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Event <Heroes 2.0 Fall Conversions>

Fall Event
Heroes 2.0 Fall Conversions

With the release of Heroes 2.0 and the new Collection-system and Seasonal Lootboxes, some items were converted to be Seasonal.

This Event:

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Ties Into Subuniverses

  • This Event has no connections to any Subuniverses

Skins <Heroes 2.0 Fall Conversions>

This is the complete list of Skins tied to this Event.

  • Crimson Count Arthas (from Raven Court) - Rare - Seasonal
    • Few of Sarah von Kerrigan's suitors are as bold or brash as Marquis Arthas du Menethíl. The Crimson Count hopes their unholy union will spell doom for Raven Court's vampire slayers.
    • Special Mount: Bat Form
  • Psycho Stitches (from Hallow's End Celebrations) - Rare - Seasonal
    • The Crystal Lake of Elwynn Forest hides a horrifying secret beneath the depths of its murky waters...
  • Vampire Slayer Valla (from Raven Court) - Rare - Seasonal
    • The Countess's thirst for blood could not be quenched even by her death. As the vampire swarm spread across Raven Court, a group of survivors rose up to resist them.