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Azmodan <Skin>

Azmodan - Click to Enlarge!

The Lord of Sin rules over a densely populated land of Hell where both the greatest joys and despair, and the deepest depravities can be experienced. But it is never enough for Azmodan, who has set his eyes on the realm of Sanctuary.

Base, Souleater and Toxic tints are available when Azmodan is unlocked.

  • Worn by: Azmodan
  • Rarity: Common (Base Skin)
  • Type: Free
  • Universe: Diablo
  • Released: 2014-10-07 (during Alpha/Beta)
  • Usable as Announcer: No
This Skin has:

Additional Tints

This Skin has the following additional 4 Tints available:

  • Souleater Azmodan Free
  • Toxic Azmodan Free
  • Avarice Azmodan Released on 2017-04-25 (with Heroes 2.0) Heroes 2.0 - Rare
  • Infested Azmodan Released on 2018-03-27 - Rare



  • This Skin has not been a Limted-Time Item