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The Nexus currently contains a total of 58 Banners, with a total of 200 Tints:

76 Banner Tints are Normal, and always obtainable. Change Filter Change Filter
21 Banner Tints are Seasonal, and only obtainable during Seasonal Events. Seasonal Spring Banners Seasonal Summer Banners Seasonal Fall Banners Seasonal Winter Banners Change Filter Change Filter
97 Banner Tints are Promotional, and only achievable through special means. Change Filter Change Filter
5 Banner Tints are Exclusive through special means (like quests), not likely to be available again. Change Filter Change Filter
1 Banner Tints are Free for everyone, always available. Remove Filter Remove Filter

(Numbers) indicate the matching Amount of Tints, whereas (T) is a single Tint that differs from the Base Banner.

Free Banners

Nexus Banner
Nexus Banner
Free (1)

Free Banner Totals

  • Total Free Banners: 1
  • Total Free Banner Tints: 1