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Imperius - Archangel of Valor <Hero>

Illidan Jaina

Available as Announcer

Leader of the Angiris Council and Aspect of Valor, Imperius has valiantly led the armies of the High Heavens to innumerous victories over the demons of the Burning Hells. While his methods are exact and severe, there is no greater defender of righteousness in the entirety of creation.

An all-in Bruiser that leads the charge with strong initiation and single target damage.

This Hero has:


These are the Skins that represents alternate versions of the Hero across the Nexus.

Imperius Free with the Purchase of Imperius

Demonic Imperius
Demonic Imperius

El Bandido Imperius
El Bandido Imperius  Seasonal Summer


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Price Changes

Rotation Statistics
  • Number of times in rotation: 26
  • Number of those being All-Free: 3
  • Highest number of periods: 23
  • Lowest number of periods: 4
  • Average number of periods: 10
  • Next predicted rotation: 2023-12-08
    (an average of 10 periods)
Sale Statistics
  • Number of times in sale: 5
  • Highest number of periods: 27
  • Lowest number of periods: 2
  • Average number of periods: 20
  • Next predicted sale: Unavailable
    (Unknown end of current sale)