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Hogger - Scourge of Elwynn <Hero>

Hanzo  Illidan


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Once largely a threat to fledgling adventurers' egos in Elwynn Forest, the Riverpaw gnoll Hogger has finally found a realm vast enough to sate his hunger... which is expanding to fill the space.

A chaotic Bruiser that deals heavy area damage and can create terrain.

This Hero has:


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Hogger Free with the Purchase of Hogger

Shipwrecker Hogger
Shipwrecker Hogger

Free-to-Play Rotations

  • This Hero has not been in any Rotations yet


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Price Changes

Rotation Statistics
  • First predicted rotation: 2021-01-19
    (estimate of 5 weeks after release - 2 weeks delayed)
Sale Statistics
  • First predicted sale: 2021-06-01
    (estimate of 26 weeks after release)