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Week of 2017-03-28 <Heroic Deals>

2017-03-21 2017-04-04 Rotation of same week

The following were on Sale for the Week of 2017-03-28:

Heroes <50% Discount>


Skins <50% Discount>

The following Skins (including all 3 Tints) were on Sale, reducing their Real Money Price by 50%:

Shan'do Illidan
Shan'do Illidan

Hellblade Samuro
Hellblade Samuro

Hero Price Changes

The following Heroes had their prices changed.

Compare the above Heroes with the Heroes Predicted for this Week.

The Heroic Deals resets every week on Tuesday, at approximately 14 PDT / 23 CEST - earlier if there's a content patch!
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