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Murky - Baby Murloc <Hero>

Muradin Nazeebo

Melee Assassin

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Not quite a full Hero, Murky can place an Egg to respawn quickly back into battle.

This Hero has:


These are the Skins that represents alternate versions of the Hero across the Nexus.

Murky Free with the Purchase of Murky

Funny Bunny Murky
Funny Bunny Murky

Garden Shambler Murky
Garden Shambler Murky  Seasonal Fall

Grunty Murky
Grunty Murky

Landwalker Murky
Landwalker Murky

Sir Murkalot
Sir Murkalot


Useful websites, that gives detailed information about certain aspects of the Hero.

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Free-to-Play Rotations


Price Changes

Rotation Statistics
  • Number of times in rotation: 30
  • Number of those being All-Free: 7
  • Highest number of weeks: 40
  • Lowest number of weeks: 8
  • Average number of weeks: 19
  • Next predicted rotation: 2022-10-18
    (an average of 19 weeks)
Sale Statistics
  • Number of times in sale: 13
  • Highest number of weeks: 65
  • Lowest number of weeks: 8
  • Average number of weeks: 27
  • Next predicted sale: 2022-07-12
    (an average of 27 weeks - 4 weeks delayed)