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Event <Heroes of the Storm Release>

Heroes of the Storm Release

Celebrating the release of Heroes of the Storm!

This Event:
  • lasted from 2015-06-02 to 2015-06-07 (1 weeks)
  • supplied 1 Mount
  • connects to 4 other Events
  • does not tie into any Subuniverses

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Ties Into Subuniverses

  • This Event has no connections to any Subuniverses

Mounts <Heroes of the Storm Release>

These are the complete list of Mounts tied to this Event.

Hearthstone Card - Rare

Deceptively simple. Insanely fun.

  • Subuniverse: Nexus-altered Azeroth
  • Type: Promotion
  • Awarded by winning 100 matches in Hearthstone's play mode during the Heroes of the Storm launch event.