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Jaina <Archmage>

Ranged Assassin
Jaina Patch Notes
Jaina Talent Win Rates

A frost Mage that can slow the entire enemy team.

Once the apprentice of the Archmage Antonidas, Jaina Proudmoore led the survivors of Lordaeron to Kalimdor and founded the city of Theramore. Now, she serves the Alliance as a powerful voice fighting for reason and diplomacy.

This Hero has:


  • Arcanist Jaina (from Nexus-altered Azeroth) - Rare
    • First worn by the great champions who ventured into the Molten Core to defeat Ragnaros, the Arcanist Regalia has become a symbol of mages who have mastered the Arcane.
  • Dreadlord Jaina (from Call of Kel'Thuzad) - Rare - provided from Answer the Call of Kel'Thuzad
    • Even Arthas could not defeat the heroes of the Nexus alone. Kel'Thuzad would need to break their ranks, make them question who can they trust... but how long can he trust a Dreadlord?
  • Lunar Jaina (from Lunar Festival) - Rare - provided from Lunar Festival 2016 (Seasonal)
    • In recent years, all of Azeroth has celebrated the yearly Lunar Festival in honor of their elders. Jaina is no exception. In times when the future is uncertain, it's important to honor the past.
  • Tempest Regalia Jaina (from Nexus-altered Azeroth) - Epic
    • The Tempest Regalia's origins have been lost to time, but rumor has it Tydormu of the Bronze Dragonflight may impart its secrets... for the right price.
  • Theramore Jaina (from Nexus-altered Azeroth) - Epic
    • The destruction of Theramore shook Jaina to her core. Garrosh and his horde had enough opportunities for peace. She would never be so naive again
  • Winter Veil Jaina (from Feast of Winter Veil) - Legendary - provided from Winter Veil 2014 (Seasonal)
    • The weather outside is frightful. Although, to be fair, Jaina has been casting Blizzard a LOT out there.

Free-to-Play Rotations


Price Changes

Rotation Statistics
  • Number of times in rotation: 72
  • Highest number of weeks: 9
  • Lowest number of weeks: 3
  • Average number of weeks: 4
  • Consistency for 49 rotations: 3
  • Next predicted rotation: 2020-02-04
    (consistency of 3 weeks (49 times))
Sale Statistics
  • Number of times in sale: 6
  • Highest number of weeks: 115
  • Lowest number of weeks: 21
  • Average number of weeks: 42
  • Next predicted sale: 2020-08-04
    (an average of 42 weeks)