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Valeera <Shadow of the Uncrowned>

Melee Assassin
Valeera Patch Notes
Valeera Talent Win Rates

A stealthed Assassin who specializes in shutting down her opponents.

For a time, the gladiator Valeera Sanguinar served dutifully as one of Varian Wrynn's personal bodyguards. Now, her shadowy skills find her a natural fit within the secretive rogue order, the Uncrowned, in their fight against the Legion.

This Hero has:


  • Bloodfang Valeera (from Nexus-altered Azeroth) - Epic
    • There's no actual proof Valeera infiltrated Blackwing Lair and slew its master at the bequest of her king... But, I mean, there wouldn't be, would there?
  • Cosmic Force Valeera (from Toys!) - Epic - provided from It's Time for Toys! (Seasonal)
    • Featuring the actual voice from the hit show, the advanced action figure has brand new space-age joints that allow for fully articulated kung-fu action. Plus, all Valeera's signature jagged metal weapons are included in the box!
  • Demon Hunter Valeera (from Nexus-altered Azeroth) - Rare
    • The difference between Valeera and her enemies was simple. They would stop at nothing to destroy Azeroth, whereas she would sacrifice everything to save it.
  • Nightslayer Valeera (from Alterac Pass) - Rare - provided from Echoes of Alterac
    • While Valeera's allegiances may be her own, her friendship with Varian meant she couldn't allow him to go to war alone. If he was going to fight the Horde, than so she would be his blade in the dark.
  • Vampire Slayer V Valeera (from Raven Court) - Epic - provided from Hallow's End 2017 (Seasonal)
    • Not all of Raven Court's vampires swear fealty to the Raven Lord. The one known only as "V" has launched a solitary crusade against her own kind, making her an unlikely ally of the Vampire Slayers.

Free-to-Play Rotations


Price Changes

Rotation Statistics
  • Number of times in rotation: 16
  • Highest number of weeks: 12
  • Lowest number of weeks: 7
  • Average number of weeks: 10
  • Next predicted rotation: 2020-03-10
    (an average of 10 weeks)
Sale Statistics
  • Number of times in sale: 4
  • Highest number of weeks: 52
  • Lowest number of weeks: 23
  • Average number of weeks: 35
  • Next predicted sale: 2020-06-02
    (an average of 35 weeks)