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Pajamaland <Realm>

Nexus Staging Grounds Protoss Shogunate


There is always time for a good slumberparty.

  • Type: Realm - An independent Realm within The Nexus.
  • Rooted in: Nexus
This Realm contains:


These are the Skins that are based upon this Realm, reflecting both known and different versions of our Heroes.
Seasonal Spring Seasonal Summer Seasonal Fall Seasonal Winter denotes that the Skin is Seasonal, and only obtainable while an Event of the given type is ongoing.
(T) denotes that the Skin of the specific Tint is not tied to this Realm.

Pajama Party Lost Vikings
Pajama Party Lost Vikings

Pajama Party Mei
Pajama Party Mei

Pajamathur Abathur
Pajamathur Abathur