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Battlefield of Eternity <Battleground>

Alterac Pass Blackheart's Bay

Battlefield of Eternity

The High Heavens and the Burning Hells clash, quite literally, in a battlefield that represents their everlasting struggle. Two Immortals, ancient warriors locked in a duel to the death, need your help to prevail against their eternal foe. Vanquish the enemy Immortal, and you’ll find yourself charging over hallowed or profane ground—right onto the enemy’s doorstep.

This Battleground:

Battleground Map

Click on the image to see an enlarged and more detailed version of the map.

Battleground Map - Click to Enlarge!

Primary Objectives

These objectives are what makes the Battleground unique, and are essential to know in order to win.

Core Ability - Frozen Orb The Core will spawn 2 volleys of Frozen Orbs that explode, dealing 5% maximum Health as damage and Rooting enemy Heroes hit for 1.5 seconds.
Recast after 12 sec when an enemy Hero is close.
Amount: 2 Located at the middle of each base.

Immortals Defeat the Enemy's Immortal first, so that your Allied one can aid you. The Immortal prioritizes the lane with the most Enemy Structures, based on total Health. It gains a bonus Shield based on remaining health and a ranged attack while the Shield is active.
Spawns: 3 min Respawns 1 min, 45 sec after the sieging Immortal has been defeated.
Amount: 1 Located at the center of the map.


When captured at the right time, Camps can make a huge difference or provide a needed bit of support.
Note that Mercenaries are disabled during the Primary Objectives.

Khazra Camp Khazra Impalers (Siege) spawn. Moves down their closest lane.
Spawns: 1 min Respawns 3 min after the Camp has been captured.
Amount: 2 Located close by lanes, north and south.

Fallen Camp Fallen Shaman (Bruiser) spawns. The Shaman occasionally spawns two Demon Dogs. West camp moves towards bottom lane, east camp towards top lane.
Spawns: 1 min Respawns 4 min after the Camp has been captured.
Amount: 2 Located east and west near middle gate.


These entities are found in this Battleground, one way or the other.

Beleth (Hell Announcer & Demonic Immortal) - available as an Announcer

Ruthless Demon, that fights the Eternal Conflict against Ilarian.

Ilarian (Heaven Announcer & Angelic Immortal) - available as an Announcer

Noble Angel, that fights the Eternal Conflict against Beleth.


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Battleground Rotations

In Ranked and Unranked game modes, not all Battlegrounds are playable at all times. This changes every once in a while with a Battleground Rotation.