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Event <Eternal Conflict>

Eternal Conflict

Angels and demons bring their eternal conflict to the Nexus, in a war as ancient as time, vying for the supremacy of the High Heavens or the Burning Hells. Only one side shall prevail — until the next match, of course. But while a match can be won, the war rages on till the end of eternity.

This Event:

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Skins <Eternal Conflict>

These are the complete list of Skins tied to this Event.

Mounts <Eternal Conflict>

These are the complete list of Mounts tied to this Event.

Butcher's Beast - Epic

Fitted with furnace plates, this battle beast was made to be ridden by the Butcher himself. Of course, if you want to throw someone else up there we won't stop you.

Treasure Goblin - Rare

The wiry treasure enthusiast easily makes for the fastest mount in the game… Unless it's carrying someone on its back, then it moves exactly as fast as the other mounts.

Tyrael's Charger - Legendary

A symbol of justice throughout all known realms... and a couple of unknown ones too.