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Event <Return to Warchrome Wastes>

Return to Warchrome Wastes

Welcome back to the Wasteland! Beware of those you thought dead, defeated or otherwise - they might just be after your hide.

This Event:

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Skins <Return to Warchrome Wastes>

These are the complete list of Skins tied to this Event.

  • Deathranger Nova (from Warchrome Wastes) - Epic
    • If the mutants really wanted to survive a fight with Nova, they would have bitten off her dominant arm.
  • Scrapper Queen Qhira (from Warchrome Wastes) - Legendary
    • In her former life as a bounty hunter, the "Scrapper Queen" Qhira went out into the wastes to get her prey and her money. Now, as the undisputed champion of the Wasteland Arena, both her prey and her money come straight to her.