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Event <BlizzCon 2015>

BlizzCon 2015

The celebration of all things Blizzard, with 2 days of fun, announcements and contests.

This Event:

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Mounts <BlizzCon 2015>

These are the complete list of Mounts tied to this Event.

2015 Champion's Nexagon - Epic

It is said that at the moment of their victory, their name echoed across the many realms of the Nexus. Cloud9... the World Champions of BlizzCon 2015.

  • Subuniverse: Blizzard
  • Type: Professional (Gold only)

Nexus Battle Beast - Rare

The battle beasts have become so much a part of their new home within the Nexus that some of its energies have coalesced into their familiar shape. Released in commemoration of BlizzCon 2015.

  • Subuniverse: Blizzard
  • Type: Promotion
  • Awarded by buying a 2015 BlizzCon Ticket or Virtual Ticket.