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Luxorian Nights <Collection Update>

Nexus Challenge Love's in the Air 2017

Luxorian Nights

The skies of Luxoria might be beautiful at night, but the fear of the Scorpid Swarm still looms around every corner. As such, the Bronze Tiger and the Dream Genie have joined the defense of Luxoria!

  • Type: Collection Update
  • Date Added: 2017-01-10
  • Added with Patch: No - Only a Collection Update
This Event:

Related Events / Item-Drops

  • This Event has no connections to other Events

Ties Into Realms

  • Luxoria - Defending Luxoria against the Scorpid Swarm


This is the complete list of Skins tied to this Event.
(T) denotes a specific Tint, where the base Skin was previously released.

Bronze Tiger Kharazim
Bronze Tiger Kharazim

Dream Genie Chromie
Dream Genie Chromie