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Event <Viper Ascendant>

Viper Ascendant

The terrorist organization Viper wasn’t the only criminal paramilitary outfit that had desired to conquer the world, but they were the first to accomplish their sinister goals.

This Event:

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Skins <Viper Ascendant>

These are the complete list of Skins tied to this Event.

  • Deathfang Genji (from Viper Organization) - Legendary
    • No one knows who Deathfang used to be. Some say he was a high-ranking Viper general; others that he was a common soldier. Whoever he was, his old identity has been permanently wiped from Viper's records. All that remains of him now is his kill count.
  • Imperator Stukov (from Viper Organization) - Legendary
    • Thanks to sound military tactics and the fierce loyalty of Viper's soldiers, the Imperator has crushed his enemies and established a new world order. It is only a matter of time before his robotic fist snuffs out the dying embers of rebellion.
  • Sidewinder Ana (from Viper Organization) - Epic
    • As Viper's deadliest sniper, Sidewinder is personally responsible for killing the organization's most prominent enemies. Were it not for her, Viper may never have risen to power... a fact that she uses to her advantage whenever she is contested.

Mounts <Viper Ascendant>

These are the complete list of Mounts tied to this Event.

Viper Dominator - Epic

Built for speed and maneuverability, Dominators enable the rapid deployment of strike forces in all manner of terrain. The howl of their engines heralds the wrath of Viper.