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Event <MechaStorm>


In the aftermath of Kaijo Diablo, Mecha Tyrael and Rehgar are squaring off against the insidious Xenotech Abathur in a battle for the fate of the Nexus! Do they have the firepower to save the day?

This Event:

Related Events

Ties Into Subuniverses

  • Mecha War - After the battle of Mecha Tassadar and Kaijo Diablo, the Xenotech arrived

Skins <MechaStorm>

These are the complete list of Skins tied to this Event.

  • Mecha Rehgar (from Mecha War) - Epic
    • The Rehgar mecha serves as the command unit for the Principality of Orgrimmar's Ghostwolf Brigade. Its ability to support Mechastorm's forces proved invaluable when the xenotech menace invaded.
  • Mecha Tyrael (from Mecha War) - Legendary - Usable as Announcer
    • Neo Stormwind's latest Angiris-class mecha utilizes a cerebro-mesh modeled after the legendary Mecha Tassadar. Once deployed, the Tyrael unit will dispense justice for the atrocities committed during the great Mecha War.
    • Special Mount: Mecha Thrusters
  • Xenotech Abathur (from Mecha War) - Legendary
    • Humanity had never considered that sentient machines could exist in the darkness beyond the earth. From distant stars, Abathur's xenotech invaders came to plunder the earth's resources and further their evolution.