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Alexstrasza <Skin>

Alexstrasza - Click to Enlarge!

Alexstrasza, the queen of dragons, was empowered by the titans to be the guardian of all life on Azeroth. She has aided mortals time and again, even at great personal cost. Now, she soars across the Nexus, protecting life wherever she finds it.

Base, Saronite and Snowfall tints are available when Alexstrasza is unlocked.

This Skin has:

Additional Tints

This Skin has the following additional 4 Tints available:

  • Ascendant Alexstrasza - Rare
  • Jade Alexstrasza - Rare
  • Saronite Alexstrasza Free
  • Snowfall Alexstrasza Free


  • This Skin has not been in any Sales


  • This Skin has not been a Limted-Time Item