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Warhead Junction <Battleground>

Volskaya Foundry Alterac Pass

Warhead Junction

Once a testing facility for nuclear weapons, Warhead Junction has since fallen into ruin. However, the site's abandonment hasn't stopped its glitchy adjutant from continuing to produce and hand out nuclear weapons. Join the arms race of Warhead Junction, build up your stockpile, and rain hell on your enemies!

This Battleground:

Battleground Map

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Battleground Map - Click to Enlarge!

Primary Objectives

These objectives are what makes the Battleground unique, and are essential to know in order to win.

Core Ability - Nuke The Core launches a Nuke at a nearby enemy Hero, dealing 30% maximum health to enemy Heroes hit.
Recast after 18 sec when an enemy Hero is close.
Amount: 2 Located at the middle of each base.

Warheads Capture the Warheads and rain destruction on the enemy. Between 2 and 4 Warheads are available each time. Takes 1.5 second to cast, cannot be cast until 5 seconds after pick-up and takes 4 seconds before dropping.
Spawns: 3 min Respawns 3 min, 5 sec after all active Warheads has been gathered.
Amount: 6 Located all over the middle of the map, between top and bottom lanes.

Sewage Tunnels Tunnels grant quick passage from the opposite ends of the map.
Remains active for the rest of the game.
Amount: 2 Located near the center of the top and bottom lanes.


When captured at the right time, Camps can make a huge difference or provide a needed bit of support.
Note that Mercenaries are enabled during the Primary Objectives.

Firebat Camp Firebats (Siege) spawn. Each attack gives a -4 Armor debuff, staking to -20 Armor total and lasts for 3 seconds (refresh on hit). Moves down the bottom lane upon capture.
Spawns: 1 min Respawns 3 min after the Camp has been captured.
Amount: 2 Located between bottom and middle lanes, near the forts each side.

Goliaths & Raven Camp Goliaths & Raven (Bruiser) spawn. Moves down the top lane upon capture.
Spawns: 1 min Respawns 4 min after the Camp has been captured.
Amount: 2 Located between top and middle lanes, near the forts each side.

Junk Swarm Host Junk Swarm Host (Boss) spawns. Moves down the top lane upon capture.
Spawns: 5 min Respawns 5 min after the Camp has been captured.
Amount: 1 Located at the north of map.


Capture these to gain vision, until captured by the opposing team.

Watchtower Two Watchtower overlooks the northern and southern Warhead spawn points and Sewage Tunnels.
Amount: 2 Located between the lanes.


These entities are found in this Battleground, one way or the other.

Adjutant (Primary Announcer) - available as an Announcer

A Terran AI gone somewhat rogue.


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Battleground Rotations

In Ranked and Unranked game modes, not all Battlegrounds are playable at all times. This changes every once in a while with a Battleground Rotation.