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Big Shot Sgt. Hammer <Skin>

Sgt. Hammer
Fall Event
Big Shot Sgt. Hammer - Click to Enlarge!

Bama "The Hammer" Kowalski and her crew of heavily armed mobsters take a direct, guns-blazing approach to heists, often bulldozing straight through the wall of the bank vault they intend to rob.

This Skin has:

Additional Tints

This Skin has the following additional 4 Tints available:

  • Cabbie Big Shot Sgt. Hammer
  • Dragster Big Shot Sgt. Hammer
  • Hot Shot Sgt. Hammer
  • Untouchable Big Shot Sgt. Hammer


  • This Skin has not been in any Sales


  • This Skin has not been a Limted-Time Item