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Tracer <Agent of Overwatch>

Ranged Assassin
Tracer Patch Notes
Tracer Talent Win Rates

A mobile Assassin who picks off straggling enemies, finishing them off.

Lena Oxton (call sign: "Tracer"), is both an adventurer and an irrepressible force for good. With the ability to alter her own time at will, she fights the good fight wherever she goes--even the Nexus. Don't worry, loves. The cavalry's finally here.

This Hero has:


  • Ghost Tracer (from Nexus-altered Koprulu Sector) - Epic - provided from Heroes 2.0
    • Most who undergo training at the Ghost Academy come out of it with a grim outlook on life. The fact that Tracer didn't is a testament to her mental and emotional fortitude.
  • Slip 'N Stream Tracer (from Beach Party) - Epic - provided from Sun's Out, Guns Out (Seasonal)
    • Cheers, love! The party's here!
  • Spectre Tracer (from Spectre Ghosts) - Epic
    • While terrazine exposure greatly enhances psionic powers, Tracer's ability to manipulate her own space-time is considered a unique gift even among her fellow Spectres.
  • Turbo Tracer (from Nexus-altered Earth) - Rare
    • Tracer's teleporting fighter, the Slipstream, disappeared during its initial test flight. The unexpected discovery of its engine within the Nexus has allowed her to significantly bolster her weaponry.

Free-to-Play Rotations


Price Changes

Rotation Statistics
  • Number of times in rotation: 26
  • Highest number of weeks: 12
  • Lowest number of weeks: 1
  • Average number of weeks: 7
  • Consistency for 2 rotations: 8
  • Next predicted rotation: 2020-02-04
    (an average of 7 weeks)
Sale Statistics
  • Number of times in sale: 7
  • Highest number of weeks: 39
  • Lowest number of weeks: 6
  • Average number of weeks: 27
  • Next predicted sale: 2020-06-23
    (an average of 27 weeks)