes, Entities and Battlegrounds. Stay tuned!

Hero Sales (First Step) - Posted on 2018-06-08
So, to end of tonight, the following has now been added:
  • Hero Sales are added to the individual hero pages
  • Predictions of the next sale works if there's data for more than one week, as the date for the sale, unlike Rotations, isn't based on release date.
  • Minor polishments to the Rotation displays.
Individual pages (and links) of sales to follow shortly. The data is there, after all. Stay tuned.

Universes (and Other Additions) - Posted on 2018-06-05
Yep, yet another day with additions - some of them being made yesterday:
  • There's a list of the main Universes available - check the top menu!
  • Each Universe lists the known subuniverses (this list is a work in progress) - and Heroes!
  • Hero pages links to their corresponding universes!
  • They also have a link to the individual hero's changes on Heroes Patch Notes
  • The newly announced hero Yrel is added!
  • Images have gotten a thin white border.
  • Work with "Weekly Hero Sales" is in progress!
The site is also about to be a lot prettier! Stay tuned.

Minor Rotation Tweaks - Posted on 2018-06-02
Changed a few minor things, given the first line of feedback:
  • As you can see above, the newest rotation is now visible on this page
  • Hero pages looks a bit better
  • Fixed "amount" to "number". Curse you, English language!
  • Rotations-page shows the amount of rotations
I'll work a bit more on getting the predictions to seem more realistic. If you see a predicted date that's in the past - it should mean that the hero is expected to be in rotation soon.

Rotation Statistics Added - Posted on 2018-05-31
As I mentioned yesterday, I've added a few new features to the individual hero rotation pages. You should now be able to see the following new bits of information:
  • The number of weeks between each time a hero was on rotation
  • The highest, lowest and average number of weeks between a given hero has been on rotation
  • A prediction of when the hero will next be on rotation - based on either the average value, or the difference between the newest rotations, if it has been consistent for at least 5 rotations
The latter took a bit of work, but I'm hoping it'll prove useful in the future.

Rotation Data Complete - Posted on 2018-05-30
I've finally completed adding all the rotation data - all the way back till the very beginning, the week of 2015-02-10. That means that there is currently 173 weeks of data!
  • Next part is adding some useful hero-specific data
  • The goal is to make it visible how often a hero is on rotation, with the goal of being able to predict the next one.
  • I have some pretty good ideas for this, so it likely won't take long.
Naturally, this could probably be used to predict the next full rotation - but I'll hang back with that for a while, as I'm guessing the most important (and useful) part is the individual hero's estimation.

Hello World - Posted on 2018-05-28
What a day - I've finally gotten to start properly working on The Nexus Compendium, and getting the first iteration out there, which contains the following:
  • A full list of Heroes
  • Basic details about the Heroes
  • The current Free-to-Play Hero Rotations - Check the full list to see which weeks have been added so far (at this point, until 2016-11-08).
  • Information about when a given Heroes have been on rotation
... and still lots more to come!