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Event <Viper Resistance>

Viper Resistance

It's time to fight back! Join the Resistance in battling the evil forces of Viper.

This Event:

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Ties Into Subuniverses

Skins <Viper Resistance>

These are the complete list of Skins tied to this Event.

  • Delta Hanzo (from Viper Organization) - Legendary
    • Cpt. Shimada had his mission: to eliminate the Viper leader known as Deathfang, his brother. The government expected him to fail, but they made a mistake... they didn't realize they were dealing with Hanzo.
  • Firestorm Blaze (from Viper Organization) - Legendary
    • Viper hunter him down. Slaughtered his brothers-in-arms. Now they've taken the one thing he truly loves in the world - his only daughter. The Firestorm is coming, and no snake will be spared the flame.
  • Pain Deckard (from Viper Organization) - Legendary
    • As the United States signed the Malta accords, their sovereighnty ended, and Viper's began. Yet, in secret, Maj. Pain had been given leadership over a team with a very particular set of skills and one final mission: resistance.

Mounts <Viper Resistance>

These are the complete list of Mounts tied to this Event.

D.E.R.P.A. - Epic

Thanks to the Defensive Extraneous Research Program Assembly's grant, our combat automaton is ready for testing! As of patch 51.2.4, it now climbs up stairs and doesn't trip over its legs... as much. Welcome to the future.