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Scrapper Queen Qhira <Skin>

Scrapper Queen Qhira - Click to Enlarge!

In her former life as a bounty hunter, the "Scrapper Queen" Qhira went out into the wastes to get her prey and her money. Now, as the undisputed champion of the Wasteland Arena, both her prey and her money come straight to her.

This Skin has:

Additional Tints

This Skin has the following additional 4 Tints available:

  • Berserk Scrapper Queen Qhira
  • Desert Scrapper Queen Qhira
  • Executor Scrapper Queen Qhira
  • Vanquisher Scrapper Queen Qhira


  • This Skin has not been in any Sales


  • This Skin has not been a Limted-Time Item